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+-------The Demon Melody-------+

Death is just another part of life. Life is meant to end, and death is the beginning of lifes real struggles. Why is it that we all want to live forever? Why are we all so scared to die? Why cant we just push past the fear that binds us to the flesh???
Inside us all is the want to escape. Escape everything, including ourselves. When we have the chance at our fingertips, we yield. We back down from the obvious departure point. Fools, cowards, idiots......including me. Im afraid, I just want to die so badly but when it comes down to the moment of truth, I turn back. Forgive me. I just cant..........


My Page. One of the few reasons to go on living as well as the one place I can vent my urelenting hateful rage. My Blog serves as a collection of my poetry and lyrics. The site itself just serves as a place to put the things I like and talk about the few people that I love enough to call family. So, if you really give a damn then browse through it. If not, then leave. My pros are listed in the first set of Links. The second set is my "family" By family I mean friends that I have come to look upon as family. Finally, the third set is links to things I like.

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