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*~Blood On A Blue Rose~*

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Death of a Kingdom

*~My Prayer and My Curse~*


King Akoni was now torn to shreds at the hands of Armatilado who had stolen his Queen of the Blue Rose. It seemed all was lost to the evil wizard who swept in from the black night and took his sweet Queen away from his hearts side. The King fell to the cold of the floor in tears of blood that rained down his face and dotted the marble around him. Never in his life had he felt such pain and anguish never even in all the battles and crusades had he ever known such a loss, such a heart break and such a wound to his very soul. Queen Kalia was still screaming as the wizard flew her to the evil of his Castle on his wings of hate. She was screaming out in horror and fear and the King had to cover his ears long after they disappeared from view because her screams her every thought in pain blasted like a canon inside his heart sighs. The King and Queen were one of the same soul whatever pain she felt he felt as well because hearts that blend so completely, join together so tightly that each smile they ever smiled each tear they ever shed was felt by the other as if it was their very own emotions because it was. King Akoni screamed back at the screams of his lost Queen of the night and the Castle boomed with the sound of his immense pain. "MY QUEEN, MY LIFE MY LOVE MY JOY!!!!" King Akoni screamed so loud the Castle very walls shook with great fear. "ARMATILADO YOU BASTARD OF DEATH, HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE WHAT THIS HAS DONE TO MY QUEEN! DO YOU NOT SEE THAT YOU HAVE BLACKENED HER HEART AND TORN HER SOUL TO PIECES? DO YOU NOT CARE ABOUT THE COLORS OF LOVE SO WONDERFULLY BRIGHT SHE SHONE LIKE THE SUN ON A SWEET SPRING DAY? "NO YOU DO NOT CARE SHE IS IN PAIN, YOU HAVE NO HEART.YOU CANNOT SEE THE BEAUTY OF LOVE THAT FILLED HER WORLD AND BROUGHT HER TO SUCH AMAZING HIGHS THAT SHE SOARED LIKE A DOVE. YOU ARE BLIND TO HER JOYS AND NOW YOU HAVE TORN HER DREAMS FROM HER HEART OF HEARTS. I CURSE YOU WITH THE BLOOD OF MY TEARS, THE BLOOD OF MY LIFE THAT YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS SACRILEGE OF OUR SOULS." King Akoni was POUNDING the floor with his fist until they to became bloody and raw but he felt no physical pain from his hands because the pain in his soul was so intense he could feel only his heart shattering like glass cut him deep inside. His blood was everywhere now as he crawled to his feet in the throws of his own death and stumbled around the room from wall to wall showering his tears of blood everywhere he moved. He was in a daze and death was very near it was all around him. His blood splattered across the walls from both his hands and his heart break stab wounds to his soul poured his thick red blood. Memories of them when they were one and free raced through his head as if it was his life flashing before his bloody eyes. He spread his arms wide arched his back deep throwing his head around as if he was possessed with the spirit of the angel of death and he was. In one massive enragement of great unbearable pain he screamed at the moon over the Castle that had now turned bloody red. "YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS ARMATILADO WITH YOUR OWN SUFFERING AT MY DEATH, FOR IN MY DEATH I WILL HAUNT YOU, AND SEE THAT YOU NEVER FIND PEACE OR PURITY! IN MY DEATH AND IN THE KILLING OF MY QUEENS DREAMS YOU WILL FOREVER PAY WITH THE CURSE I PLACE UPON THEE. NEVER SHALL YOU BE FREE OF THIS HAUNTING AND I WILL SEE YOU IN HELL FOR YOUR OWN SINS. WHAT YOU NEVER UNDERSTOOD WAS THE CONNECTION BETWEEN MY QUEENS HEART AND MY SOUL AND NO MATTER HOW YOU TRY YOU CAN NOT BREAK THIS CONNECTION OF OUR SOULS" King Akoni Stumbled to his Throne near the bed they loved on and fell upon its bejeweled golden curves coating it with his very blood as he slumped down and went into a trance of death. All the Knights surrounded him were filled with anger at the Wizard who brought this foul act to the love and the Kingdom. Some of the Knights were screaming with contempt and loathing. Others were pleading to the King never let go and hold tight to the pieces of his shattered heart. Some of the Ladies of the Court could be heard wailing, falling to their knees with their faces pressed against the cold floor. Womanly tears of anguish rolled down their faces staining their soft faces. Maroon blood of Lady tears mixed with the Kings and now the pure marble floor was slick from the blood of endless pain. King Akoni's eyes were wide open and yet he could see nothing. He had lost his sight now to only memories of them when they were together and happy. His eyes were covered with a haze of blood and yet they were still full of memories and dreams. The room was crowded now packed