Methos' cell phone chirped from his jacket pocket, setting the beer down on the bar, he pulled it out and lifted it to his ear. He rose and headed for the back room hoping to hear the other person better.

"Pierson, go." he leaned back on the table.

"Adam," a rather excited voice answered." its Blair, listen, your friend Katherine is a suspect."

"What?" Adam laughed. "You're a funny man Sandburg."

"Look man," Blair's voice took on a serious tone. "she's been spotted fighting with another man, with a sword."

"All right, I'll see if I can get her to come in." Adam rolled his eyes trying to imagine how the Old Woman had managed to go looking for the suspect and then became one.

Shealti pulled up at Joe's and made her way around the back, spotting the back door open she entered it and made her way into the storage room. Feeling the buzz she looked up to find Methos on his cell phone. He looked over and held a finger up to his lips. Shealti nodded and made he way over to him, listening to not only his side of the conversation, but her vampiric hearing picking up on the other voice. It was Sandburg, she silently kicked herself.

"Blair, relax. I've know Connally for a long time, she's not a suspect."

"I know she's not, but Jim saw her."

Shealti's brow rose a bit mouthing the word "What?" at Methos, Ellison had seen her in the almost pitch black where house. How? No normal mortal cop could have seen her that well at his distance. No wonder he had chased her up the stairs and across three roof tops. However, that did not explain how Jim Ellison could have seen her. Methos mouthed he would explain later.

"Okay look," Methos began "Ask Jim if I bring her in, of her own free will would he consider that an act of good faith."

"Hang on," Blair shifted the phone and Methos heard some mumbling, "He'll do it."

"I'm on my way right now." Methos hit the end button.

Putting the phone back in his pocket he smiled at her.

"You want to explain how Ellison saw me in a pitch black where house, over fifteen feet away?" Shealti crossed her arms.

"Ellison is a Sentinel." Methos said simply.

"A what?" Shealti asked not sure she heard him right.

"A Sentinel, the kind that have super-"

"I know what they are, Old Man," Shealti sighed. "it would explain a lot."

"How did you manage to become a suspect?"

"I found the psychopath," she rolled her eyes "I tried to talk to him, he's not even an Immortal. The kid's parents were killed by an Immortal, he taken it upon himself to wipe us all out. We're were in the middle of fighting when Sandburg and Ellison came in."

"Great," Methos shook his head "You have an alibi for last night from twelve until this morning."

"Who? Duncan?" she raised a brow. "How does he know I didn't slip out this morning at four?"

"Not MacLeod," he smiled. "I was thinking of some one a bit older." his smiled widened.

"You slept in the bed with me last night?" her eyes went wide. "Listen, I was tired but I'm not that dead." she poked him in the chest with her index finger.

"I slept in there," Methos grinned "but I was a good boy, I didn't lay a hand on you."

Simon was pacing in his office, awaiting Connally. Blair and Jim sitting in his office, both looking like they wanted to say something. Simon was about to talk some things over with them, when they hear whistling and a few cat calls, looking out the window they saw Connally and Pierson. All three men moved for the door heading out.

Blair had got a good look at Connally before, but he had a better look now. Her frame was covered in black leather. The combat boots, the pants were tight showing off the curves of her hips. Her milky mid drift was exposed showing off her trim abdomen. The black leather vest covering her chest to her mid drift, also exposing her neck. Her unruly red hair was free and loose. She wore a black leather duster that went to her ankles. Jim shot him a look and Blair stopped taking in her form.

Connally was leaning on the front desk, speaking with the officer who happened to be behind the desk. Jim shook his head at the officer chatting it up with her.

"Detective Ellison," she smiled "so nice to see you again this evening."

Jim knew it had been pitch black in the where house, how had Connally seen him at that distance? Could she be a Sentinel? Jim glanced back at Sandburg hoping his Guide had not been talking too much.

"I would say it was a pleasure, but considering your a suspect-"

"Alleged," She corrected him "self defense."

"Let's talk this over somewhere else."Simon intervened.

Adam waited in the squad room at Jim's desk. Simon sat down at the table across from Connally, Blair sat in the third chair. That left Jim standing, or in his case leaning against the file cabinet, and Connally in the last chair.

"You are aware that you can have an attorney present?" Simon looked at the passport.

"Yes, Captain Banks, I am aware, and I'm waving my rights to my attorney. I have nothing to hide." she sat there calmly.

"Where were you last night at midnight?" Jim asked his cold blue eyes set on her violet ones.

"I was at Joe's Blues Bar in Seacover." she was calm, no excellerated heart beat, which meant that she was telling the truth.

"What about Tuesday night, same time?" Jim pressed.

