Something Wicked

Part 3: Trust is Given

"A dead woman walks out of a morgue and starts hacking people's heads off. Yeah, I would definitely say bizarre is a good word." -Richie Ryan

"Just so weíre clear, you guys know youíre nuts, right?" -David "Oz" Oswald

The place was empty, or at least it was in the day light hours, the bar that Joe Dawson had formerly owned in Seacover was bought by a retired baseball player. The middle aged man met a slight problem, he passed on and his third wife was selling the place to the highest bidder. The bar had set empty for six years and was leaching tax money from the widow, she now sold it to the lowest bidder. That bidder was a young woman of about her mid twenties and a body to that most middle to upper class women would die for. Her long black hair was up in a large bun and the black pin stripe suit was sharply cut, and spotless.

That had been a month ago and now the place was up and running, it had been returned to what Joeís had much been like seven years ago. There were some exceptions, literary antiques were displayed, as well as the swords and various antique weapons were for sale. Shealti had given the bar the feeling of a well to do home more than a bar.

The older man leaning heavily on the cane with the buzz cut that he had let grow out was gray peppered with black. His blue eyes traveling over the interior with a few steps away from the young woman. Joe Dawson was the first person to lay eyes on the new look. He stood silent for a moment walking with the cane as he turned to look at the full interior of the bar.

"Come on Dawson," Shea arched her brow "tell me what you think?"

"Its different," he tapped his cane against one of the arm chairs near the window. "It reminds me of a house more than a bar." he looked around. "I suppose that the ĎSword and Bookí is a pointed name after the decor." he sat in one of the old over stuffed chairs "However, it has distinct advantages."

"Better than what the Old Man remarked," Shea took the seat across from the grizzled older looking man. "said it reminded him of an alumni club at Harvard."

The front door was thrown open and in walked a tall woman followed by one of the barís managers. She knew this woman was no immortal, but there was the feeling in the back of her mind that was just too familiar. The Detective was about her height, fair complexion and a pair of jade green eyes that set off her auburn hair. The womanís stance was that not unlike Sheaís own, she was a fighter and a damn good one. It was almost like looking in an mirror that showed her what she could have looked like.

"Look Detective this is a private party for Ms. Venchennizi and you had better have a good reason for being here." one of the managers was trailing behind the auburn haired woman. "Iím sorry Shea, she flashed her badge and barged in."

Shea had cast a look at Joe who just shrugged. "Its all right Mark," she eyed the woman and smiled. A familiar feeling came over the young woman as she rose to her full height. "Can I help you Detective-"

The other woman flashed her badge "Pezzini, Sarah Pezzini. Iím a Detective with the NYPD. I came here looking for you."

"Any particular reason?" Shea smirked.

"You have a book that you recently acquired in your collection that Iím very interested in." Sarah ran her right hand through her hair the Witchblade was revealed for a split second.

Shea caught the silver like glint of the bracelet immediately feeling the surge of energy the two women were on another plane. Shea dressed in her leather pants, knee high boots and the leather bra like top, her hair back out of her face, sword in hand. Pezzini in the full armor of the Witchblade. Pezzini looked like she was frightened but after a moment relaxed.

"Who are you?" Sara asked.

"In this life time?" Shea shook her head. "Shea Venchennizi, but youíll know me as Shealti. Not ringing a bell?" Shea rolled her eyes. "Youíve had the Percuilium, Irons didnít mention me did he?" Sarah shook her head. " Justicar?"

"Youíre the one in the prophecy?" Sarah look surprised. "Your so young, I was expecting someone older."

"Things arenít what they seem." Shea smiled. "I am old."

The blade caused Sarah to look at the other womanís hand. There were the two interlaced circles of scar tissue. "Why, how, I have so many questions."

"Trust me, I was once where you are, relax I donít want it back." Shea paused for a moment. "How do you think I became the Justicar?" Shea smiled rising and walking into the shadows.

"Wait!" Sarah cried just as they were pulled into the present.

The two women stood still staring each other down, Joe looked at them both. Not sure what was happening. Both looked like they were relaxed, but the intensity of the gaze was enough to begin to raise his suspicions. Something was going on unseen and from what Edgar once told him about the ancient woman, that it occurred once in a while. Shea had learned to see beyond what could be seen sometimes she saw thing that he could barely catch. He waited and watched, reverting back to his Watcher directives.

