As CEO of the Gothic Toybox (tm), I like to think outside the coffin to create productive solutions to the ever changing marketplace of the Gothic Environment (tm). I feel that more effort should be made to challenge those in a darkened mode of thought so that the overall benefits of the final product will draw in the proper clientele and revenue. As part of my quraterly report, I have revised my previous plan and compiled what should be a successful alternative to the previous endeavors of the Gothic Toybox (tm) to promote a better brand of Darkness (tm). I'm sure that you and your fellow co-goths will appreciate the hip, new approach to our Gothic (tm) marketing strategies (tm).

Enjoy. (c)

The Almighty CEO (tm) of the Gothic (tm) Toybox.

All rights registered. If you copy any of this you will be shot on sight. Our poodle guns have you in our scopes and our Ninja Mimes are poised outside to disembowl you with sharpened barbie heads. (tm)

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