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JAGDPANZER IV L/70 ALKETT VERSION PROTOTYPE IN 1/15 SCALE. On orders from Hitler, he demanded that the 7.5 cm Pak 42 L/70 gun, which was one of the best anti-tank guns developed during the war, was to be mounted on a normal Pzkpfw IV chassis. The engineers at Alkett werks were then given the order on June 1944 and the quickly assembled trial vehicle was demonstrated before Hitler during a conference in July 1944, which was this prototype vehicle. The overall height of the superstructure was increased substantially. The increased height was necessitated by the fact that the fuel tanks in a normal Pzkpfw IV chassis are located under the turret platform. The prototype vehicle represented the most important recent development in the Pzkpfw IV and plans were made for the increased production of this type of vehicle starting with the production series Zwischenlosung. In World War II Germany wasn't outfought, but was simply outnumbered, overwhelmed, and pushed by the wall by sheer weight. It was quantity that won the war, not quality. Nonetheless, these few and last of the late war Panzers armed with these 7.5 cm Pak 42 L/70 guns fought the soviets who were fast approaching the borders of the Reich in a pitched battle to the finish. Here again the Panzerwaffe proved itself to be the best fighting force in the world. In heroic defense, German Panzers lay waste to countless Russian T-34's and Stalin tanks being torn to flaming shreds with annihilating effect. If the Panzers had not existed, Europe would have been overrun entirely by the soviets by 1944. They would have reached Paris long before the Americans. The Panzerwaffe heroism stopped the soviet juggernaut, the soviets lost more than 12 months. Without the Panzer resistance the soviets would have been in Normandy before Eisenhower. Adolf Hitler has undoubtedly received more publicity than any other world figure, dead or alive. Of all that has been written, the mountains of Hitler books, all based on blink hatred and ignorance do little to describe or explain the most explosive figure in human history. The very name of Hitler immediately conjures up a grimacing devil, the fount of all of one's negative emotions. After 1945 Hitler was accused of every cruelty, virtually all of it the preposterous re-cycled one-sided propaganda of the victors. Over half a century of unchallenged distortion, mischievous interpretation, bias, prejudice, the re-cycling of myths, hearsay----and what do we get: Universal Ignorance. An ignorance so profound that I was drawn to this conclusion...In that cataclysmic confrontation and immense tragedy known as the Second World War (Europe's most destructive brother- war) be trusted to examine with academic seriousness the whole evidence and form our own conclusions. Is it because the victor's lies cannot bear the cold light of objectivity? Whatever; the liberating experience will elevate our freedom of thought and make us less of a manipulated puppet. The figure of Adolf Hitler stands across the 20th Century like a colossus. In 1938 TIME and LIFE magazine named Adolf Hitler Man of the Century. Agree or disagree Hitler was the first superstar. Looking back on the course of the 20th Century, now more than half a century past, Hitler could still be regarded as the Man of the Century. We always hear about Hitler and the camps, Hitler and the Jews, but we never hear about his immense social work. What Hitler said and practiced had won over the entire German population. Hitler was a man of the people, a man who succeeded in wiping out unemployment, a feat unsurpassed to this day. Within 2 years he gave work to six million Germans and got rid of rampant poverty. In five years the German worker doubled his income without inflation. For the 1st time paid vacations were created. The Communist and Capitalist had never offered paid vacations, this was Hitler's creation. Business can make profits but only if people are paid decently and are allowed to live and work in dignity. For Hitler people, not profits, came first. This was only one of Hitler's reforms, he initiated hundreds of others, he literally rebuilt Germany. It was unprecedented in Europe. The people of the German nation had marveled at this extraordinary successful Austrian leader with a style unlike any others. The admiration felt by the German people was very natural. Millions were awed with surprise and admiration, they felt irresistibly drawn to this leader, it was not only for their state, but their own Germanic race that so deeply stirred their souls. They identified with the victorious and triumphant leader, to them, Hitler was the most exceptional man ever seen. And Hitler understood them, and had the remarkable idea and thought of creating an ideology called "Community"---a common ideal with its neighbors. And it must be remembered, that Hitler rose to the chancellorship democratically, winning at the ballot box. Hitler did not come to power by force, but was duly elected by the people, and duly installed, as Chancellor of Germany. Hitler earned every vote on his own merit. Extraordinary achievements followed Hitler's election, while all the transformations were occurring in Europe, Adolf Hitler was fighting his long, wearing battle for the German heart. The German Army never invaded the Rhineland, Austria, and the Sudetenland, but rather marched in to the general enthusiasm of the people. The pull of sentiment, language and history, reinforced by the material advantages offered by becoming part of a big nation, was strong enough to waken a genuine welcome when the frontier barriers went down and the German troops marched in garlanded with flowers....there was a widespread sense of relief, even amongst those who were far from being nazis. The National Socialist motto was: People of the same blood should be in the same Reich. The assertion that Germany affected to conquer the world was ridiculous. The British Empire embraced 40 million square kilometers, Russia 19 million square kilometers, America 9.5 million square kilometers. Whereas Germany embraced less than 600,000 square kilometers, It is quite clear who it is desires to conquer the world. Hitler was right when he said that Britain and America which have tried to use communism to destroy Europe will both themselves be denounced by it. It was the birth of the cold war. National Socialism was a democratic expression of power: People gathering of their own freewill. The consent of the ballot box was not only this; there was consent of the heart and mind of people. Only the teamwork of free men, bonded by a higher ideal could unite Europe. Look at the Common Market of today.... it is a failure, there is no unifying ideal, everything is based on haggling over the price of tomatoes, steel, coal, gas or booze. Fruitful Unions are based on something a little higher than that. Suddenly, instead of peddling and haggling, here was a man who offered a glorious ideal; an enthralling social justice for which they all had yearned in vain for years, a broad new order, instead of the formless cosmopolitanism of the pre-war so-called "democracies". Friend or foe all acknowledge that Hitler was a man of exceptional genius, his achievements were the envy of the world, in 5 short years he rebuilt a bankrupt nation burden with millions of unemployed into the strongest economic power in Europe. It was so strong that the small country that was Germany was able to withstand a war against the whole world for six years. In science and technology Germany was ahead of both France and Britain. Hitler had built Germany into an economic powerhouse, that was Hitler's crime, and the British establishment opted to destroy Hitler and Germany by any means. The fight of National Socialism under Hitler was for Germany, but the fight of Imperialism/Capitalism under Churchill and Roosevelt and Communism/Bolshevism under Stalin was for international capital. The propaganda of the victors were the real virtuosos in the art of twisting facts. The National Socialist Revolution in Germany had but one aim: To restore order in their own country, to provide work and bread for their starving masses, and to lay down the ideas of honor, loyalty and decency as being the basis of their moral code. If they would have let the communist, with the aid of their Marxist creed, triumph over the people of the world, his crown would have been the funeral wreath of mankind. Napoleon had said: "There will be no Europe until a leader arises". Hitler, like all men of genius, had outgrown the national stage, Napoleon was first a Corsican, then a Frenchman, than a European, and then a singular universal man. Likewise, Hitler had been an Austrian, then a German, then a greater German, then Germanic, then a European, then a greater European, then he had seen and grasped the magnitude of building Europe. The ancient world that Alexander the Great conquered could be swallowed up unnoticed in the vastness of Adolf Hitler's mighty domain. Agree or disagree, truly a career and a phenomenon that stands across the 20th Century like a colossus.

Pictures of my Jagdpanzer IV L/70(A) Prototype