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Aureus San Francisco The Conclusion

Those of you who have been a part of Aureus for a while are aware that after each chronicle we usually meet the next month to have a potluck get together where we give out awards and reveal our characters secrets. Itís always fun to find out who was messing with you and discover the behind the scenes motivations of some people who remained a mystery throughout the chronicle. I also have a short game to play with you all that will be of particular interest to those of you who are H.P. Lovecraft fans!

As is tradition here are the categories that we give awards for:
  1. Stand Out Character of the Chronicle
  2. Outstanding Male Roleplayer
  3. Outstanding Female Roleplayer
  4. The character you loved to Hated
  5. The character you liked the most
  6. The scariest character
  7. Best Costuming
  8. The most mysterious/weird character
  9. Best Temporary NPC (this one comes with nominations since not everyone is eligible for this one). The Nomineeís are: J Kovach as Sarah Winchester, Sechin Tower as Former Bishop Lopez, Robin Alberg as Francesca Juarez, Wes Divin as Mordaci the Saint, Jane Izumoto-Skau as Milicent the Saint.

Everyone is eligible to vote for one person per category. The winners will be announced at the gathering on June 2, 2007. (Special storyteller note on voting- no NPC that I played Constantine Vega or Francis Juarez are eligible for any of the above mentioned awards.) Please send in your votes as soon as possible I will close all voting on May 10, 2007.

Traditionally this has always been a fun get together and allows us to hang out with out the pressure of game and playing a character. I sincerely enjoyed the opportunity I had being your storyteller for the San Francisco Chronicle. Thank you!
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Player Name:
E-mail Address:

The next game/party date is 06/02/2007, are you planning to attend?:
Yes , No, or I can not fully commit

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