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In Memorandum:
Gregor Strasser, circa 1933.
Politix Pt. Deaux:


Skeleton Closet: Unlike most other watchdog groups, this one excells in giving you the official dirt, and nothing but the official dirt, on Presidential Candidates regardless of affiliations or opinions.

Petition Online: A great resource for all kinds of electronic civil disobedience and anarchy.

Bill of Know your rights! The cops do, the lawyers do, the politicians certainly do, so why haven't you informed yourself yet?

Bush Watch: After the hoax of an election, in 2000, and the sham of 9/11, need I really add anything more? Just keep your eye on this dirty prick! He's worse than the damned leftist trash, we've had in office, for the past decade.

National Socialist Black Metal: All I have to say is fuck Rock The Vote when you can have this instead.

The Neo-Eugenics Website: Or, somebody please get this idiot out of my gene pool.

Voluntary Human Extinction Movement: Started off as kind of a bad-joke really, but it seems to have evolved into something progressive for the anti-overpopulation movement.