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The Larians

As you might know, or as you might not know: Larian Studios are the makers of the game Devine Divinity. The company is named after the dog of the founder Swen Vincke. His dog is named Lar, and that's also Swen's nickname on the Devine Divinity Bulletin Board. As far as I know the Larians, they're a great bunch of guys (and 1 girl). They show up from time to time at the forum and there's nothing you can't ask. And this is some more info which also can be found at their site:

Larian Studios is a software developer located in Flanders, Belgium. Founded in 1996, our primary focus has been the creation of high quality game- and entertainment-software. While the goal of Larian Studios has always been the development of mass market PC game software, our unique position in the Flemish market (being one of the only professional game developers), has allowed us to diversify in the local multi-media and audiovisual market. Our in-house game technology allows us to rapidly deliver software solutions to our clients, software solutions which would cost other multi-media developers much more development time. This, together with the robustness of our software, has gained us clients ranging from the Flemish government to several casinos where software reliability is the most important factor. The team at Larian Studios currently consists of 17 people, including software engineers, graphical designers, sound engineers and music composers. To this date Larian Studios has developed over 25 titles ranging from Client/Server tracking systems to the multiplayer real time strategy game “The Led Wars”. Our next major triple A title is called “Divine Divinity”. More information on “Divine Divinity” can be found on this website.