Shea smiled and ushered the detective into her office in the back, the two women eyed each other for the second time. Sarah was studying Shea a bit closer now. They talked as Shea answered some of the questions that Sarah had. It was not long before the sound of the party outside began to become louder and filter in.

"Did that just happen?" Sarah asked looking into the blue-violet eyes of the woman across from her.

"We both know it did." Shea was calm about it. "Its been a while since Iíve been in that plane." she leaned on the desk. "I donít have the book yet, Owsynís flight came in early this morning and Iím expecting her to come in this evening. Your more than welcome to stay here until she comes in."

"Thank you." Sarah nodded. "I was wondering," Sarah paused eyeing the young woman "You said you were old. How old are you?" Sarah smiled.

"Letís leave it at old, for now." Shea smiled.

The door to her office opened and Owsyn waked in, both Shea and Sarah turned and looked at the young woman. Owsynís eyes fell on Sarah and her eyes widened looking at Shea for and explanation. Shea gestured for Owsyn to have a seat, she explained that Sarah indeed knew about Somarisís prophecy. Shea also explained that the detective had a role in the oddity that was the prophecy. The young Watcher looked slightly relived, but still was reluctant to hand over the book. Relenting after Shea asked to see it she pulled it from her bag.

"Shea," Mark spoke knocking as he entered. "There are a few people asking for you, Adam and Duncan for two." he smiled. "Sorry Detective, no hard feelings?" He extended his hand to Sarah.

"Itís alright," she smiled shaking his hand. "weíre both trying to do a job."

"Shea!" a familiar British accented voice called out. "Come on."

Shea was the last one out of the office as she closed and locked the door she saw that a great number of her close friends were in the small bar. Talking with Joe Dawson was a tall man who was about six feet tall, dark brown hair that appeared to be black. Dressed in what looked to be designer clothes. His smiling face was turned seeing her emerge form the office. The second man was dressed in a black cotton tee shirt and a black cable knit sweater, blue jeans and a pair of hiking boots. His dark hair was cut in a buzz cut that grown out and haphazardly spiked with gel. The most predominate feature on the second manís face was his nose.

Greeting Duncan with a sideways embrace, and Methos with an embrace. Some of them knew Owsyn and treated her much the same as they did Shea. Shea introduced them to Sarah explaining that she was a new friend and that they had "went way back". All together not a lie, they had when she first walked into the bar. Duncan introduced Faith, his wife, to Shea and Owsyn. A young man walked in, his dishwater blonde hair had been shaved and grew out. His blue eyes revealed how young he really was. Dressed in a pair of black leather pants and plain black cotton tee shirt. A black leather coat hung loosely on his frame.

Richie soon followed, introductions were made several times as the crowd grew. There was one figure that had caught Sheaís eye. The figure was just out of the corner of her eye.

He was of average height, still on the tall side by todayís standards. He was dressed in a dark blue dress shirt and dark blue denim jeans that were a bit long on him. He had long curly blonde hair that fell to his shoulders and black leather choker with what looked like a Greek symbol. The black leather bracelet on his left wrist along with his watch. He looked more like a surfer than what most thought of as a Immortal. Yet there he was, with a buzz and what looked like a black trench coat hiding a sword of some sort.

Shea could have sworn that this could have been one of her husbands, Methos pulled her aside. He mentioned that they had an old mutual friend that would be showing up tonight. Shea began to feel the adrenaline surge. Surely Methos wouldnít invite some one who was going to challenge her. Looking for the blonde figure again in the crowd, spotting him she began to make her way through the crowd. Grabbing his upper arm she spun him around.

"Shea," he whispered "I can explain, really." he held up both hands "The biggest hydra youíve ever seen just-" he trailed off he arched a brow as she seemed interested. "Not buying it?"

"Have I ever?" Shealti smiled "Come on Iolaus, when have I ever bought the whole "biggest" story?"

"Honestly?" he smiled "once, but that had nothing to do with a hydra or a fish for that matter." his boyish grin turned devilish. "Besides its Hercís fault that I never got home. He had to go to Sumeria and then Egypt, dragging me along when Jason didnít want to go."

"Uh huh," Shea nodded "That sounds more like it."

"So Iím off the hook?" he arched his brow.

"Not quite Curly," Shea reached out and tousled his hair. "I want to hear the whole story, but Iíve got something cooking on the back burner so to speak." she held up her hand. "Its big, only gonna get bigger. Iíll give you the cliff notes version once we empty out the bar."

"Okay," he caught her hand pulling it closer to his chest. "Iím willing to go along, Iíll give you the cliff notes of where Iíve been for the past thousand."

