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"Racial Rapture!"

Alright, I'll come straight out, and admit it, I hold certain unpopular beliefs and ideas on the subject of race, like I do, probably, with most other things in the world. Frankly, I'm not ashamed of those beliefs. And I don't care what anyone thinks of it, let alone anything else concerning me.

So that I won't be misunderstood, I guess I should do the same as I did with my "Politix" rants, and just give you refs, to sites that I agree with on that subject. However, unlike some others, I won't give you a whole lot of political jargon, and schizophrenic paranoia, in order to express myself. My interest in race and racism is based, more or less, on a purely anthropological interest rather than a political, social, or even economic one.

They are:

The Society for Nordish Anthropology: Before I knew of this site, I never had had a clue as to what the actual sub-classes of my were, let alone was ever presented with such an organic view of a specific human population before.

Racial Myths: A page by a guy who feels exactly as I do about the idiotic anti-racist agendas, these days. His is similar to the SFNA, but it's more ellaborate, and covers all gene pools.

The Takla Makan Desert Mummies: Nova Online has some pretty good presentations, usually. This one's about the Whites of ancient China, recently discovered a few years back, who are threatening to shake the fabric of Chinese history.

Mystery of the First Americans: Another good article by Nova. It deals with the subject of Haplogroup X --a genetic marker, claimed to be a link between whites and Amerinds.

New Nations News: While although this guy's pretty kooky at best, and cranky at worst, I will agree that it's a great resource for reporting archeological subjects of political interest.

March of the Titans: A complete and fair biography of the White Race, to date. My advice would be to know your race's history, like you would your own nation's history. And while we're on the same subject, here's an interesting argument.

The Bible of Aryan Invasions: A thorough and fantastic book detailing the history of White Conquest in India, and does try to refute opposing arguments.

Brian Sykes HP: Ever heard of the 7 Daughters of Eve Theory? Well this guy coined it.

Indo-European DB: "The United Sites of Indo-Europeans." Well I couldn't agree more.

7 Dumb Ideas about Race: A great rebuttal by Steve Sailer of the Human Biodiversity Institute of the crankish claims made by cranks like Cavelli-Szorfa and Stephen J. Gould.

Immunity to HIV: "Great White Hope" for Whites: Here's what I was looking for. Aside from some petty anti-racist jargon thrown in for PC, it's a good expose that CCR5 is a White Man's genetic trademark.

IQ and Race: Some idiotic anti-racist's failed rebuttal of what I had pretty much just shown to the contrary. So much for his useless skepticism!

Talk Origins: Not a racial link, at all, but it's a great pro-evolution database. It should have some info on when, where, why and how different races form.