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STURMGESCHUTZ SHORT GUN VERSIONS IN 1/15 SCALE. The Sturmgeschutz was a typical German weapon, It was much easier, cheaper, and faster to produce than a turreted tank, with a turretless tank, you can lower the profile of the vehicle, mount a larger caliber weapon , increase the armor thickness, and use the vehicle as a direct assault and fire support weapon. Itís principle role was to support the attacking infantry. When war came this weapon was ready to be welded into a force that could be Blitzed through the borders of the whole of Europe, conquering one nation after another. All of Europe was used as training ground, seasoning and blooding the German soldier until it seemed that nothing could stand against him. Providing him with this fine weapon, the finest training, and giving him the whole of Europe to practice the art of warfare in until each one of the Wehrmacht troops was the finest fighting man in Europe. With thousands of highly trained officers, and millions of highly disciplined men, The German Army was, The best army in the world. If the German soldier was magnificent on the offensive, he was at least superb on the defensive. Holding ground with tenacity the German soldier very rarely panicked, and was able to think and fight itís way out when the end seemed imminent. From a coldly practical military point of view, the German soldier was the perfect soldier. But in a broader judgement it must be concluded that he was quite simply too good.

Pictures from my collection