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I am my own best friend, So I can put links to my other web sites up here. HA. It's like having my very own web ring, and only I am in it. Now, ending that elitist train of thought.....visit the other worlds in my warped little universe.

For links to some of my favorite Goth/Industrial Bands websites, click here!

Aimee's Page a friend from Columbus, formerly in the Cincinnati based Goth band ,
Rapture, who is obssessed with octopi, does some beautiful graveyard photography,
and has an excellent web page with lots of interesting and peculiar links.
A Strange Site this is a friend from school that I haven't seen for quite some time. He's really tall. Course, compared to me just about anything is. Anyhow, you can tell by his site and mine, that anyone who has attended CCAD leaves with a truly warped mind and sometimes a CHIP(munk) on their shoulder.
Autumn's Page-- another friend from school, displaying her wonderful fine art abilities. Browse through her gallery...and place an order if you like. Her art is very nature based---trees, birds, foliage, and the human figure.
A Madman-- I was looking for a page that had lots of disembodied eyeballs on it, and I found this I had to write the guy and ask if I could be his friend! :) He said I put him up here even though he could fit under either the Goth section, or the silly section. Lots of must visit. Make sure you take a pit stop at the Toilet of terror. Have fun with food the morbid way. Pick up some eyeballs for a friend. Too many body parts, so little time.
Kat's Page Yes, Kathryn who is always on the lookout for eyeballs for me has her own page now. She's off to a great start too. Check out her awesome backgrounds. Delve into her personal thoughts. Ask Morbidia if you need advice, and view some cool pictures too
Miz...the other evil twin Yes, I have a twin. No matter that we're not even from the same continent, we both share the same brain. So, visit her side of our brain when you've had enough of mine.
Steve's Blog When Steve doesn't get much sleep be blathers about all kinds of interesting things. :) And, then again, he says a lot of interesting stuff even when he has gotten sleep, but lack of sleep produces genius.
Official RIB page My pal Romell and his black and purple world of angst reside here.
A Spider's Web Visit spidergirl in her website. Don't worry, she doesn't bite too hard. A fan of Razed in Black and underground bands in general, she does some promoting in her hometown of Denver. She's got some cool band pics, poetry, rants, and other neat stuff.
Chaos Destiny My pal Andy does some wicked industrial themed comic art, as well as experimental industrial music! check out his site (built by yours truly)
Dayo Home of the prodigious synthpop queen. if you know of a band that she doesn't, then you must be on drugs. She enjoys cute bats, chocolatey wafer cookies, and corsets among other things. :)
Heather Heather is into nightmare before christmas, neo pets, and guinea pigs. She also has a passion for cheese, and occasionally will eat food with the heads still on.
Heather's Blog She blogs about everything, especially when I leave interesting magnetic poetry on the fridge. :) If you like guinea pigs, international food, polka, tom jones, or general weirdness, then you need to go here.

A Gothic page stocked with ethereal art, song lyrics, poetry, personal pics, as well as midi files you
can use on your own site! Plus a chatroom and more. Lots to keep darklings busy!

Madmartian landed in my neighborhood recently for a halloween convention,
so I made an appointment to have my eyes checked.

Gothy/Industrial Stuff

LOCATIONS If you're stuck here in Ohio, you might as well be visiting this site. Get yourself onto the e-mail lists if you want to know what's up in the local scene(or feel like getting involved in flame wars..grrrr) Links to other pages of locals, some pictures of locals, local band promoters....etc. Also, listings of shows that come through the area.
Gothic Chicago Everything you could possibly want to know about clubs, shops, people, email lists and events is here. Very organized, but maybe needing some updates here and there. A great resource for visitors.
Dark Cleveland a page for those of you who want to keep up on local events and bands, or visit some local Cleveland Goth pages. Always well maintained and current.
Guenter Schulz He remains the most mysterious of all the KMFDM members... the guy who is more likely to be behind a camera than in front of it. I found his website almost purely by accident! He's got song clips and photos up, with the promise of more to come. Please visit the website for my favorite guitarist. :)
Mick Mercer This man is old school goth defined. Aside from writing several books about Goth Culture, he has been known for his music reviews and band photography. Check out his newest book, 21st Century Goth!
Black Rose Catalog If I had the money, I'd buy all this stuff. And if my sewing machine worked, I'd sew all this stuff. Garments to drool over from thr Gothic Heartland of Britain.
Gypsy Moon Beautiful clothing in wonderfully done color, computer enhanced photos. Designs are lovely, yet simple enough for most everyday goths to wear.Renaissance-y too.
Skull T shirts images from gravestones that you can wear!!
More tights
than I have
Foottraffic has an awesome selection of fun printed, stripey and specialty tights. mmmmmmm.
Ragdoll Weave Co. This place specializes in HAIR. Extensions, falls, wigs, you name it. if they don't have a color you like, then it doesn't exist. They also carry a nice selection of affordable goggles!
Official Wicked Hair Dyeing Web Site For when you don't want to trust your half drunk friend with six fingers and who frequently convulses--with your precious head of hair. Honest and informative. You know you need this.
Vamp Lestat's
Goth Page
Club listing from all over the US, Goth pictures of all sorts(Sandman, Alt. Goth, etc.), band stuff, etc. Lots of good links too.
Gothic Net Pretty self explanatory
Music Database I found this by happy accident while trying to locate Front Line Assembly from off of the Ultimate Band List. They have everything arranged into catagories like Industrial Dance, Gothic/Darkwave, Ambient...etc. The best place to look for info on underground bands. They give labels, and records the band has done on the band listings. If you can't find someone here, then they probably are a figment of your imagination. Much easier to use than the UBL. Consider this whole site to be the rest of my band links.
Johnny The Homicidal Maniac Funny, Frightening, and more true than we sometimes care to admit, Jhonen's twisted character(alter ego?) , NNY, has many strange adventures with both blunt and sharp objects, as well as some deserving victims. Happy Noodle Boy, who is anything but happy, also is featured as well. This page will lead you to a lovely web ring so you can have your fill of torture and lack of nipples.
Deathclock Do you know when you are going to die? NO??!!! My god, what kind of goth are you???!!! You need to visit Deathclock, where you can learn the exact year, month, and day that you will meet your demise. It's fun and easy!!!
Dead People Server This page is so you can look up celebrities who are, or might be dead. (I'm sure you don't have to look up Bela Lugosi...Pete keeps reminding us how dead he is.)
happy tree friends Because sometimes cute things must die.
Corpses for Sale No, you're not blind. this page is about corpses. And yes, you can buy them...or even better....make your own. What could possibly be more homey than a corpse draped over your coffee table? Visit the corpse gallery too. Just be glad that you can't download the smell along with the pictures.
The Dreaming - Neil Gaiman Since my other link went down, I thought I'd replace it with something more official and packed with all kinds of treats, like this page for instance.
Edward Gorey All kinds of Edward Gorey goodness. :)

