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{NOTE: These refs are considered on an EOE basis. Ppl with all kinds of different and even contradictory content are on the list. So long as I like the way you built and managed your site, and the content is of remote interest, I'll throw it in the section. However, due to limits of space and time, I can't post all of my inspirations. Nevertheless, I'll start with the places I frequent most. Btw, feel free to submit your application for review, but I would prefer if you have a banner ready.}

Vexen Crabtree

{With 300+ webpages, this guy is the bomb of all webmasters! In fact, Vex has inspired me to go make my goal of some 500+ pages, but that'll be a while.}

Android Communications:
A site from some weirdo from Philly! His openness about his leftist political beliefs inspired me to come all about mine, though they are almost totally the opposite in perspective. Can't you see the similarities here?

Darkside of the Net:

The absolute mother of all gothic and dark-natured sites! Bar none. Very recommended.

Revolutionary Worker Online:

From some Maoist trolls from up north somewhere. I can't say I give a rat's ass about their agendas, but I can say that I do like their website. Whoever did it does have talent!


As advertised!

Anger Central:

Sometimes funny; sometimes offensive; always bitchy! Whatever the case, it's amusing to watch these trolls bitch and moan over crap that can't even comprehend let alone have a right to bawl about.

Odinic Rite

While Odinism is a fantastic and inspiring creed, along with many others, it's a little too overromantic, dated, and ridiculous for me. Nevertheless, the design for their site -or new site I should say, since I remember being different, somehow, since I last visited- kicks a lot of ass!