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4 WHEELED ARMORED CAR VARIANTS SDKFZ 222 IN 1/16 SCALE. German armored cars were as vital to the German war machine as were the Panzers. Whether on four wheels or employing the more distinctive eight-wheel configuration. German armored cars would seem to be as much a symbol of the Blitzkrieg as the Panzers themselves. Their employment along side the Panzers throughout the conflict is one of the defining images of the German army at war. Seen here are my 1/16 scale Panzerspahwagen 4 wheeled armored cars SdKfz 222 armed with a 2 cm KwK L/55 gun and a coaxial 7.92mm MG in classic Blitzkrieg Panzer Grey 1940 and my SdKfz 222 armed with a 2.8 cm Panzerbuechse SPzB 41 tapered bore light anti-tank gun in Panzer Dark Yellow Eastern Front 1943. All nations that fought in the First World War honor the "Unknown Soldier", in Paris he rests under the "Arc de Triumphe", in London he sleeps his final sleep under the black marble of the Westminster Abbey. Germany was the only country where the "Unknown Soldier" was not dead... rather lived. Among those nations that had insulted Germany in 1939 were many who would be the most eager to throw themselves at the feet of the conquerer in 1940. The Greater German Reich, in complete rebirth, endowed with a remarkable social structure, would have such power, would have such force of attraction. The campaign in Poland in 1939, the campaign in Norway, the campaign in the Netherlands, in Belgium and France in 1940, the campaign in Yugoslavia and in Greece in the spring of 1941 had only been preliminary operations. The real war; in which the future of Europe and the world would be decided, had just begun. On June 22, 1941, began a battle to the death between National Socialist Reich and Soviet Russia, two imperialisms, two religions, two worlds grappled across the steppes in the sands of the east. A merciless war was ready to be raged in the east, and both nations characterized it right when they said that in the end there will not be winners or losers, but only the survivors and the annihilated. It was the most terrible and grandest of all epics. Before engaging its tanks in the steppes, the Reich had restored to evasion, like a watchful cat. In 1939 National Socialist Germany was carrying out a program without precedent. It had rebuilt itself in the midst of such lightning bolts, in the thundering and blinding flashes of such cataclysms, that all Europe and all the world felt the tremors. If all his enemies to the west swooped down on the Rhineland and the Ruhr, and if, at the same time, the soviets expanded toward east Prussia and Berlin, Germany seriously risked strangulation. In August of 1939, on the eve of the Polish conflagration, Germany at the last minute had avoided been strangled. Stalin had old accounts to settle with National Socialism, his collaboration with the "Democracies" therefore appeared assured in advance. London and Paris, with great fanfare, had sent military missions to the Soviet Tsar. During that same period, in complete secrecy, Germany had succeeded in loosening the noose. Stalin had, like Hitler, played very skillfully. He had every interest in letting the Plutocratic Democracies and National Socialism exhaust each other, for he was the enemy of both. The more virulently they sapped each other's strength, the better communism could in the final account facilitate its task. Stalin carried out his game with Asiatic cunning, the leader of an international gang, sure of his men, he could even ostensibly ally himself with the Third Reich: Over the entire world. Communist discipline was absolute. Thus the soviet leader was able to stab a vacillating Poland in the back with complete impunity, and annex over a third of that country. Britain and France, so solicitous of Poland's territorial integrity before, neglected to declare war on the USSR. No one in the allied chancelleries took the risk of reacting...The Democracies were afraid of Stalin! they had recoiled before him! what had been intolerable from Germany had been tolerated coming from the soviets! The allies had only one idea: Not to offend the USSR, to begin a reconciliation with Stalin. In spite of his aggression against their Polish allies. Stalin was able to multiply his demands, one single thing was important to the allies; to enable the Russians to change sides. That would be Stalin mounting the body of a Europe which, its powers of resistance exhausted, was ready to be raped. Naturally the allies would attempt, late in the day, to save that three-quarter-sovietized Bolshevization of Europe. The allies of yesterday would tremble, because the USSR no longer contented itself with prey close at hand, but now extended its greedy hands everywhere. So the Second World War scarcely ended, the new cold war had begun, the fate of all of Europe and the world was in the balance.

Collection of my Armored Cars in 1/15 & 1/16 Scale