"I was on a seventeen hour flight from Sloang, it was delayed then highjacked and forced to Sydney."

"What were you doing at the where house tonight?" Simon asked, giving a glance at Jim.

"I was looking around and I found the kid, he was on me before I had a chance to react, I grabbed the nearest thing I could lay my hands on." She reached inside her coat pulling out a two foot iron pipe about an inch in diameter, laying it on the table in front of them.

"Well that should be a nice explanation," Jim said pressing harder "But doesn't explain why you fled."

"I was afraid for my life, I figured that I was gonna die anyway." she looked into his blue eyes. "Let me ask you a question, Detective, how long have you been a Sentinel?"

How did she know he was a Sentinel? There was only one logical explanation, Blair had slipped and told someone he trusted. Who? Connally didn't know most of their circle. She did have that friend he met at the university, what was his name? Pierson. He would bet this weeks wages that Sandburg had told Pierson, then told Connally.

"Excuse me?" Jim asked playing innocent.

"There is no way you could have made a positive i.d. on me at that distance, in that amount of light, unless your a Sentinel."

"How did you know it was me?" Jim turned the tables on her. "There was no way you could have made the i.d. either, care to tell me how you did that?"

"Call it a hunch." she smirked enjoying herself.

"More than a hunch," Jim crossed his arms across his chest. "When I saw you, you immediately recognized me, how?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." she let the small smile that had formed slip off her face.

"Why?" Blair asked his curiosity was peaked. "Trust me we believe in some strange stuff." Blair cast his blue eyes at Jim and Simon.

"All right detective," she glanced at Jim "you admit your a Sentinel and I'll tell you a secret."

"Okay so I'm a Sentinel." Jim spoke so casually.

"Take your pick, secret number one, or secret number two."

Simon wasn't sure he wanted know either of this woman's secrets. There was an aire of mystery and danger around her. Somehow now that he had met her Simon was more willing to believe the previous charges about her. He hadn't put his finger on it yet, but he might find out in a few seconds. Casting his brown eyes at Jim who was rolling his eyes, Simon looked at Sandburg.

Blair wasn't sure who was going to speak first, but if someone wasn't going to do soon, he was. The suspense was killing him, she had two secrets and she was going to spill one of them. Looking at Simon then at Jim, he was going to be the designated speaker.

Shealti looked at the three men in front of her. Blair was anxious, she could see it in his body language. Jim looked like he was bored out of his mind, that she couldn't have an secrets that he might slightly interested in. Banks looked unsure, like he did not want to know either secret she was about to tell them.

"Sandburg, you have better luck than either of us, you choose." Banks nodded in Connally's direction.

"Okay," Blair looked at her. "Two."

Shealti sighed the big secret. "All right you asked for it," she smiled. "the big one."

"Big one?" Blair looked nervous.

"I'm an Immortal, we live forever, never get sick, we can not die unless another of my kind takes my head." she paused about to give them a moment to take it in when she saw Blair about to protest. "Don't believe me?" she raised a red eyebrow. "I don't blame you." she smiled. " Any of you gentlemen have a pocket knife?"

"Why?" Ellison asked immediately suspicious.

"Here," Simon pulled at small knife out of his pocket and slid it down the table to her.

"Are you out of your mind?" Jim glanced at his Captain.

"Jim, what's she gonna do in a police station?" Blair turned to his friend.

Shealti unfolded the knife very carefully. "Nice knife," she smiled at Banks "antique piece. Whatever you see me do, do not, I repeat do not call an ambulance."

"Why, what are you going to-" coming stopped himself putting two and two together. "Your not going to do what I think your going to do are you?"

"Yeah," she smiled toying with the blade. "Captain Banks, I reassure you that you will get your knife back. While I'm gone, would one of you check for a pulse?"

Jim nodded, he couldn't believe Simon had furnished her with his pocket knife, or that Simon and Sandburg were willing to buy this whole thing about her Immortality. Connally pointed the blade toward her chest and he watched her plunge it into her chest.

Shealti knew it would hurt like hell, but she still did it, it was the only way that she would be able to convince them. She felt the blood oozing around the blade. Banks looked shocked, and Blair looked horrified. Jim was watching her very carefully, more than likely making sure that this wasn't a trick. She felt her life slipping away from her grasp, her breathing becoming more difficult, heart rate slowing. She began to slipping in the chair, just stumping slightly. Her lungs wanting to expand, but there was no air for them to exchange. She felt her eyes roll back in her head and the final peace come.

Blair had just watched a beautiful woman just end her life in front of him, his first instinct was to call county rescue. She had asked them not to do that. Why? What did she fear. He looked at Jim who had nodded.

