So, yeah, I have a blog and all, but you know, some things are just too big and get under my skin too much to simply devote a smaller passage to. And you know, who would I be if I wasn't using up more bandwidth than is really necessary! So...this page is for extended rants/ponderings which are too big for my blog.

Deal with them as best you can. You've been warned.

SO FAR......

WHAT THE HELL IS GOTH- If you are expecting a primer you won't find one, but newbies and crusties alike can still learn something from this.

Elitist Goths HATE me! YAY! - After all, I need to be put in my place. I give Goth a bad name by smiling and laughing, especially at those who take themselves WAY too seriously.

Music industry rant - yes, how I love commercial radio and corporate records labels. Really.

SNAPE VS REZNOR- ok, unless you've seen the at least the first Harry Potter movie you won't get this.

And if you really want to torture yourself with the vile workings of my inner thoughts, then visit my blog.