The Gothic Toy Box

Yes folks, this is the namesake for my whole site. Here you may observe in the comfort of your own chair the strange and mystical creatures that call the box their home. I have a decent size toy collection in general, and these are just a few. Let the fuzzy Goth thingys come forth!

Please take note of the new "Petting Zoo" feature I have added!
Pet my little friends with your mouse and see what they say!


careful...he's ticklish.
Please click DeadJim to see his special page!

Aleister Crawley

Here's Aleister, studying my foot with a look that could only mean "Snack Attack!" I hate real spiders. HATE. And yet I own not only Aleister, but a silver spider ring as well. Why? Fake spiders don't move.

toes again? I had toes LAST night.

I love my ginsu scythe. It can cut through a tin can and STILL slice tomatoes.

Death is on my side

This guy rocks violently in his chair, his eyes flash red, and he says RRAAARR!!! I got him from my friend Ken, who is a priest.

Counting Crows?

This is ISIS. She has a mate named Osiris, but he was camera shy. So, I have "two for joy" for those who know the poem. They are both are perched in my room, quiet and well behaved.


CAW! CAW! ACK! Anyone have a lozenge?

eeeeeeee! no sunscreen! eeee!

Igor and Stellaluna

I got Stellaluna in DC, and Igor at Hot Topic. Stella is cool cause you can fold her wings and make her hang upside down(which she prefers to do more than flying anyway. Igor is abnormally bat shaped, but cute with little red eyes and floppy feet.

Keeping an eye out

Behold my continously growing eyeball collection! Among the other round ocular devices in my possession, I have: eyeball candles, a hackey eye, an eyeball yo-yo, a wind-up hopping eyeball, rolling eyes, a finger eyeball, glow eyes, an eyeball sucker saver, squishy eyeballs, bouncing eyes, rubber eyes, glowing eyes, an inflatable eyeball man, an eyeball bank, and eyeball beach balls.

mmmmm. squishy, aren't they?
agggh! don't poke me!
I am the squeaky eyeball man. I have come for your pretzels!
visine! get me some visine!!!
Are you as obssessed about eyeballs as I am? If so, you can find many of the same eyes you see on this page at the MADMAN's site. He can equip you with other various fun and strange items of a morbid nature...including the fuzzy skulls that you see on my page!


I am quite aware that the above word should be, as is in Webster's New World Dictionary, animals. I typed it that way because thats often the way I refer to my stuffed friends, especially when I feel particularly silly. Shawn, the large sheep who looks likes he's had an IV full of expresso, is a character from Wallace and Gromit "A Close Shave", claymation movie by Aardman studios. The two beanie babies,WHO ARE NOT FOR SALE!!, are Jolly the walrus, and Weenie, the...well, isn't it obvious? Mike gave me all of these guys. And, to his protest, I have pointed out resemblences between him and Jolly.(when he doesn't shave that is, and no Mike doesn't have tusks.)

ToO mUcH cOfEeEeE........


Wanna take your
toys and go
Wanna keep playing?
Hey! Careful with that thing!