Concept Guidelines

Aureus San Francisco has a number of ready-to-roll story arcs and subplots, and so our starting situation is contrived: we want to be able to get characters involved with these stories starting with Game 1, but where these plots go next is up to the characters’ actions. Because we want to offer high integration of character and story, and because not all character concepts will work equally well with this tale, we’d like you to take some extra time and care with your concepts. Here is what we recommend:

The Situation

Please read the setting material on chronicle website to give yourself an understanding of the situation your character will be stepping into when the story begins. Check it out, mull it over and see what inspiration strikes.

Here is the opening situation in a nutshell:

Francesca Juarez was Prince of San Francisco until she went batshit crazy last year and destroyed most of the vampires in the city; only a handful escaped. A couple of months ago one of the escapees, the Prince’s former Seneschal, Renato, re-entered the city along with a few compatriots. They didn’t find the insane and murderous Prince Juarez, but they did find a nest of Belial’s Brood. Renato, an Unaligned Kindred who was once a member of the Carthian Movement, has just declared himself Prince, and is welcoming new vampires into San Francisco provided that they agree to help secure the city against the Brood and whatever else may be lurking there.

There’s more to it, of course, that you’ll find on the chronicle website. As you can see, the characters are all stepping into a tense, strange and uncertain environment. The crazy old Prince might still be in the city; she might be in torpor; or she might be dead, and if so then whatever managed to kill her is probably even more dangerous than she was. The vampires of Belial’s Brood are violent satanic monsters. Who knows what else might have crept into the city in the months when it was devoid of vampires? And then there’s the weird political situation: any Carthians in the city are probably not going to be happy that the new Prince was one of their own until he turned his back on them, and meanwhile the other covenants probably wouldn’t mind recruiting the Prince into their camps, if they can.

Two Kinds of Kindred

The contrived opening situation intentionally puts all characters into two broad categories: those who entered the city with Renato a couple of months ago and have been helping in his fight against the Brood, and those who have showed up just in the last couple of weeks, or even nights. Please indicate in your concept which of these two groups your character falls into.

NOTE: Characters from either category can be vampires who resided in San Francisco during the reign of Prince Juarez and fled. If that’s part of your concept you’ll be working closely with the Storytellers to figure out exactly what your character saw (or thinks she saw) during her time in the city, when she fled, where she’s been in the meantime, and how and when she decided to return. If your vampire is a total stranger to San Francisco, you need only read the setting information on the website at this point.

Submit a Concept

Please send your concepts to Phil Jones at, and include the following information.

After the Storyteller approves your concept, he’ll ask for a character sheet and background history. Feel free to work on those whenever you like, but please don’t submit them until the concept is approved.

Character Caps

If the character concepts indicate that a single covenant or clan will dominate the vampire population overwhelmingly, the Storyteller may opt to cap certain covenants or clans. Should this happen, the Storyteller will consider the timeliness and quality of concept submissions when deciding how many characters to allow into the capped groups.

Bloodlines: The Tricky

To reflect the rarity of bloodlines, there is an automatic 25-point reduction in bonus XP for any bloodline character (please see the character creation rules). This is a hefty price, especially for some characters, so please consider carefully whether or not your concept really requires membership in a bloodline to be playable and enjoyable.

The Storyteller will approve only a small number of bloodline characters, so if you are at all interested in playing a bloodline please contact the Storyteller as soon as possible – before you even submit a complete concept – so that he can research the bloodline and determine if it will mesh well with the chronicle setting and story.

The Forbidden

These character concepts won’t be considered:

Player Character Creation Guidelines

If you are playing either a Carthian or a member of the Circle of the Crone:

If you are playing either an Invictus or Lancea Sanctum:

If you are playing either an Unaligned or Ordo Dracul:


Universal Character Creation Rules-

Experience Point Rewards-

Character Histories

Players who wish to earn some extra experience points in the creation process may earn up to 15 points for filling out a Character History. This is not a requirement to play, merely a way to better develop and integrate your character into the story. Brief backgrounds will still be accepted. However, the 15 points are for a full Character History.

It would be prefered if the Character Histories were written as a narrative which included, amongst other things, the following items.

However, a link to a webform is at the bottom of this page for those who would find it easier to just answer the blasted questions directly.

Please include the following information in the Character History:
Before the Embrace:
As a Ghoul: (This is only relevant to Ghoul characters or characters that spent time as a Ghoul before their embrace.)

The Embrace (Vampire Players Only)

Your Sire / Regent

Since the Embrace

General Questions



Merits & Flaws

Should you care to use the quick form it is located

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