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Added a Mutant X story, 'Visonary' (Emma/Shal/Jesse) to the Mutant X Mixed Fiction section. Also added a third chapter to the Andromeda story 'No Angel' (Beka/Rommie) and a new Beka/Rommie fic, 'Thank You.'.


Added a Tyr/Rommie page to the Andromeda Het section, complete with a new drabble for it, 'Wasted Emotion.'


Added four new stories. Three are Andromeda - 'Burn' (Beka/Rommie), 'King of Wands, Queen of Thrones' (Dylan/Rommie), and 'Touch' (Dylan/Rommie) - and one is Mutant X - 'Desire' (Emma/Shalimar).


Massive update - changed site layout to include a frames and non-frames version, and added a new fandom, Mutant X. Added 2 Mutant X stories, plus added or updated 7 Andromeda stories.