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Stuff About Meh

Ummm, ok well, there's honestly not that much to know about me. I live my boring life in boring Kentucky. I go to boring Campbellsville High School (I'm so glad it's my last year, I just couldn't stand another year with them ignorant people). I like music and write songs (but they suck). I'd love to start a band... doubt that'll ever happen. My partner in crime is IceMeth Cher. She calls me Krakhed Kris. We think so much alike it's scary. We're constantly finishing each other's sentences and half the time, we don't even have to say a word to each other to know what the other is thinking because usually we're thinking the same thing! As of the NHS tapping, I'm her mommy! Hehe! Oh, oh, oh, I'm also Devin's mommy! YaY! I love my six kitties, probably cuz they're the only ones who will listen to me and don't complain... although they could be thinking bad things about me. Haha... I need sleep. If I could visit the wizard in Oz I'd ask him for a life cuz I don't have one of those. You like the castle in the background, don't ya? I know you're looking at that instead of reading this. I can't blame ya, this is boring. And now I'm just wasting your time so go and do something else, but thanks for stopping by. At least you cared enough to come even if you didn't read anything and just looked at the pics.