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About Sailor Pluto/Meiuo Setsuna:

Name: Meiou Setsuna
Meaning: King of the Dead (I know that's right! Please tell me that's right?)
Identities: Setsuna, Luna P (TECHNICALLY she is), Time Gate Keeper/Guardian, Sailor Pluto

A Lil' History:
She is the guardian of the time gate, in which ChibiUsa and Neo-Queen Serenity uses to move from past, to future, to present. She was placed there long time ago, because of something, and she has been the guardian of it. She is also ChibiUsa's guardian (with the help of Luna P, to contact ChibiUsa during the R season).

She's really nice, and very mature..wait she should be, she's over 1000 years old. But something about her, makes you think that's she's somewhat lonely.

Appearances in the Anime:
She first appeared (And also the first one of the outer senshi to appear) in the episode in which the mean ol' grouchy Grim Reaper took ChibiUsa, with the help of her dreams. She had helped the inner senshi get into ChibiUsa's dream (which was crystal Tokyo, predictable) and to rescue her from the person who is threatening her. She was alos in the episode when the whole group decided to go to the time gate to get to the future. In the process of them getting to the gate, Pltuo almost attacked Sailor Moon, thinking she was an intruder (Pluto:"Only worthy ones are allowed in here, you are not worthy!"), but ChibiUsa showed up and stopped her. The next time they saw her was in the S series. Haruka and Michiru, had taken Usagi's brooch and went to the cathedral to meet their faith. She had shown up on the roof, and talked to Usagi. Then she appeared, transforming infront of everyone, and showing Eudial that the third talisman that she seeked, belonged to her. She had been punished during the S series for using her powers to stop time....and we never saw her again until the star Series, although she did help Neptune and Uranus while they were in the Mugen School Building (S series).