with Knights and Ladies in waiting who felt the pain of the Kings broken heart. All the candles which where once lit in the Castle went out all at once and the sky turned from a black star less night to the shade of the blood of Christ who also cried tears that cascaded through the heavens coating everything in view in the shade of dreams lost. Christ was witness to the Crucifixion of King Akoni's soul and was overwhelmed as he watched in horror at the sight of it all. Ice began to form on the walls of the Castle, even the blood on the walls and marble floor was freezing now into crystals each taking on the shape of hundreds of shattered hearts. Cold surrounded the Kingdom and thunder was rolling in with black lightning streaked across the sky as if it was the very hand of God in his own fury over this wickedness he saw take place before his very eyes. This was the devils black storm of pure evil. God had no part in this but God was so enraged at the tearing away at the hearts of the King and Queen that even God could not hold his anger back any longer so he sent down bolts of lightning in his wrath against the Wizard. This was a massive fight now between not only King Akoni and Armatilado but this was a fight between God and the Devil himself, a battle between Good against Evil. Winds howled in screams while the storm swirled around the Kingdom and hail was banging down so hard that the some of the peasants in the village were knocked to the ground and had to crawl to their homes where they hid in fear of their very lives. Everything seemed lost, it was the worst storm in the Kingdom of the Blue Rose. One of the Knights raced to the large Iron Bell tower and pulled on its long thick rope ringing the bell hard, screaming out his own pain and all the Knights screamed at the sound of the bells chime. A hundred Knights screaming and Ladies of the Court wailing, chaos now filled the land, and pain ruled the night and bled into the gray of the day. Some of the Ladies of the Court even blamed the King for all the madness cutting him with their own daggers of hate. The King was now dead only his eyes filled with dreams and memories still gleamed with hope of Salvation from the Queen. If the Wizard only could understand that in truth he killed both the King and the Queen with two emotions, jealousy and hate and now there was just shades of ungodly pain but evil knows nothing but evil. Armatilado entered his own Castle with the Queen thrown over his shoulders and he laughed his wicked laugh as he clutched the Sacred Blue Rose in his bloody hand almost crushing it's magic powers. Queen Kalia had gone numb and was lost in her own catatonic pain, it was unbearable hurting that overcame her heart cries. Armatilado had everything, he had the Queen locked in his tower of hate and the key to her heart smashed into bits while she watched him in tears from the bars of her cell. He had the Sacred Blue Rose now bloodied locked in a pit of death a well of pain with bars across the top of it where once brought forth Holy water cursed by the demons of hell and was filled with only blood and vermin. He had torn the Queens soul from her breasts with one yank of his hands and then crushed it under his boot while his laughter and joy grew louder. Taking the soul from her body he crushed he tossed it into the large crimson fire place that stood in front of the Queens cell in the tower she was held captive in along the massive wall that stood before her. She watched numb as he tried to light the wood logs in which her soul was thrown on in vain. No matter what magic the Wizard used he could not start her soul to burn out the Kings love and this angered him even more. You see even a crushed soul will never burn in at the hands of evil magic and hate when love runs so true and so deep as it does between the Great King and beautiful Queen it can never be destroyed. The Wizard stalked off and grumbled in contempt of the love and magic of the King and Queen and went back to his chambers of horror and dance to with joy about the pain he brought to bear on them both. Queen Kalia wandered the tower she was locked in her smiles no longer graced her face and her eyes were puffy the tears that would not stop. The tower was empty of anything there was no color there no joy no warmth it was a tower of tears and endless pain. No longer could she say the things the King needed to hear to bring him back from the dead. No longer could she be free with her emotions and heal him with her love. It was Hell on Earth and he was lost in death but in his eyes he still held the memories of them and the times of their great joys. Blood filled stars danced still in his dead eyes, each one a different memory of how they were. He could still feel his hand on her cheek as they laid naked in bed cuddling softly while she felt his whispers of love