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1. Why were the enemy looking for pure hearts?
For a collection
No reason
They needed to awaken the Sovereign of Silence

2. Which pure heart crystal did the villians really get?
Neptune's and Uranus'
Sailor Moon's

3. What do the three talismans(sp?) create when placed together?
Sailor Moon's brooch
ChibiUsa's Luna P
Purity Chalice

4. Who won the card game against the Bunny-Looking-Lady who turned Hotaru's house into a warping dimension?
Sailor Moon

5. Other than Kaori Night, who stol Sailor Moon's brooch in the S series?
Prof. Tomoe
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Uranus

6. Who pulled the plug on Mimete's last act? (This is a figure of speech, kay?)
Sailor Moon

7. What did Usagi think when ChibiUsa told her that she has a new friend and that she isn't very healthy?
A young guy, who isn't healthy...she wasn't expecting it to be a girl.

8. Who killed the evil villian that controlled Prof. Tomoe?
Tuxedo Kamen
Neptune and Uranus
Sailor Moon

9. Who blocked Neptune's and Uranus' attacks against Mistress 9?
Prof. Tomoe
Sailor Moon

10. Who lost when Sailor Moon went face to face against Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune?
Neither of them won, it was a tie.
Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune
Sailor Moon