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Now that I've shown you that I really have nothing important to say, I'm going to write for pages 
and pages about nothing.. NOThing at alll .. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...j/k...

Tuesday, April 15th:

It's too damn early in the morning...Why on earth did I ever decide I wanted to be a Logic student?? Sure the material is stimulating, but I don't committ myself to it any moreso than my wicked crappy classes. Whatever, it's just a phase. I'm drinking Vanilla Chai tea at the moment, note to self, buy more! This stuff is the motha-fuckin bizzomb, 4 real tho. Class today, and either a lot of reading Locke, or a lot of identity derivations, I have to catch up in at least one class. Then work for a few hours and off to Haven, possible late entrance around 10:30...I'm going to try the whole dance and not look at anyone else thing again this week, see if my willpower can't stand back up a bit. Life is irritating. Stardate 10.06.2000

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My life is 24 hour diner of thoughts
With beautiful waitresses,
Wearing pink outfits, and serving
Love and happiness
To every customer

But in the back
In the kitchen
Where all the hope is made
Is a very tired old man.
He has a disease
Which makes him age too fast
And he has only found one cure

To stop the aging
He must serve the customers.
He grills dreams, scrambles fantasy
Cooks love, sautees happiness,
And he feeds them
To anyone who walks in the door
Because the aging won’t stop
Until, after finishing their meal,
A customer comes in back to say
“Thank you”

There are days when I wish I could cry…

The moon glows bright On a cold winters night In a half-lit world Where only she matters. Black lips, finger Tips Aren’t great but they Pay For gas and baby food. “What did you wanna be cutie?” He’s old and probably wants More than an answer But the tips are better When she speaks “I wanted to be an dancer” She wanted to be physicist “Hehe, show me a twirl” Twirls were worth a dollar Time dilation only got stares When she gets out, the sun’s comin up And he’s wakin up He cries if she’s not home And his cries wake the landlady And the landlady has a hangover And if he wakes her again Their out But the buses are ahead today And she found fifty bucks on the seat The mailman has a bundle of Misaddressed mail Three child-support payments and A financial aid approval. The sun crests over the trees in the park She sips her tea in peace and quiet Which reminds her Why hasn’t he woken up yet?

The cows have finally come home. We all expected it, But still regretted it. The party is over, and We get back to the fast-paced, Low-cal, fruit-juicing, yoga-stretching, Step-aerobic, Dateline, Sports Utility, Marriage Counseling, 4th Divorce, Custody suit, sexual harrasment, Glass ceiling, reality TV Way of life. I, however, have my boot in the door. I am fed by the meat of knowledge. My thirst quenched with the wine of reason, Now if you’ll excuse me, I have hamburgers to make…

a glance met by silence Strained, but not broken drops whimpering to the floor he plugs his ears to keep out the quiet closing his eyes to block the darkness A daring ray of sunlight peeks around the curtain whiskers of light covertly distinctive steal onward, illuminating the ring box, which sits crying on the floor the crystaline tears it once contained sprinkled about his feet “You’re acting like I just asked if you wanted a kick in the head”

Black slanderous intuition 3 seconds after saying “It’s over” That feeling, like burning, A heart filled with ice cubes. My computer hums A board creaks, A crow caws from the telephone line, And I hear none of it Because the silence is screaming in my ear.

Playtime Rambunctious toys Play vigorously with Plastic children, Moving faster than The speed of dark… A whisper pierces The cacophony, frozen Thoughts collide, Shattering into A thousand, glistening Epiphanies… A rose gracefully climbs atop The Jack in the box And proclaims to the masses, “ I am awake…