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KY's Finest

This page is an on-going work. It's basically the progress my bro is making on working on his truck. Right now, I only have pics of how it was. As soon as I get some more batteries, I'll have some pics of how it is now, which is shaved and with a new grille. Some improvement, eh? Hey, but with a 3-month-old baby I think it's a lot of progress. Anyway, all I know about it is that it's a 2000 Chevy X-Treme, oh, and it's red. Haha. Well, he plans on making his own page for this, but until he finds the time to I guess this will do. And I'm sure that I'll be the one to make his page for him. Oh well... enjoy and don't make yourself too jealous! =P This is how it looked before he got it shaved:
Front view. Passenger side view. Another passenger side view. Back view. Driver's side view.