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Like it or not is now my "about me" kind of page. I have all kinds of stuff on here, personal lists, quotes from friends, hangouts, reasons why you should hide your children from me, etc. Still updating this whole mess. Enjoy the craziness and the changes!

Strange Quotes
Stuff I Hate
Cool famous people who are aquarians (like me)

I will warn you now that my absolute favorite band is
RAZED IN BLACK/Transmutator
GO to my fan site for RIB

The picture to the left is of Romell Regulacion of Razed IN Black. He's a good friend and a talented artist. Anyone who is unfamiliar with this band, GET FAMILIAR. His music can be described as infectiously danceable, the style somewhere between coldwave (industrial dance with guitars), trance and drum n bass. His vocals are "reznor-esque" in nature, and he can go from a full blown scream to a melodic lilt like no one else I know. He's a sweet guy at heart and a formidable musician. Check out my list of fav songs below. :)

What's fair
Future Unknown
I've Suffered Long Enough

Disintegration cover
Assimilate cover

Never Meant
Better Off
White Skin cover
1999 cover
A New Dress cover

Drug Against War (cover)
Sin (NIN cover)
Feel Me

Oh heck. as long as I'm at this....FAVORITE CURE SONGS

Short Term Effect
Twillight Garden

Charlotte Sometimes
To Wish Impossible Things
More Than This

Famous Aquarians

Ok, so maybe this is an odd thing to have up here, cuz unless you're an aquarian you're not going to care as much. I just happen to be particularly proud of my sign, and I wanted to find a list of well known people who I can relate to on that level. So, what are aquarians like? Well, reading a newspaper horoscope only gives you a very broad, general idea. Having parents who did astrology for a living for a bit, I learned that even in a specific sign there is always variation. The precise time and place you were born is important and is part of a complicated set of variables that determine who "you" are. So, just because I'm an aquarius doesn't mean I'd behave the same way as someone else who also is, but there will be some similar traits that we have in common. I know enough about astrology to be able to tell if someone may be one sign or another, but beyond that it's to scientific for me. So, that said, here's the list of cool people who also were born under my sign, and a short general description of the characteristics we may show:
AQUARIUS: Eccentric, artistic, revolutionary, moody, spiritual, innovative, friendly,
unconventional, rebellious, loyal, imaginative, tolerant, stubborn, shy, idealistic, intense.
Lord Byron
Edouard Manet
Wolfgang Mozart
Lewis Carroll
Franklin D Roosevelt
Alice Cooper
Charles Dickens
Gypsy Rose Lee
Lana Turner
James Dean
Minnie Driver
Sarah Mc Lachlan
Jackson Pollock
David Lynch
Thomas Edison
Guenter Schulz (of KMFDM and Slick Idiot)

Stuff I Hate


Strange Quotes

"Gothlings sit around and cry because they have nothing to be depressed about."----Trina
" Be you own hamster"----Autumn
" You are my squeaky love fungus."--fungus lover
"Can I watch?"--Ken
"It's all sparkly!"--Bethany
"Gourds Must Predominate"--Anon.
"Behold the power of cheese!"--those cheese commercials
"What's that blue thing doing here?"--They Might Be Giants
"...I think so Brain, but how are we going to get the Spice Girls into the paella?"--Pinky
"crusty botch of nature"--Shakespearean insult
"PEEP!"--the beefy peep
"MMmm, Grunge blood."--Ken
"The rats are saying it!"--a former teacher
"Cause I'm big enough, I'm mean enough, and gosh darn it, people fear me."--Jon
"The puppy has grown up. He is now the Lone Wolf"--sugar boy
"What is this shit?"--John the rivethead
"I believe in peace, bitch."--Tori
"I aM FOllOwIng my fiShie!"--Delirium
"Brave Sir Robin ran away, bravely ran away, away..."--M Python, Holy Grail.
"Behold my gothy footy foot foots!"--Happy Noodle Boy
" turtles, the grapefruit is winning.."--Tori
"must dance,mustdance...."--Ann Gwish
"I think I need a bigger box"--Taco Bell Dog
"That was my favorite thumb!"--Mafia
"You'll pee fire!"--J. Vazquez
"I will exfoliate your eyeballs with household toilet screws!"--me
"My hovercraft is full of eels." --M. Python
" I fear the flippy tab!"--Mike
"I squish it between my toes and i still can't believe it's not butter!!"--tongue guy
"Prepare to be spontaneous!"--Mike
"I have no nipples!!!"--Happy Noodle Boy
"You are kneeding my skull like a muffin!"--fungus muffin
"He's soft, like a black velvet butt."--Ginger
"When everything's meant to be tacos, I just want you to know it's pizza."--someone who needs more sleep
"Everything is so beige in here...--" someone who really hates beige
"I don't have a train of thought, I have bumper cars of thought"--Kelly/Orie
"Show them what Goths can do to their asses!!!!"--the doorman
"In Cleveland, they bob their heads."--lead singer of Hate Dept
"Harness the stupidity!"---Di
"Real Alien Look and Feel!!"--alien package
"Behold my dark army of zoinky crack babies!"--Happynoodle boy/with an Australian accent--Mikey
"You're the sticky pigeon!"--a shoemoose
"C'mon down and smell ma sponge!"--Joanna
"Stitching is poo."--Mikey
"I have a slug in my head, and sometimes it mates with itself."--me
"MONKEY!!!!!!" (repeat several times for necessary effect)---Tess
"Because handcuffs leave marks in wood."--Jeff
"I am the Ghost of Buttroast."--a former roast
"It's not a turn on."-Di
"POOP is just PEEP with an OO."--Mikey


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