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Lyrics by Carlos Santana & Dave Mathews

Richie pushed the CD tray closed on his stereo as he read his favorite book. The newest Santana CD with various artists, he closed the book and just listend as the song faded and he waited for the next song to come. Dave Mathews smooth but gravely voice began.

Where you are thatís where I want to be

And through your eyes, all the things I want to see

His mind went to Rowenaís e-mail, she was all the things he wanted and needed. She was independant, careful, intellegent, witty and beautiful. He shifted his postion on the bed.

And in the night, you are my dream

Your everything to me

Richie hadnít really thought about anything since he got back from break at Eallís house. Rowena had been on his mind with every other thought.

Youíre the love of my life

And the breath in my prayers

Maybe this is what Mac first felt for Tessa, he wished Mac was here so he could ask. Richie realized that he needed tp stop running to Mac, but with Rowena, she brought the emotions that he wasnít sure he was capeable of.

Take my hand, lead me there

What I need is you here.

He should have kissed her, he saw it, the opertunity to, but didnít because he wasnít sure of her feelings, he had his heart broken too many times, he thought he was saving himself pain, but now all he had done was cause it.

I canít foreget when we are one.

From your lips, heaven pours out

When they had fought they complemented each otherís actions. It was like she knew what he was thinking and just did it. She was like an extension, the missing peice to him.

I canít foreget when we are one

With you alone, I am free

They had been alone quite a bit before he left, heíd opened up to her told her things that only she could understand. The childhood of knowing you came fore two people who you knew youíd never know, Rowena had understood where otherís couldnít.

Everyday, everynight, you alone

Youíre the love of my life

Was she, was Rowena his Gina so to speak, was he her Robert? Could they be together like that, or would they end up fifty years down the road going in opposite roads? There was only one way to find out, but that was way ahead of them.

We go dancing in the moonlight

With the starlight in your eyes

Richie had to admit that he was glad they had danced the night at the cafe. He could still fell her near as though she was really there.

We go dancing till the sunrise

You and me were gonna dance, dance, dance

And they had danced way past that, everyone had gone back to the house. He smiled at the memory, he couldnít wait until summer break.