"Oh my God," Simon said putting his hand to his head "what did I do?"

"You didn't do anything Simon," Jim looked at Simon. "she chose to end her life." Jim gave a glance to the young woman.

"Jim, she just committed suicide!" Blair rose out of the chair his eyes wide.

Jim was about to say something when his hearing picked up on a lub-dub, it was faint, then getting stronger and faster. Looking at Simon then at Blair his jaw dropped listening, Ellison heard the air rushing into her lungs. Blair and Simon heard the sudden intake of breath and saw her eyes open suddenly.

"What the hell?" Jim muttered to himself.

Shealti violet eyes began taking in the surroundings of the small conference room and the three men standing in it. She then remembered the police station, the knife still in her chest. Giving a quick tug on the handle she removed it.

Jim's eyes narrowed and he focused on the wound, it began to close, small blue arcs of lightning. It healed quickly, no scar tissue formed. It was like the wound had never happened.

"You said she was dead!" Blair's voice raised.

"She was," Jim said looking at her. "longer than the clinical definition."

"How is she alive again?" Simon asked.

"I guess Captain," Jim smiled "she's telling the truth, would you care to continue this trend?" he looked over at her. "You didn't have a metal pipe in hand, that looked like a sword."

"That's because it was," she pulled the Locksley out, flipping it over the back of her hand "Immortals fight until the death with swords. We have to take our opponents head."

"Why?" Blair asked. "Is it a ritual?"

"No, we take our enemy's head because of the Quickening, its the memories and emotions of every Immortal that has fallen to the victor."

"Whoa," Blair looked at her " so how old are you?"

"I'm the oldest that I know of, " she placed the Locksley on the table.

"What a couple of decades?" Simon asked, the question amused her.

"A century or two?" Jim asked with a raised brow, again Connally found it amusing.

"Try about six thousand years." she smiled.

"Oh Man!" Blair smiled "I have a dozen questions!"

"Whoa, Chief, " Jim held his hand up. "She might be able to help us out with these people."

"If I can't I'll set you up with some one who might know." She finger the pomel of her sword.

"Who?" Simon asked trying to take this in stride.

"Joe Dawson, he's a Watcher." she glanced at Ellison.

"A Watcher?" Blair looked confused.

"Mortals, like yourself they have everyday jobs, and they follow us record our every move, but they can never interfere. However since Joe is a friend he'll be able to i.d. your victims."

Jim knew then and they that if she was willing to help them out she was not their suspect. Immortals lived and fought, no one knew besides Immortals and Watchers, and now them. He excused himself and headed for the morgue. He hoped to get the autopsy photos and bring them with him. He was going out of jurisdiction to get help. Noticing that Pierson was still at his desk when he came back through he motioned for the other man to follow him.

Methos assumed that he was going to be told to keep an eye on Sheatli and that if she left town he had to notify them. Entering the small conference room he found the bloody pocket knife on the table, her Locksley in plain view. His hazel eyes wide glaring at her.

"Methos is it?" Blair grinned. "Adam I suppose was a joke?"

"You told them?" He stared at Shealti. "Old woman, I have yet to figure you out."

"Listen, boy," she shot back at Methos "We can help them out, they can help us out. Its a beneficial thing. Are you ready to go visit Joe?" she asked.

"Lets go." Jim grabbed his jacket, Blair following.

"Adam, that's funny!" Blair chuckled.

"Well at least he thought it was funny." Methos gave her a small grin.

Joe had sent Mike home and had called Macleod and Ryan over. The bar was empty as he surveyed the empty tables. Taking up his guitar, Joe began playing a bit, the guitar riffs echoing off the walls. Shealti and Methos were the first to enter, he glanced up and returned to playing, The door opened again and two more came into the bar, strangers. They took a seat near the front, and waited.

Jim surveyed the man on stage, he had some military experience in his past. Noting the salt and pepper gray hair that had been cut in a buzz cut, but longer than military expectations. His blue eyes were intense and full of pain, Jim noticed the prosthetic legs were contributing to the posture of the older man. Dressed in a off white cable knit sweater and a pair of black dress slacks, the man appeared to be comfortable. The Stratcaster was wailing the blues to anyone with in ear shot. Jim had to admit that the man was good.

"MacLeod and Richie are on their way." Joe said his gravely voice interrupting the song he played. "You know Shelati, your gonna get me thrown out of the Watchers yet."

"No way Joe," she smirked returning with beers. "I helped last time remember."

"Sheatli?" Blair looked sat her. "I could see why you changed it."

"Yeah," she smirked. "well at least my name isn't Blair."

