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Sailor Chibi Moon's Review for Crystal Clear

Splash Page: It's plain, but it's nice. Pop-up or Non-pop-up, that's good. Everything on this splash page looks neat and organized, good job!

Main Page: Very nice layout! It's very pretty.

Updates: You seem to update often. That's good. You might want to update again thought, it's been a week or so.

Information: The story is very acurate. Your profiles are good, but you might want to make sure about your information on Hotaru. She actually first was seen in episode 104, The Purity Chalice. At the very end of this episode,you hear her crying, then you see the back of Hotaru's head, and then see the side of her face, only you can see a rough outline thought. Also, Chibiusa wasn't walking around, she was trying to see what was happening, jumping up and down, then her hat flew off her head. Sorry if I sound mean or anything, but I just know so much about her!

Image Gallery: Great, you have thumbnails!!! You might want to separate them into different characters.

Quizzes and Other Stuff: Your quizzes are good. You might in the future put something else here too.

Miscellaneous: There's a good amount of stuff here. You have gotten a lot of awards, and you texted linked them, that's good. Your banners and buttons are nice. You have a good amount of links, too. Good job.

Overall Opinion: Your site is great! Keep up the good work!!! ^_^

Content: 24/30
Layout: 29/30
Loading Time: 9/10
Effort: 28/30

24 + 29 + 9 + 28= 90%