softly speak into her tender ear. His hand drifting along her body so fresh feeling along each nuance of her supple breast, feeling how her nipple became hard under his palm but not from his touch but from the honesty of his hearts love as he whispered his dreams in her tender ear kissing it softly then licking it with his tongue. Her eyes were closed as he touched along her naked body and she felt her passions rise her legs parted automatically at the joys she felt in his heart and her own. She gave herself to him while she moaned out his name and she felt his kisses pass over her neck feeling his strong body move over her and his hand brushing her hair to one side moving the golden tendrils aside to gain further access to the sweet curves of her exposed neckline where he placed the softest of baby breath kisses upon. His body covering hers as his sword of love stood erect with the seed of his life force. Slowly he moved his lips along her neck and then up as he slid his hand down her face then along her body and back to squeeze her breast tight under the strength of his large but tender hand. His hips undulated side to side brushing her flower with his shaft and creating a friction over her dewy wet flowing heat that flowed the juice of her passions so sweetly honey dust scented. King Akoni moved in closer and placed along her lips soft tender kisses that were tender and loving. Each one had its own special magic, each one had its own sweet taste of spring flowers. He passed his kisses over her lips then deepened the kiss until their lips were locked in one gigantic passionate pumping soulful kiss to her soul. Heads tilted back and forth as their lips parted she slid her tongue into his mouth and he sucked it softly as his hand glided to her nipple and pinched it tight pulling it with care as she arched her back in heat and glory. Slowly he broke the kiss as the room began to spin the fire roared in the large fireplace and the candles all danced to the moans of the love they felt in the air. He gazed into her sweet eyes as they opened and looked deeply into her soul and whispered, "Never will I let go, always we are one of hearts, one of the same soul, one of the spirit and one of the same dreams. My love for you will stand the test of time and life and forever you live inside me with my every heart beat that pumps the blood of my life. In my life I know one great truth and that is we love with all our hearts and forever we will be one." She sighed at his words that made her heart filled her heart with love and understanding and whispered softly back into his heart, "You are my King, my reason and my life, without you in my heart I am but a shell on a lonely beach. You have shown me the colors of life and love and now I see the soft pastels and hues that cover the gift of great true love. You have unlocked my heart with the beauty that is in your own. My beloved Akoni, with your love, I have closed the lock on my past and opened the lock on my future. In return, I offer you the key to my heart to wear around your neck forever more and hope that it brings you all the joy and happiness that you have brought to my own life. It is no ordinary key and you are no ordinary person, wear my key, my love and my heart forever, Just as I will carry yours in my own heart, with Love from the one you call Kalia Crow, who wears your Key~~I love you My King, take me now with your passions, fill me with your needs and show me the greatness of raptures once again.Thurst hard your sword into my gate and send me the showers of pearls I desire with our love, I am yours My King, I belong to your heart smiles." King Akoni smiled and then worked down along her body softly kissing the crests of her breasts as his hand sauntered along each of her sweet curves feeling the softness of her body so creamy and beautiful. His lips moved along her right breast then in a long descending circle her licked around her breast coming closer to her nipple then fluttering it with his rough pink tongue. Her hand was moving slowly along his back, her other hand lost in the curls of his hair, she felt her need grow even stronger with each of his soft suckles he graced her hard nipple with. She was in heaven now and the room was warm with love and the scent of plumeria flowers and the sweat of the two lovers was everywhere permeating the grand bed chambers they loved and slept in. One tight twist of his head he nibbled at her nipple then broke off his bite then lowered down her body kissing softly around her tummy while his hands now moved down to hold her legs up high by her calves her toes at point her kissed with care suger sweet kisses of fire ran along the inside of her thighs. She was screaming now in heat and her moans were animalistic with her passions ablaze burning in the fires of their passions white hot love. His