"Hey!" Blair protested.

"Relax Sandburg," Methos spoke after taking a drink of beer "she only picks fights with people she likes."

"Shealti's picking a fight again?" a deep baritone rang out from behind them.

Jim turned to find a tall man, with dark hair and dark eyes. The man had chosen a plain royal blue pocketed t-shirt, a slightly faded pair of blue jeans and a pair of black boots, over that he had a tan trench coat. Following the taller man was a short younger man, who looked to be somewhere around Blair's age. The shorter man had a Caesar cut sandy blonde hair, blue eyes close to Sandburg's in color. The second man had chosen a t-shirt that was a federal blue a size too large, a pair of faded blue jeans that were wearing at the knee, a long sleeved plaid dress shirt left open, a swede tan coat and a pair of hiking boots.

Blair rose to his feet turning to find a man at least six feet tall, dark hair and eyes, he was dressed similar to Jim, with the exception of the threnchcoat. The shorter man with him looked to be about his own age, sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. Blair found that he and the shorter man had similar taste in jackets.

"Duncan MacLeod, Richie Ryan, and of course Joe Dawson" Shelati gestured to each of the men as she spoke their names, "I'd like to introduce you to Blair Sandburg, and Detective Jim Ellison of the Cascade Police department."

"Nice to meet you." Blair spoke as he shook hands with each of the other men.

"Once owner of DeSalvo's gym?" Jim raised a brow as he shook hands with Duncan.

"Yeah," Duncan smiled "I thought I had seen you somewhere before."

"I used to work out there quite a bit." Jim smiled.

"So, you two are Immortals?" Blair asked pointe blank.

Duncan and Richie cast a glance at Shealti and Methos, it was a mixture of pleading and accusation.

"Don't look at me," Methos quickly laid the blame "The Old Witch's fault this time."

"Thanks so much for the support!" Shelati swatted Methos on the arm. "Benidct Arnold."

"Don't call me by that weasel's name, I knew him."

"Yeah, we know Methos, you knew everybody that shaped history." Richie quipped grabbing three beers for Mac, Joe and himself.

"Not everybody, who I didn't know she knew." Methos poked Shealti on the arm.

"Oh, so I attend the Contential Congress for like a week and I know everybody else?" Shealti cast a glare at Methos.

Blair was rather enjoying the argument between the two eldest Immortals. He glanced around and saw that everyone else in the room was as well. A smile on all of their faces as the two elders bickered like they had been married for years.

"Its not my fault that you knew T.J. and Ben, not to mention George."

"T.J. I knew from hanging with Ben, Washington was a family friend." Shealti took a sip of her beer.

"Guys," Duncan began "could you get to the reason why we're here?"

Shealti took a sip of her beer and then began to explain why she had gotten them all together. Jim opened the file folder of the autopsy photos and passed them around, asking if any of them might know the victims. Duncan had identified one of the victims, a friend of his from the 16th century, he often had literary discussions with him. Joe offered to run the photos though Watcher records to see if any of them matched.

"That could take hours." Methos protested.

"Oh, how far we have fallen from grace." Shealti snickered.

"What's she going on about?" Methos looked at Joe.

"Watcher computers are now equipped with a image search engine." Joe smirked. "Edgar talking to himself again?"

"No more than you have." Shealti smiled.

Joe headed for his office, sitting in the desk chair he signed on to the internet. Accessing the Watcher database he logged in to the system and pulled up the image search engine. Making sure the path to the scanner was correct he scanned the images directly into the search engine. Joe sat back as each photo matched up with a profile. Shouting to Ellison that he had found matches to the photos.

Jim came in followed by Blair and Sheatli, the three of them came in eyes on the computer. Jim quickly wrote down the names and thanked Joe for his help. Shealti squatted down next to the computer and looked at the names. Joe knew what she was up to and he turned to face her.

"Take a look," Joe said moving to get up.

"No, I just want to know if the Immortals the kid's killed are active lately."

"All right," Joe said turning back to the PC. "Lechester Cromwell, had been fighting off any Immortals that crossed his path, your boy challenged Cromwell and won, in Cascade. Kelly Grady, she was minding her own business when she was challenged in Cascade. Shun Fung Mao a visiting professor from Hong Kong, killed by a young boy in Cascade." Joe looked at her.

"Wow," Blair looked at Jim "You'd think Cascade is an Immortal magnet."

"Its Seacover," Shelati looked over her shoulder "large groups of Immortals tend to gravitate to areas that Duncan MacLeod habitats."

"Who is this kid?" Joe looked at Shealti.

