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~*Hotaru's SailorMoon World*~

~*Hotaru's SailorMoon World*~ was reviewed by : Sera Juno on 7/7/01

.....Layout: 5/25 - Okay, first off, the layout is not consistant throughout the website. Even the font is different throughtout the site. Also, although the falling pictures are somewhat cute, they tend to freeze up computers, and thus can be very irritating. Overall, the layout is very amateur-ish and inconsistant. I noticed it was made by a PageBuilder, you could easily make at least the font the same throughtout your pages.

.....Content: 15/25 - You do have things for your visitors to do, including awards to win and an adoption page. But, the information is mixed based on the original and dub versions. The image galleries are not in thumbnail or text-link versions, people do not like to wait for the pictures to load up, sorry but for a bit of extra work and time you could have the pictures up in thumbnails and that would make your visitors much happier, it is worth the extra work.

.....Misc: 10/25 - Your site has tons of spelling errors scattered around and whats with not seperating the Senshi's names? For example you leave Tsukino Usagi as "TsukinoUsagi" and for plural forms you don't insert the apostrophe you leave Ami's as "Amis". Also Senshi is both plural and singular form, you do not add an "s". Sometimes the floating pictures on the main page show up as broken links. Another annoying thing was sometimes I would not be able to click the "Go" button on the main page, you may want to look into that. Also the "Vote for me's" could be put on a seperate page so the main page would not look as cluttered, and you could make the sign/view guestbook image correspond with the main layout theme (which I suppose is Sailor Jupiter). And I see you did put credit and a disclaimer up.

.....Overall: 10/25 - You have alot of work to do to fix up your site. Starting with uniforming your site.

.....Final Grade: 40/100 - 40% - Needs improvement.