Through the Lens of the Gothic Toybox

If you're looking for my cemetery pics, you've still come to the right place. I moved the link to here, where I have organized some of my other photographic endeavors such as pics from live music shows and plays, as well as some of Mike's pictures. Granted, my entire site is rather photo heavy, but this is where you can find my best stuff photography wise. Check out the menu to see what there is to see and enjoy!

Cemetery Photography

This is an entire site devoted to my preoccupation with cemetery monuments. I have photos from graveyards in Cleveland, Chicago, and New Orleans on here, and I'm always adding more pictures as I discover new places and revisit old ones regularly. Recented updated with new pics of Bohemian National! Also, I am working on checking links and pics showing up, so if something doesn't work just bear with me...I'm on it.

Live Show Photos

Sister Machine Gun 6.0

Posi Record Release Party (SMG, Impossible Recording Machine, Bizarbies)

Inertia/Project X

Razed <IN>Black - this is a link to my fansite photo gallery

Slick Idiot - this too is a link to my fansite photo gallery

VNV Nation - Futureperfect Tour

Mike's Photos

Mike is getting his own section on here very soon...he has a very different
and abstract approach to photography than I do.

Costume Photos

These are pictures from Columbia College plays/musicals that I have designed costumes
for, so not only are the photos mine, but so are the costumes!

Two Fools Gold

A Ringing in my Ears - coming soon!

The Long Way Home - coming soon!

Fashion Photos

My fashion pages have been down forever, and I'm now reworking them and improving the pics, as well as collecting photos of recent sewing projects. Keep in mind that everything on here will be stuff I've designed and made! Coming soon!

Hey! Careful with that thing!