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This is my small home on the web. Please feel free to stay as long as you'd like, my friends. My home is open to you for as long as I live here. You are standing in the antechamber. Isn't it lovely? Yes, I do have a fondness for ebony marble and gilt. But there's much more, as you can see. Three doors lead off to other rooms, one a large dark oak is right across form you. The bars are heavy, and it looks as though it would creak. That's the Library. To the right, a door that is no more than two red velvet curtains, held with gold cords. That's the Theater. To the left, a plain wooden door of mahogany, with a small dlack doorknob. That's the Drawing Room.

I have decided to make my nethome a haven for all of those who love the Vampire Chronicles. (Among other things) I love the series with all my heart, and just today bought my third copy of Interview. (One hardcover, one original cover, one new cover.) I am well aware of Anne Rice trying to sue her fans, but I am also well aware that I don't care. I support fan fiction, and I will continue to write and post my fan fiction as long as I can. I refuse to be frightened, and I will show my support until my site dies! To avoid as best I can, I've omitted a letter in each character's name. The below image is the Support our Specs ribbon. I think it's self explanatory.

I also have some other fan ficiton here, but not much. Mostly my humorous movie spoofs, products of too little sleep and too much sugar. I highly suggest "The Danny Horror Picture Show." :-)

So, what will you find here? I've comprised it all into a nice little list for you:

What's on This Site

  • Fan Fiction: Mostly Vamprie Chronicle, mostly D*niel M*lloy. My all time favorite character. I love him dearly, and he has inspired me. You'll find it in the Library.
  • Movies: I have this sick habit. I take characters from various shows/movies (Vampire Chronicles, Buffy: The vampire Slayer, Due South...) and force them to act out movies for me. Further explinations will follow in the Theater.
  • Miscellanious: Just things I liked and wanted to put here. They're in the Drawing Room, but it's being renovated just now so there isn't much.

So, you still want to venture on, eh? I don't balme you. There are precious few Vampire Chronicle Fan Fiction sites out there anymore. Well, forward into the fray!

My Home

The Theater Where you can see my humorous movies.

The Library Where you can read my fan fiction.

The Drawing Room: Where I've put all miscellanious items of interest. Thank you for visiting my home. I hope you enjoyed your stay. Please. Mail me, and let me know what you think.

Mail me at: Lover in the Savage Garden

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