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Reviews Done on This Site

They're not really...umm...great reviews...My site's scores are sort of low on some..but I've improved hopefully...And my memory, kind of went dead on me, so I can't remember if I had sent my site in for a review in other places other than the ones I have placed up, but if I did please e-mail me with the Site's Url and possibly the review? If you can that is, but when I do get that, I'll place it up here.

Sera Palla's Enchantments' Review--I could never forget this review....The Review Site

Neptunian's Review--My only good grade, I think? The Review Site

Eternal Sailor Moon's Sanctuary's Review--Not so horrible of a grade....The Review Site

Silence Once Broken's Review--*sigh* How can I forget....The Review Site

Chibi Mercury's Review--Eh..not so bad of results from the review....The Review Site

FireSenshi's Review--She helped me out with the spelling errors ^^....The Review Site

Bishoujo's Review--My most favorite review! *hugs the review*....The Review Site

Eternal Star's Review--....I still liked the review I got from Bishoujo Reviews....The Review Site

Eternal Sailor's Review-- Toughie Reviewer..*shrug* Thanks for the info for Hotaru....The Review Site

Tsukikage's Review--All four reviewers reviewed. All were nice, and this is my 2nd favorite review! *hugs the review*....The Review Site

Four Guardians' Review--I think only one reviewed it, not sure. But arigatou for the really, really nice review!....The Review Site