"I don't have a name," she sighed "But the kid's parents were killed by and Immortal, he is determined to be a one man genicide for Immortals. I think I can find him again, but I'm not going to kill him." she sat back on her heels. "I'd hoped to find out who did the deed, but I was interrupted." She glanced at Ellison and Blair.

"Sorry, I was doing my job." Jim grined. "Sheatli, if you can lure him again we might be able to take him in."

"Taking him in is a given, I want to know who killed his parents, I intend to visit upon them what they did to the kids parents."

"You can't do that." Jim spoke up.

"Detective, there are three sets of laws I follow, Immortal law and human law. I intend to do my job." Shealti rose quickly and headed out of Joe's office.

"Her Job?" Ellison asked.

"What's the third set of laws she follows?" Blair looked at Jim.

Joe sighed and knew he was going to have to answer their questions.

"Shealti is a unusual Immortal," Joe began "she holds a few attributes of something else you've thought was myth."

"What?" Blair asked.

Joe explained about the vampiric characteristics, and that the third set of laws she followed were vampiric. Her job was another matter entirely, Joe explained that there were a race of vampire called Kindred they were subdivided into clans and that she had been adopted by three of the clans. Her job within Kindred society was what they referred to as a Justicar, she was judge, jury and exocutioner of the wrong.

Jim knew that the vampiric explanation could explain why she had seen him in the where house. James Ellison was having a hard time believing the Immortal explanation, now Dawson was asking him to believe in vampires. Jim mentally shrugged it off, if Immortals could live among mortals unseen for such a long time, he figured that vampires could do the same. Blair was lost in his own world, he was probably going to run infinite test on Shealti if he got the chance. Thanking Joe for his assistance Jim headed back out to find the small crowd in the bar had been discussing something, and stopped immediately as soon as Blair and himself came into view.

Blair had just been privileged to learn about Immortals, now he had been informed that vampires existed. He had a million question circling around in his head. Some about history, others about being Immortal, now he had just as many about vampires. He looked up to find that a rift of silence had split the bar in two.

"Any plans?" Shelati asked.

"Lure the kid out and arrest him for murder." Jim spoke.

"On what grounds?" She asked "Your Captain knows about us, but how are you going to put it down in the report? Identified the victims by talking to a six thousand year old woman who is Immortal."

"You have a better idea?" he asked.

"Yeah," she smirked. "I find him, lure him and leave him to you. Investigation over."

"What about the Watchers?" Blair asked. "What will happen to Joe?"

"Nothing, we just happen to be here when he was talking to himself." Richie smiled.

"Shealti, I can't let you kill the other Immortal, we could take him in arrest him for murder." Jim said looking at her.

"How long do you think it would take for him to fake his own death an escape out of jail?" Shealti looked at Ellison. "Look, it's not that I don't have any faith in the American Justice system, but Immortals have our own rules and ways of dealing with things like this. No offense, I have a job to do gentlemen." she grabbed her duster

Shealti left the bar with a job to do, hopefully she would find the kid, but it would take some time. Straddling the Harley she was about to start it up, when she glanced to find that Blair followed her. Sighing she motioned him over.

"Hey," Blair said "listen, I don't know Immortal laws or for even that matter the other set you follow, but what I do know is that you seem to follow the mortal laws well. You are willing to work with Jim and that's not easy," He smirked "believe me I know, but trying to find this kid by yourself doesn't sound to safe."

"Sandburg, I appreciate the concern," she smiled "really I do, but I've been dealing with Immortals for six thousand years. I should be able to handle him. I'm not the easiest person to work with either, I'm so used to working on my own." she smirked. "Listen I'll give you a call when I find him, okay?"

"Okay, I'll let Jim know," Blair took a few steps back "be careful."

Shealti nodded and put her helmet on, starting the motorcycle she backed it up a few steps. She headed back toward Cascade. Blair was left alone outside for a moment, Jim walked up behind him and cleared his throat.

Blair smiled and offered to drive, Jim nodded and climbed into the passenger seat. They discussed what it might be like to Immortal, trying to imagine what they had seen in their time. Blair was talking about what it must be like to go to a historic site and remember what really happened. Jim had been listening, slowly tuning Blair out as he rambled on about, his own mind at work over what it must be like to watch friends and family age and die. Jim wasn't sure if he could mange with out Blair as his Guide, assuming that he could be Immortal.

Blair had been talking deep into a scenario about what it must be like for Shealti and Methos to see the ruins in Greece and remember what they looked like whole. Realizing that Jim had been lost in his own thought he had given up. Glancing down at his watch it was about two a.m., they had arrived in downtown Cascade. He noticed the Harley in the middle of the intersection, coming to a screeching halt he shouted at Jim to take a look.

