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About Sailor Neptune/Kaiou Michiru:

Name: Kaiou Michiru
Meaning:....(It goes like...._________ of Water/Sea, can't seem to remember ><;)
Identities: Michiru, Sailor Neptune

About Her:
She's Haruka's lover in the manga, but people who watch anime, they believe that they are just "cousins", but they aren't, they're really lovers. She's a great artist and violinist. A high I.Q. and as smart as Ami-chan. Great swimmer (Talented, eh?). She often talks to Mamoru in the manga (*sees a jealous Usagi in the backkground* Hmm...), and gives him tickets to her concert. She has the same mission as Sailor Uranus/Haruka, and that's to find the three pure hearts, but she's a lot kind-hearted than Haruka, but can also be as harsh. She would certainly risk her life for Ruka (Haruka) and for her mission....

Appearances in the Anime:
She appeared technically in episode 82: Follow the Leader. She was one of the shadowed Senshi sitting on the tree branch (She's the one with the curly hair). But the episode she really introduced herself was in episode 85: Driving Dangerously. She and Haruka disappeared after Pharaoh 90 had been destroyed, and after the last battle against Sailor Moon (And which they lost and bowed down to Usagi...oops...that might have been a spoiler for some of you, my bad >>;), but they both re-appear during the Sailor Star Series, along with Pluto and Saturn.