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CYBER APOK: Cyberspace's most macabre personality



This site's intended for mature audiences only. If that doesn't apply to you, for whatever reason, then you needn't bother going any further. The webmaster of this site accepts no responsibility over any dissatisfaction or hindrances you may receive while being here. You have been warned!

Furthermore, everything here is Cyber Apok's own personal opinion. If you can't handle his opinions, attitudes, views, etc. then you are free to hit the door! It's all in-your-face, 100% genuine, no bullshit guaranteed. The content on here ranges from unpopular politics to dark, sinister music to misc. personal items of fancy. Again, you have been warned.

Just note that this isn't a daycare center, so don't expect a nanny. We're not here to babby you, so don't come trolling around here. Your time will be wasted.

Otherwise, friends, family, and fans please don't forget to sign my guestbook in the Stat's page.

Get it; got it; good! Now with that said and done, you may: