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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to Bob's page - Hope you enjoy! - Today we asked Bob to answer a few questions for us.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Hello Bob and thank you for taking the time to talk with us - What we are asking from you is for you to tell us your home town and alittle about yourself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bob's Hometown: Baltimore MD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alittle About Bob : I grew up listening to my fathers favorite music (country) - I learned to play drums and eventually joined my fathers country band playing at the local dances - My music preference changed in my teen years - I loved listening to a Pittsburgh radio station with D.J. Porky Chadwick who played R&B music by such groups as the Temptations - Chi Lites - Little Anthony and the Imperials - I loved harmonizing with my friends - We formed a group called the "El Durays" - We won a local talent show and were scheduled to cut a record - But one of our band members was drafted - Went to Vietnam and was later killed in action - The group disbanded - I continued playing drums with local bands - I also learned how to play the Bass Guitar which I now prefer over the drums! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bob's reason for being in a band: I never lost my dream of some day reviving the "El Durays" - God has answered my prayers - He sent me a group of talented musicians - Together we have formed the new "El Durays" - We hope to bring back the popular music of the 50's - 60's and 70's ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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