Jim had been watching the scenery of downtown pass him by when Blair shouted and came to screeching halt in the intersection. Noticing the Harley and a silver Jaguar parked and running in the intersection he dialed up his Sentinel hearing, listening to for the unmistakable sounds of a sword fight. He heard the sounds looking for them he found them just down a side street.

Shealti was fighting a man that looked to be in his mid thirties, average height. The man looked like he was of Mediterrian decent, his dark hair cut short, similar to the hair cut of Methos and Joe. He was dressed in a pair of dark dress slacks, a pale blue button up dress shirt. The dark brown trench coat was flared out by the wind that was blowing.

Shealti had been sticking to her plan of defense is the best offense, but soon found that the Italian was doing the same thing. Advancing on him she had received at swift gash to her bare upper arm. Spitting curses in Italian she parried quickly, the man had not been quick enough she had managed to stick him in the abdomen. Shealti quickly turned but found that the Italian had slashed at her exposed back. Turning with rage in her eyes she let a evil smile creep on her features as she crouched Shealti gave the man a high roundhouse to the face.

This young one was good, her buzz was strong which meant that she had been very active in the Game, she couldn't have been in the Game more than five years. She had chosen a Locksley broad sword, a heavy blade with a long reach. His blade was a foil which was light and quick compared to her blade. She was pretty for a young girl, her red hair was like fire spread out behind her as she pivoted, her violet eyes were cold and calculating. Whomever had taught this girl had been in the Game a while themselves, she had a mixture of Martial arts, fencing and some styles he had never seen before.

"Tiring little girl?" he asked his accent still heavy.

"Little?" she smirked "Tired? No chance Gusseppi. Aren't you the least bit curious as to who I am?"

"You are a little girl who hasn't been in the Game that long, you don't even know about the Watchers yet do you?" He smiled.

"I've been in the Game longer than you have boy." Shealti thrusted and pulled down on the blade opening his abdomen. "I'm not new to the Game, and I know about the Watchers, I was one, I always wanted to know what they were like."

"You can't be her!" Gusseppi shouted. "Shealti's older."

A smirk slipped onto her face again " I'm severely over exaggerated." she slashed at his hand.

Gusseppi lost his grip on the foil and dropped it scrambling after it he could almost reach it. His fingers enclosed the pomel, when a heavy boot was placed at the end of the foil, and a cold steel blade began its deadly bite on his neck. Gusseppi looked up to find the six foot tall red head glaring down at him.

Jason Giovanni had heard the clash of blades down the street. His own katana was out, prepared to take down the victor of the battle. Jason laid eyes on her, the one from the other night when the cops had interfered, the red head. Looking down at the man she was about to behead, he recognized him. It was the Immortal that had killed his parents, he had finally found the son of a bitch. He was not about to let the woman have the satisfaction of killing his parents murder.

"You broke the rules, killing mortals, and especially Watchers is against the rules." she began the downward arc of the blade.

"You!" the boy shouted "There is no way in hell I'm gonna let you have the satisfaction of killing that bastard."

Shealti glanced over at the kid. "Let me finish him, a Quickening going to go to waste if you kill him, and I'm telling you revenge is highly overrated." She began the arc again.

"Fight me now, the victor kills him." the boy spoke.

"You don't have a chance kid, besides who's gonna watch him while we fight?" she caught Gusseppi about to slink away. "Ah ah ah, you should at least see what you've created, Gusseppi. Look at the boy you've turned against us, he's bound and determined to wipe us all out, all because you don't like Watchers. You broke a family, a man and a future."

Gusseppi looked at the boy, his face full of rage, hurt and crudeness. He had made this boy a killer, a young man who had once had a future and now was doomed to hunt them forever. He saw the katana in Giovanni's hand, he had meant business. Gusseppi's hate for Watchers went deeper than the care for what the boy had become. Watchers must die because they had once hunted Immortals. It was time to show them what they had put Immortals through.

"What do I care about the whelp?" Gusseppi laughed."His parents deserved it, they once hunted us, it was time to show the damned Watchers what they put us through!"

"You know what," Shelati looked at the younger man "You want to kill the bastard? Go right ahead, I don't want that much hate flowing through me. I'll make sure he doesn't go anywhere." Shealti gave Gusseppi a kick to the ribs.

"He can stand trial for the murder." Jason's reason was taking over. "Its the right thing to do."

"Hey," Shelati looked at the kid, his dark browknitted, eyes were full of emotion, tears threatening to spill down his face. "even if they convict him, send him to prison, how long do you think he'll be in there before he fakes his death and comes after you?"