"Just like old times." Shea winked.

Duncan saw the blonde young man that Shea was peaking with, he watched how comfortable the two were with each other and looked at Methos. Nudging the elder Immortal and nodding with his head, Methos grinned and clammed up.

"Come on Methos," Duncan pleaded after five minuets of the silent treatment. "Who is he? You know donít you?"

"I do." Methos said after setting the beer down.

"Heís Sheaís other Immortal husband." Owsyn smiled. "Iolaus, the one that traveled with Hercules and Jason of the Argonauts."

"I thought Hercules was a myth." Richie smiled.

"You do know that Methosís name is originated from the Greek word Mythos which means Myth, right?" Owsyn furrowed her brow at Richie.

"Thatís what we have you here for." Richie grinned. "So heís a myth," Richie looked down at Shea and Iolaus. "Big deal, what does she see in him?" a hint of jealously in the young Immortalís voice.

"Something Iíve been wondering for a thousand years or so." Methos smirked. "They are so different." He turned to look at Duncan "You heard about the prophecy?" he looked at Duncan.

"Owsyn was telling me." Duncan shook his head. "Iím not going to even stay."

"Come on Mac," Richie cast him a look. "youíve been in on the last one."

"Yeah," Duncan sighed. "So were you, and see how well that turned out." he finished his scotch and turned. "Iíve had enough of prophecies, think Iím going to bow out." he looked down and smiled. "Iíll see you all again." he embraced Richie. "Bye kid."

"Bye Mac." he patted the Highlander on the back. "Give me a call sometime."

"I will." Duncan smiled. "Joe," he threw an arm around the watcher. "Iíll see you back in New York."

"All right MacLeod," Joe smiled. "I expect to be caught up when I get back."

"Methos," Duncan embraced the older Immortal. "Good luck."

"Yes Mother hen." Methos patted Duncan on the back.

The hour was late and Shea looked around to see that everyone was here that was going to be here. She headed into her office and retrieved the journal, Owsyn stopping just inside the door. She hesitated and then spoke.

"Shea," she approached this carefully. "who is the one to be feared and dreaded?" Owsyn looked nervous.

"Donít know," Shea smiled. "Whatever it is its gonna be big, ugly, and hard to kill. Time comes stay back, you observe record and donĎt interfere, got it."

"Yeah, Iíll go with you as far as you need me to go." Owsyn smiled.

Shea nodded and put her arm around the young womanís shoulders. The two walked out to see the people left in the bar. Sarah, Iolaus, Richie and Methos they sat at the bar. Owsyn took her seat next to Richie and eyed her soda.

"We all know why weíre here." Shea began. "Things from here on out are going to get ugly and difficult." She cast a look at Sarah. "You all going to see things that you might not want to believe exist. Trust me these things do exist."

"Shea," Richieís brow rose. "You want to get specific on what these things are?"

"Not yet. Iíll wait for you to see what Iím talking about with your own eyes." Shea smirked. "Sarah isnít exactly an old friend, but she and her wielder are going to play a part in this."

"Wielder?" Iolaus asked. " Isnít that what Thai called me, the sacred duty thing." he motioned. "Iím supposed to protect the wearer of the Witchblade."

"Wait," Methos held up his hand. "You mean to tell me that cursed blade actually exists?"

"Yeah," Sarah showed him the bracelet around her right wrist.

"Delusional cops?" Richie smirked.

Sarah in a flash of a eye was on Richie before the young man had time to draw his foil, the metal bladeís sharp point in his neck. Shea smirked, as Richie looked petrified. Sarah held it there until he apologized, the blade withdrew upon itself in the blink of an eye.

"And you guys think Iíve got an itchy sword hand." Shea chuckled lightly. "I wouldnít piss her off, again. She does know about us."

"Great," Methos smirked. "Another mortal to keep our secret."

"I made a deal with Shea," Sarah spoke up. "Iíll keep yours, if youíll keep mine."

"Okay weíve been cryptic enough." Owsyn shot a look at Methos. "Now, you want me to tell them about the prophecy?"

Shea nodded and Owsyn explained that the history behind the journal and what exactly had been seen by Somaris. Owsyn took her time explaining the prophecy and all its details. There were several empty cups and bottles in front of them. The journal sat before all of them, a woodcut of the triptych Witchblade and its wielder, the young woman armed only with a wooden stake and in the center was a woman that held only the sword.

