Before YE entre

Please take note, good visitor type folk, that this site is a parody:

Parody- a farcical imitation of a literary or musicial work or style
(these days that goes for other media such as tv, films, internet, etc.)

This site is could also be defined as a farce:

Farce: exaggerated comedy based on broadly humorous situations.

This is a HUMOR site only and it exists merely for the purpose of SATIRE and ENTERTAINMENT. Lets not forget that this kind of self expression is covered by our
friendly first amendment of the constitution....that means free speech kids!!
This page is not meant to incense anyone and is for enjoyment only!!!
If you take any of the content on this page or any of my other sites seriously, then you are
indeed a silly person and should not visit the internet without permission from your mommy.

So, please enjoy the very outrageous circumstances that I am about to put before you....

Enjoy! :)