Jason's mind immediately went over the secenerio of Gusseppi faking his own death to get out of jail. The next logical thing was to come after him, leaving no witnesses to his parents murder. Jason would cease that day, but he had a chance.

"Not long," Jason looked at Gusseppi "are you sure?"

Shealti nodded and made enough room for Jason to get a good clean slice. As soon as Jason had completed the down stroke the Quickening began seeking out the Immortal victor. This Quickening would go to no Immortal, it would return to the vast void of energy that had become the universe. Jason quickly took cover from the numerous lightning arcs and the white mist.The lightning found the nearest electrical source box and rendered it useless in the future, the sparks falling into a near by dumpster, starting a fire. The tendrels still seeking out the Immortal victor were reaching out in vain. Shealti pressed herself against the wall of the alley. Just as the last tendrel seemed to be stretching toward her, dancing over the black top for her it faded into nothingness just inches away from her foot.

Jim had never seen anything like it, the lightning was spectacular. The white mist must have been the essence that Shealti spoke about. What was it she called it? Qicker? Quickening? That sounded right. Jim looked over at his partner, Blair had his glasses on and was looking through the smoke that had began to interrupt their view.

"Is it over?" Blair asked Jim.

"You asking me Chief?" Jim smiled. "Come on, lets get the kid and book him."

Shealti had given the kid the name of a Watcher in Paris who could get him into the academy. Hearing Sandburg and Ellison heading her way, she was ready for the blow, the kid swung at her connecting with her jaw it sent her staggering back a few steps right into Sandburg, knocking both of them to the ground.

Jim and Blair were coughing from the arcid smoke, trying to make their way through it, when out of no where a figure comes flying backward at them. Jim's eyes watering by this time could make out the blurry form of Shelati. Shouting a warning at Blair to look out for her Jim choked on the smoke before he got the rest of it out. Blair had heard Jim's shout, but turned to find the six foot tall red head coming at him, she was backward and stumbled into him, sending them crashing to the pavement.

Shealti had not expected the young man to hit so hard, none the less she had fallen. Looking over her shoulder she found that she had fallen on a someone, looking and seeing the springy brown curls and blue eyes looking at her from behind those glasses she knew who she had fallen on. Sandburg wasn't making any moves to disentagle himself, she smirked rising off of him slowly.

Blair could not have asked for a better situation, there she was, tall, gorgeous and Immortal, and she was all over him. Not that he minded too much, she looked over her shoulder at him, and he thought she would have scrambled off of him, but she waited a moment. Was that a smirk on her face? Was she actually enjoying herself? He hoped so, he like to see more of her.

"Are you two all right?" Jim managed to get out between coughing spasm.

"Yeah, I'm fine man." Blair looked over at Shealti who was coughing.

"The kid hit me, took off before I could gather my bearings." Shealti was looking for the young man. "Sorry about that Blair."

"No problem, no problem at all." Blair managed to get out over the loud wails of the fire engines. "How about we get together some time, for coffee or a drink maybe?"

"Sandburg your unbelievable!" Jim shouted at his friend.

"Sounds good, how about tomorrow?" Shealti asked.

"Great." Blair smirked.

"I'm gonna get out of here before the questions begin, I'll call you." she headed off toward the intersection.

Shealti got back to Duncan MacLeod's loft to find the entire apartment quite, the televisions volume was low and a infomerical was pitching the newest miracle product. Methos was asleep on the couch, his soft snoring caused a smile to slip on her face. Slipping her duster off, Shealti hopped up and down as silently as possible, she managed to tug her boots off. Padding over to the couch silently she leaned over Methos, his snoring was regular. Holding her hair from falling over her shoulder and tickling his face she neared his ear and blew a small stream of air into it.

Methos had felt the buzz of the Old Woman when she had arrived at the door. Acting like he was asleep he thought he would see if she would leave him alone or do something else. It had been the something else that worried him, what would she do to him?

Shealti thought he was oblivious but she soon found a hand slipping around her waist and pulling her towards the couch itself. Looking down at Methos she found his hazel eyes full of mischief.

"You didn't think I would let you get past me without a good night kiss, did you?" he chuckled.

"I'll give you more than a kiss," she smirked Straddling his waist.

"Is that a promise?" His brow rose a notch.

"Maybe," Shealti smirked down at him "however, I'm meeting Sandburg for drinks tomorrow."

"You like him?" Methos asked.

"Yeah." Shealti moved off of him.

It was four the following afternoon when the deep violet Nokia began its chirping call. Shealti didn't open her eyes, she felt for it, finding it she held it to her ear.

"Hey," the voice brought her out of her daze. "Did I catch you at a bad time?"

