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Sanguinarian Vampires

A sanguinarian vampire is a vampire who feeds by drinking blood. This type of vampire experiences a craving or a hunger for blood. This craving is not erotic in nature (as in blood fetishism). A sanguinarian vampire will require a greater quantity of blood that a fetishist to satisfy their hunger.

The sanguinarian vampire is the most commonly known type of vampire due to the existence of vampire fiction such as Bram Stokerís Dracula, where vampires are depicted as undead bloodsuckers.

The term Sanguinarian comes originally from the Latin term 'sanguine' meaning 'bloodthirsty'.

The sanguinarian is often unable to feed by psychic means, and therefore must draw the energy they crave directly from the blood.

It must be specified that the energy that a sanguine vampire extracts from the blood is the same energy that a psi vampire feeds on (pranic energy).

If you are donating to a sanguine vampire, it should be added that it is advisable to be very careful. Make sure you know of safe bloodletting techniques, and if you feel very weak after donating, eat something that is high in sugar to pick you up again. Also, when donating blood to the blood bank, they will only take a maximum of 470ml every three months, this is to ensure that the red blood cells have time to replenish themselves. So donít over-donate or you may become ill.