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Rest In Peace Schrapnel - Sept 26, 2006

Soon to be added - Connor the Vegetarian!

Behold my furry companions who have been keeping me company these long lonely months
when I've been too tired to go clubbing or leave the house, or do the dishes and laundry. Sure, I've heard that goth people tend to have ferrets for pets...not that I know anyone who does, and more often than not, goths tend to own cats - specifically black ones. But, as I am not one to join into the mainstream tastes of goth, and I really don't go much for cats as I like to not bleed and have my artwork eaten, I chose guinea pigs. Let me introduce you:

Birthdate: Nov 21, 2003 -Scorpio/Sag
Sex: Male
Diet: Vegan
Likes to eat: Carrots, parsley, grass, cucumbers, grapes, endive, lettuce, apples, anything you put in front of him.
Loves: food,getting a full body massage, a clean cage, food,tormenting his brother, treats, food, going outside in the grass, napping, food...
Hates: getting a manicure, seeing his brother get more attention, not getting fed, being in the cage alone, getting tickled.
Favorite music: Sisters of Mercy, the Cure, anything droopy.
Licorice is the goth of the two guinea pigs, having a tendency to whine and complain more, and having a higher squeakier voice. he's very codependent on his brother, and when his brother isn't in the cage, Licorice will do laps at 90mph. He yawns easily - not sure if he's that full of ennui or he's just tired after hours of eating. The heavier of the two, he is always the first to squeak for food - and the loudest. In his spare time, he writes bad poetry about vegetables and lost loves.
Birthdate: Nov 21, 2003 - Sept 26, 2006 Scorpio/Sag
Sex: Male
Diet: Vegan
Likes to eat: Carrots, parsley, grass, cucumbers, grapes, endive, lettuce.
Loves: carrots,chewing on the paper in his cage, a clean cage, napping, being petted and spoiled, begging for food, chasing his brother, pooping, exploring the couch, chewing on things he's not supposed to.
Hates: water, getting a bath, not being smelly.
Favorite music: Pig, Pigface, Razed In Black
Schrapnel is indeed the bad ass, and is the industrial pig of the two. If the very fact that he has a mohawk doesn't prove it, his grunty voice certainly does. He's actually very cuddly and easy going, as long as you don't try to get him wet. Schrapnel is an aspiring gamer and yearns to gnaw on the Ps2 controller. He loves watching TV and he know when he's getting his picture taken. While Licorice may be the eater, Schrapnel is the con artist and will put on his best cute face to get you to feed him. He can be extremely smelly and has no compunctions about about pooping on you and then sitting on it, looking cute.
It's nice to have pets that coordinate with your clothes. Schrapnel is sporting some chains while Licorice practices looking dejected.
Schrapnel thinks neopets are tasty.....
If you are a guinea pig freak like I am, and are as insane as I am, you'll let you guinea pigs have a blog. Yes, my pets have a blog of their own, written by them. Do not question my sanity, you already know the answer. Mostly all the pigs talk about is food and poop and sleeping, with the occaisonal trying to take over the world and rewire our cable to get the food channel. Read if you dare.
Licorice playing with the purple ball of doom....

Hey! Careful with that thing!