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Straignt from the Corpse's mouth!!!


Musical Quotes

"Just like a car crash. Just like a knife. The only truh I know... is the look in your eye!" --Ministry/"Stigmata"/Land of Rape and Honey/Circa 1988.

"Doodooodooodoo"... "I think I know who you remind me of. A girl, I think, I used to know"..."I used to sometimes try to catch her. But I never even caught her name!" --The Cure/"Catch"/Kiss me. Kiss me. Kiss me./circa 1987.

"I can't stand the girls @ my school. Filling me up with all their morals & their rules. All they do is pile all of their problems on my head. So, I'd rather go out, & fuck the dead! I wanna fuck; I wanna fuck, the dead! I can do what I want to, & they won't complain. I wanna fuck; I wanna fuck, the dead!" --TSOL/"Code Blue"/Dance with Me/circa 1984.

"I dare you to be real!" --Bauhaus/"Stigmata Martyr"/Unknown/circa early 1980s.

"Lovin' you's like fuckin' the dead!" --Type O Negative/"Black No. 1"/Bloody Kisses/circa 1993.

"I was waitin' to be caged. But somethin' stood in the way. I was never quiet tamed." --The Germs/"Manimal"/Anthology/circa 1978.

"When you're strange. Ppl come out of the rain. When you're strange. No one remembers your name. When you're strange. When you're strange. When you're strrrraaaannngggeee!!!" --The Doors/"People are Strange"/Forgotten/circa 1968.

"I am tnt! I'm dine-o-might. I am tnt! Oh, you won't win w/out a fight. Tnt. I'm a powerload. Tnt. Watch me explooooooode!!!!" --ACDC/"TNT"/Unknown/circa 1970s.

"Money it's a gas! So don't you give me any of that do-good bullshit!" --Pink Floyd /"Money"/Darkside of the Moon/circa 1974.

"Riboflavin-flavored, Polyunsatured, Only-One-Callorie Riboflavin-Blood." --45 Grave/"Riboflavin"/Sleep in Safety/circa 1983.