kisses where like butter cups in spring to her hearts desire and he moved them with care higher up to her sweet flower then placed them on her soft blonde small hair and pulled them with his lips gently as he watched her flower bloom for his love. She was gasping in heat as her breasts heaved hard up and down as she felt his tongue flicker across her slit then drifting in swirls around her tender pearl that throbbed hard under his delicate care. His rough tongue passed again and again over her hard center and her fingers where grabbing at his hair, pulling him tighter down into her womanly tunnel she could feel his tongue enter her folds and curl softly inside her, driving her insane for more of his passions. When she was just about to climax he reared up and moved fast over her body then kissed her deeply once more her arms around his back holding him tightly while the share this kiss of eternal love. They exchanged breaths as he slipped his hard meat into her wet flowing flower, pushing hard in then back out with force and power. Each push stronger then the first, his hand caressing her face while he slammed in and felt his seed stream out filling her until she released her rapture bursting her heart with the colors of magic so strong with wonder that she creamed his sword with the love they shared. Soft afterglow so sweet after it was as if rainbows surrounded them both as they laid there spent in cuddles. So many memories still danced like stars in the Dead Kings eyes. Times the King and Queen laughed and sang times of joy running through the Castle and times of sweet talks of nothing at all that lasted all day and sometimes into the deep of the night. Times he saw her glow with such wonder as she saw some of the treasures he had found for her and times of amazing understanding with love. Times when they joined as one in their union and times they shared as he bathed her with care while she soaked in the royal tub. Dreams they have shared, cards and poems of their hearts. Holidays they loved through and even times of great sadness, but through it all they loved deeper then life would allow with no reservation but now they were memories and he longed to be alive again with his Queen at his side. You see they shared everything together, troubles and concerns, pains as well as pleasures and an empathy for each others soul and when they were together nothing ever matter for what they both wanted the most was what they found in each others golden embrace. Now there was blood on the rose and she was locked away held captive by the Wizard Armatilado evil hatred of the King. She seemed to forget the times they shared and seemed to have lost her fight to be free and love she was numb now and at his mercy thinking it was best to appease the Wizard in hopes he would free her. Little did she know he was about to eat her alive and leave nothing of her life she knew and loved. Little did she know that it was up to her now to free herself from the tower she was locked in, no one could help her it was up to her alone to break the lock on the gate and make her escape. You see what she was fighting for now was for her very life, the very meaning of what is known to be called woman and not slave but she was lost and torn from her King who they laid on a bed of blue roses in the main room of the Castle of Roses in the death of his heart. All the Knights and Ladies of the court were in there full dress surrounding King Akoni each and every one of them in tears that ran red each and every one of them helpless to free the Queen. Some of the Ladies still stabbing him with their daggers of hate misguided at the King. Still the storm raged outside it had been like this for days now nights of black blood and days of no sun, no color, no joys, just pain mixed with fierce rains, heavy lightning streaked across the skies seemingly with no end. King Akoni was laid out on the bed of roses in the outfit he wed her in a day they will never forget and may not ever have again unless she can find the courage to do what needs to be done and break free of the spell that holds her in the tower. When everything is taken away from you that you most hold sacred, hearts are crushed and dreams that we need to remain alive are torn from our hearts, what quality of life is this to live in. When is enough more then enough and when or how will the Queen free herself and take a stand against the evil, then come back and resurrect the once beloved King of her Hearts Blue Rose. There is only one way to break this spell that the Wizard holds her with and that is with the truth of how we love, without fear, without hate, without pain. It is up to the Queen now to make her escape and come save the King before its too late and he is lowered into the ground forever and never more. "Never Let Go" She said.

Always I will Love you My Queen.