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Lizz's StarliteMints :)**

++how my love for the Starlight Mints flourished <3 hehe


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..[[ starlite pic(s) ]] (updating NEEDED lol


..* STARLITE MINTS mp3s..coming soon! :)


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 starlite. starbrite..

..Just when you haven't heard of string instruments playing in punk music..*
* you've heard..heh im lizz :) i created this site to off this band i've fallen in love with hehe..(you check out the frame on the left and see that link) but yeah, even tho this site is way better then my main main one..its still a branch off, and i love it..the >starlight mints< are a great punk band with a blend of orchestral strings tied in with it..they're great! ill be adding MP3's soon when i can :) thanks, and enjoy the site until the updates come up..

<3 lizz

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hey..i found the starlight mints official site i believe. ENJOY :))

Seethrubroadcasting's Starlight Mints

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