"No, I was just getting up." Shelati smiled grabbing her glasses. "What's up?"

"Well I thought about a drink that seem, mmm, not enough, so I'm cooking."

"Blair, you didn't have to, I-" Shelati was cut off.

"I know, but I don't think you got to know Cascade in the right light, besides Jim's out with Simon at a Jags game, so I thought I'd cook dinner for the two of us." He smirked.

"Ah, all those historical and anthropological questions you want answered. I see." Shelati grinned.

"Okay those too, I didn't think you'd want to discuss those in a public, someone might hall you off to the funny farm." He was stirring something.

"All right," Shealti smirked "So can I come casual?" she survey the current apparel of a old pair of blue jeans and a cotton shirt.

"Sure, I'm all for comfort." Blair looked down at his sweat pants and tee shirt. "Anything specific you like?"

"A beer and some good food, think you can manage that Sandburg?" She smirked.

"I'll try." Blair smiled. "You need directions?"

"Yeah, that might be helpful." she smiled grabbing a pad and pen.

Shealti took down the directions and thanked him agreeing that she would show up. Pulling on her black cotton flannel she grabbed her boots, then pulling on her socks, Shealti laced the boots quickly and buttoned the flannel. Grabbing her duster and her helmet she headed out the door, waving to Duncan, Richie. Methos and Joe who had begun a poker game.

Shealti found her way again to Cascade, and 852 Prospect. She locked her bike and took the stairs in twos. Arriving at the apartment door she knocked and it opened to reveal Blair in his sweat pants and tee shirt. He looked a little shocked to see her.

Blair stood there dressed in heather gray sweat pants, a old faded tee shirt, his glasses on and his hair down. He was whistling a Pearl Jam song as he wiped his hands off on a dish towel. Looking at the person standing at the door his whistling halted. Blair had not expected her to get there so soon. He smiled quickly to hide his surprise.

"Hey, you really weren't kidding about comfort were you?" she smirked.

"Uh, no, I was hoping to change before you got here, come in." He stepped aside.

"I shouldn't say anything," she removed her duster "I'm the same way."

Blair looked over to find the black flannel button up shirt open and a electric blue speggitti strap tank, the faded blue jeans with the worn knees, her glasses were on and her long hair was down. Blair smile widened, she look great no matter what she was in. Taking her coat he hung it next to his own.

"Somehow I can't believe that, you seem like one of those people that would always be dressed for success." Blair said making his way back into the kitchen. "However, I'm not that great of a judge of character."

"You need some help cooking?" Shealti asked moving into the kitchen.

"No, I'm okay everything is about done, you like Italian?" He looked over at her.

"I'd better, I lived there for about ten years." she smiled looking around. "Studio apartment must be standard issue when you get to Washington."

"I know." he smiled "Seems like every one's got has an nice apartment." Blair opened the refrigerator and grabbed two beers. "Heinkin?" He raised a brow.

"It works." she smiled taking a seat on the couch.

The two of them had dinner and were discussing things, coming was asking questions and Shealti was awensering them. Shealti found herself talking about her life, Blair was lsiteing fascinated with things interrupting her every so often asking a question. They had moved to the couch and were continuing their discussion about ancient civilizations when Jim came back.

"Hey Chief, Shealti," He said hanging his coat up "How was the dinner?"

"It was great," Shealti smiled, looking down at her watch. "I hate to cut the night short, but I've got to get going,I have an early flight back to Sloang." she stretched.

"Short?" Jim smiled "Its two a.m., the game went into double overtime." Jim mustered out before he yawned. "Listen Chief I'll see tomorrow, nice to meet you Shealti."

"Same to you Sentinel." she smiled.

"Do you have to go?" Blair looked at her pleedingly. "I have so many questions I wanted to ask you."

"Sorry Blair," she smiled grabbing her duster. "I'd like to stay, but I need to go. Thanks for the dinner, its been great." she dropped a kiss on his cheek.

"Your sure you can't stay?" he smiled.

"No, I really wish I could, give me a call if you ever want to see Avalon or Sloang." she smiled at him.

Before Shelati could stop herself she had bent her head for a kiss, she was surprised to find that he had done the same thing. Their lips met and it took every ounce of force for her to pull back. Blair was not sure that he was going to be able to let her go, but she backed away and out the door, she mouthed bye, and gave him a small wave. He returned the wave and closed the door. Blair leaned against it and looked up, Jim's voice on the stairs brought him out of his thoughts.

"Well Chief, was it like you expected?" the Sentinel looked at his guide.

"More than." Blair grinned. "What do you thing about Sloang, Avalon?"

"Sounds like one hell of a vacation Chief." Jim smiled.