"From what I can translate of the journal, its mostly about this demon like thing. This thing is supposed to rise to power on the Eve of the Killing Moon. Donít bother looking it up, its not on any modern calendar. Its on a Arcadian calendar, this is a week from now on the Mouth of Hell. Apparently there are the three Amazons who can stop this demon from rising. Somaris saw them, as the Wiccablade, the Slayer, and the Justicer or the Justicarus."

"The Justicar, the Slayer and the Witchblade." Sarah muttered.

"Right," Owsyn smiled. "Somaris said that they would each rise from ashes of themselves and face down the unspeakable."

"Again with the vagueness." Methos chuckled. "Thereís something new."

"So who wins?" Richie asked his brow rising.

"Somaris never finished this journal," Owsyn flipped to the very last page of the journal. The medieval calligraphy just stopped mid word. "I would register a guess that he was interrupted by another vision, one that killed him." Owsyn shook her head. "He does mention on the second to last page that the Justicarus would be the key to defeating the unspeakable."

"Its always been about you hasnít it?" Iolaus grinned at her.

"I donít even know who or what the slayer is, let alone what the hell the unspeakable is and Iíve got to stop it?" the ancient wondered aloud.

"Thatís what it says." Owsyn looked at her Immortal.

Shea looked around the room all of the people looking at her. She had brought them here form this and now they expected her to have the answers. How to find the Slayer, and what to do after that. Best bet would be to start to look for the Slayer and then go from there. Rising from her seat at the table she began to head for her office.

"Shea?" Iolaus asked trailing behind her. "Where are you going?"

"To do some research." She smirked "On the Slayer."

"You wonít find much." Sarah spoke up. "I only found a page on her, the very basics."

"Spill," Shea faced Sarah "Whatís to tell?"

"She is a young girl, the only one that has the strength and skill to hunt the forces of evil."

"Think she knows sheís got some co-workers?" Shea hinted at Sarah and herself. "Iíll see what I can find."

"I didnít find very much." Sarah offered the retreating form.

"Shea has a habit of finding things that canít be found." Methos smirked.

Hours after she had entered the office, Shealti emerged with a rheum of printed paper. Owsyn was curious slipping into the office she found that zip disk that held a hacking program and the screen was now blank and empty, no traces of anything illegal. She turned to see Shealti return to her seat sitting between Methos and Iolaus she began a discussion in Greek then it suddenly switched to English.

"What do you mean another type of Watcher?" Methos looked a bit upset.

"Other Watchers?" Richie and Owsyn spoke up. Owsyn spoke next "What do they do? Watch Immortals?"

"No, they watch the Slayer," Iolaus looked at the underlined passage on the print out. "Guide her training and assist in her hunts. And from what this says there are three Slayers active, something that has never happened before." he glanced at Shealti. "Thereís only supposed to be one Slayer at a time, and the current Slayer must die to activate the next."

"Any explanation on how that happens and they have three now?" Sarah raised a brow. "Not many people can come back from the dead."

"The current Slayer, Buffy Summers fought the Master, a big powerful vampire. He drowned her but she was revived by a few friends of hers. This activated another Slayer Kendra Bieutu, who died at the hands of another vampire, this activated Faith who killed one man and is serving time in the Los Angels County Jail System. Her incarceration activated the next Slayer, Xi Chung in Thailand. Buffy has rejected the guidance of the Council, but still does her duty as Slayer." Owsyn read from the paper in Iolausís hands.

"Where do we find this Slayer Chick at?" Richie asked.

"Small town two hours north of L.A., called Sunnydale." Shea held up a single sheet of paper. "I did some digging into the history of this town, Sunnydale is a cover for what the Spanish explorers named it."

"Whatís the name?" Methos asked.

"Boca del Inferno." Shea licked her lips. "The mouth of Hell."

"Letís go," Richie rose to his feet. He turned when he found no one following him. "What?"

"You think sheís gonna go for this whole thing?" Shea asked. "Sheís gonna buy into the fact that weíre supposed to face down this big ugly thing and that Iím really old and very skilled," she pointed at Sarah "Or that she wilds a mystical weapon and that together we form the Supernatural Justice League?"

"Okay so itís a bit of a stretch." Owsyn smiled. "Sheís faced evil, vampire and demons, think she might be able to swallow a bit of this."

"Except that Sheaís and Ancient immortal that is pre ordained to kick this unspeakable ass." Iolaus smirked.

"Weíll see if sheíll take us on our word." Shea ran a hand through her hair.

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