An Aussie run search engine for all things spooky and rusty.

Strange and Fun....stuff :)

Skull Space all kinds of skull graphics!!!
Skulls Unlimited for your skull needs
Guinness because if you can see through your beer, it's really just ice cold weasel urine.
Chartreuse Forget about Absinthe. This stuff is just as green and just as cool, though an acquired taste.
Chocolate in Cleveland If you live in Cleveland, then you know the JOY of Malley's. :) If not, then visit the site and drool over our most noted candy and ice cream shop.
Pez the original vampiric candy!
Marshmellow Peeps This is the official page for peeps....and in many ways it's just as scary as the above page. Click on the peep links and they move, or dance. Be sure to read the recipe and crafts (crafts??!!!) section.
Peep research Easter may well terrify you after you visit this page. Yes, this page presents a scientific study of peeps---those little marshmellow birds with the vacant stare. Be sure to visit the links as well---you'll find peep picture galleries, other peep sadists, and twinkie torture as well. Hope you're not hungry......
Virtual Crack Just say yes to virtual crack! There's nothing like saying you care than with a bag full of crack rocks.
Stickman Death Theatre If you have a peculiar liking for cartoon maiming, then you have to go here. A few cartoons spawned hundreds. I had trouble deciding whether to put this one in the gothy stuff or in the silly section. it's gruesome, stupid, and you will love it.
Red Meat like those Cartoons in the Free Times. You can just read the titles and be amused. Don't pass this one up. Horrendously funny.
Aardman Animations home of Wallace and Gromit, as well as many other disturbing and amusing claymation creations. "Crackin' toast Gromit!"
Archie McPhee If I could have everything that was in their toy box! If you need gargoyles, things that glow, eyeballs, plastic bugs, or feel the need to make brain shaped jello, visit them. Definitely a fun place, the site encompasses their Seattle store and catalog.
Ninjas! This site is about ninjas. Yeah, really, it is! ;)

If you just can't hack all those other religions, maybe you need to check this one out.

Sexy Asian Prince I really don't know if this guy is for real or not. I'm not sure I want to know. But I will say that he has one of the largest mullets I've ever seen. It's a train wreck. Go look.
An anti-goth page You know, of all the people to be fooled by a fake would be me wouldn't it. The page is funny, none the less. Ya think I'd learn, wouldn't you?
Crow movie Pages I must say I get sick of having to redo my crow links every time I update. Let's hope this one sticks around for a bit, shall we?
Snails Cute cartoons and snail art, plus color pics of huggable mollusks. The same person who did the Snail-O-rama from before!!
More Snails More snail art. YAY!
Llamas of Atlanta They're fuzzy, cute, and they wear tassles. And they always have those dopey smiles. That's why I Llove them.
Official Monopoly website Because I'm addicted to this game. Deal with it.
The Cleveland Art Museum Site I've always loved this place. They have wonderful collections of ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Medieval, and Eastern art, as well as examples from our pals Vincent, Pablo, Eduard, and Edgar. If you can't go there for real, this is the next best thing. They always have info on current and past exhibits.
Metropolitan Museum of Art I've never actually been here, but I have a friend who went and brought me back a shirt with William, the blue hippo, on it. She told me the place was huge...with reconstructions of things like Egyptian temples inside, and massive collections of Art. For now, this is a great way to visit.


An entire page devoted to the life and times of an 18th dynasty princess, and the mystery of her disapperance. (King Tut's wife for those of you who are wondering) Very complete and colorful reading.

The second link is a very cool site by a 17 yr old girl who like me when I was younger, was fascinated with King Tut's queen and her life and times. :) Very cool. Check it out.

Voyager Tarot Deck I own this tarot's a gorgeous thing. the online pics really don't do it justice. It's a very good deck also, using lots of symbolism that makes the readings very personal. Go read your card for today!
Chakra Quiz Are your chakras open? What are chakras? This test is a fun way to find out about your own personal energy flows!
Aura Color Test What color is your life aura? You can find out through this test, plus you can learn a bit about your aura type! Fun and informative.


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