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Politix Pt. Una:

Like I mentioned in my Stats page, I consider myself to be a Strasserist. Strasserists are basically anti-capitalist NSers. Sometimes, they're referred to as National Bolsheviks, but it's just another fancy name.

Currently, I'm very vocal, but I'm not quiet active. I just don't have the resources nor the time for it. Iow, I do have my beliefs and convictions, but I haven't joined any parties yet. And unfortunately, I don't have the time to go into every little detail and justification for my beliefs either. Nevertheless, I thought it would be wise to let the ppl who actually taught me what politics should be about do the talking for me. Therefore, here are some links, with com-mentary, that I agreed with.


Synthesis Ran by NRF front man Troy Southgate. While although I'm not an "anarchist," per se, national or otherwise, I do agree with just about all the major principles and opinions of this organization, more so than most others.

Volksfront-USA: The only problem with this one is that they're based in Oregon, and their membership's reserved, almost exclusively, for the west coast. Otherwise, I'd be a member already.

Afrikaner Weerstandbeweging: The pioneering forefront of the White Revolt against Black Rule in South-Africa.

Anti-Capitalist Convergence: Does a militant anti-capitalist really need to say more?

Food not Bombs: Militant vegetarians protest poverty and war! While although I'm not a vegie, by any means, I will agree that society should quit promoting violence and injustice, as it does, and start promoting things like "hospice" instead as a favorable alternative.

Jews-not-Zionists: "Zionism is wrong from the Torah's view, not because the adherent are lax in practice or that they are even anti-religious, but because the very nature of Zionism conflicts with the fundamentals of the Torah." Apparently, these guys feel the exact, same way I do about Israel. Israel sucks!

Green Party, Usa: While although I don't particularly care too much for Nader, nor the Greens in general, I will agree that an ecologically-sound environment is the key for the survival of just about anything on this planet. So far that I know of, the Green Party is one of the least-cranky of eco-socialist groups.

Friends of North-America's Past: An organization for pissed-off archeologists and concerned citizens alike who wanna fight off gov. crap like Nagpra. Imho, Nagrpa's nothing more than a cheap excuse to bury history, and pawn it off on the so-called Native Americans.

New Unionist Party: Absolutely unique! I find the ideas of so-called Deleonism to be truly fascinating. However, I fail to see what his theories have to do with Marxism.