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STURMPANZER IV BRUMMBAR SDKFZ 166 EARLY AND LATE VERSIONS IN 1/15 SCALE. Built on the chassis of the reliable Pzkpfw IV, The Sdkfz 166 Brummbar mounted a huge 150mm Howitzer with a barrel of 12 calibers in length. It was capable of reducing heavily built-up fortifications such as thick concrete walls and bunkers to large heaps of rubble in short order. The Brummbar at war put fear into Germany’s enemies. This armored fighting vehicle was first put into action in the Battle of the Kursk salient in 1943, This battle saw the introduction of many of the German “star” tanks with very high hopes, in this battle the fate of the world was being decided, for Europe it was to be heads or tails: Germany wins or Russia wins. In August 1939 Stalin did not sign a Soviet- German peace treaty pact for the purpose of peace, he signed to let Europe destroy itself in a war of attrition while giving him the time he needed to build up his military strength. Stalin’s strategy was consistent: “The more the western powers fight it out, the weaker they will be, the longer I wait the stronger I get”. But Germany beat him to it and invaded the Soviet Union on June 22 1941. Aware of Stalin’s preparations Germany knew she would have to face Communism sooner rather than latter. Communism never aimed at serving the interest of Russia, Communism does not limit itself to acquire chunks of territories, but aims at total world domination. Alone among all the nation of the world Germany saw this concept as an equal threat to all nations. For Germany everything pointed east, the threat was communism. Germany had observed that communism had not brought prosperity to the Russian people, Russian workers were poorly clothed , as they are now, badly housed, badly fed. Goods are always on short supply and to this day, housing in Moscow is as nightmarish as it was before the war. Germany’s war in the east was purely limited to one objective: To eliminate the world threat of communism. It was then that the conflict had always existed. Germany had clearly set out its objective: The matter of wiping out communism. Indeed, Germany had good reasons to invade Russia in a hurry because Germany had realized Germany would be wiped out if it did not! It is easy to understand that with such war preparations going on, Germany was left with only one option: Invade the Soviet Union immediately or face total annihilation. At this point instead of letting Germany fight communism the allies made the fateful decision to attack Germany. The so called Western Democracies allied themselves with the Soviet Union for the purpose of encircling and destroying Germany. Germany was opposed to a war in western Europe, Germany regarded western countries as individual cultures which could be federated but certainly not conquered. Germany felt a conflict within the west would be a no win civil war. Germany had no interest whatever in getting involved with the war with France and Britain, it was a war forced on Germany. In World War II the allies were fighting the wrong enemy, apart from the lack of interest in subjugating western Europe, Germany was well aware she could not wage war on two fronts, The treaty of Versailles had already amputated Germany from all sides, it was designed to keep Germany in a state of permanent economic collapse and military impotence. This was stupefying! this treaty of Versailles was so outrageous that it had been condemned all over the world. All nations had observed three things: first, that Germany was the only nation who was capable of building Europe, and second, that Germany and Germany alone could defeat the world threat of communism, and third, that Germany knew what all Europeans wanted: The Europe of ideals was salvation for all. This was Germany’s crime! And the allied establishment opted to destroy Germany by any means! It was under these appalling circumstances that World war II started, a war which was offered to the soviets on a silver platter.

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