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Washington Street, Outside of the Police Department

Duncan watched as Rowena thanked Eallerica for her help and came over to the car. She was shorter than Eallerica, but not by too much. Her hair was as dark as his from what he could tell. The girl had on a pair of faded jeans, that had a hole in the knee. The tank top underneath the blue mechanics shirt was white, a patch just about the pocket indicated that her name was Betty. She began shivering as she got into the car.

Rowena headed straight for the car. There was a man siting in the driver's seat. As she neared Rowena saw he was darked haired with dark eyes, she had seen him somewhere before, then she rembembered where she had seen him before. A picture in Richie had shown her of his friends, this was Duncan Macleod his guardien. She smiled and then knew that Richie was the mutal friend.

“Your Duncan Macleod?” she asked.

"How did you know?” Duncan asked.

“Richie showed me a picture of you, he talks about you.” she smiled climbing into the passanger seat “I’m Rowena Adams.” she extended her hand.

“Nice to meet you Rowena Adams.” he smiled.

“Oh, wait your an Immortal.”

“How do you know that?” he asked.

“Richie made a joke about his guardiean haveing his head if he didn’t study. Eall explained about the taking of heads and the buzz.”

Duncan asked if she had any questions that Eallerica had left unawensered and Rowena asked them. Duncan explained as he followed her directions. A half hour later he pulled into the driveway and Rowena sat there.

“What do I tell them? Eall told me that the police told them I was dead.” she thought out loud.

“Tell them your working with the C.I. A. and that you have to go into the witness Protection Program.” Duncan said with a grin “I’ll go in a coaberate your story if you want.”

“No, thanks, I think I’ll do this on my own.” she said opening the car door.

Duncan watched as she entered the house and was greeted at the front door with a worrried mother and the door closed, he couldn’t guess what she was going through, he rembembered his own parents reaction to his sudden reanimation, things were much different that they were four hundred years ago.

Rowena had hugged her mother tighter than she had ever before, boty her parents were very dishelved, her father’s eyes red and swollen. She used Duncan exlpination, saying she was being put into the Witness Protection Program due to the fact that she wasn’t sure that they caught all the suspects. They must keep pretending that she had died incase the suspects were watching. She told them she would write from her new location. Her father noticed the strange car in the driveway.

“Who’s that?” he asked.

“Special Agent Macleod, he brought me here, he was told not to but I asked him to, I’m gonna pack my stuff.” she said heading for the stairs.

Rowena walked into her room and flipped on the light switch, looking around for the last time. Heading for the closet she grabbed her suitcase and began packing her clothes, her doc martiens, shirts, jeans, shorts, sweaters, just a few of each not knowing where she was going. Grabbing her favorite books of the the bookself she packed those as well as her CDs, a couple of her sketchbooks, and her pictures of her mortal friends, Lena, Ceanette, and herself. She smiled as she thought of the last few days they had been togehter and how Ceanette now thought she was the only one. Her father cleared his throat.

“Ro, you know your special to us, not beacuse your adopted, but beacuse your our only daughter. This, loosing you, to death a few hours ago, and now to the Witness protection program, or whatever else comes this way, I know you can handle it, nothing changhes how we feel about you. We love you no matter what.” he looked as though her were goning to cry again.

“I know dad, I know this is hard on your two, its hard on me,” she gave him a weak smile “I will never forget you or mom. The home you gave me and the love.” she said hugging him, both quite for a moment “Dad, I have to go, before the neighbors notice.”

“Rowena?” her mother said as she enterd her room, Rowena notced the picture of the three of them at the beach a couple of years ago. “ We just want you to rembember us, and were verey proud of you no matter what.”

“I know mom.” Rowena said choaking back the tears “ You two have always told me how proud you were, even when I know I let you down.”

“Honey,” her mother said hugging her “You have never let us down.” she look her in the eye “You’d better go.”

Rowena hugged both of them one more time before she headed out with her bags, helping Duncan put them in the trunk. Rowena looked at her parents once more standing in the doorway and waved. Silently making a promise that she’d be there in thier last days.

Duncan watched the girl her eyes almost tearing up her smile was very tight lipped. Rowena was leaving the only security she had know for a more dangerous world than she had ever known. He began to back down the drive, heading back down the same street she turned in the seat and watched her home blend in with the dozens of others.

Rowena no longer able to take it, the hot tears fell fast and hard, her body racked with sobs, she ocovered her face with her hands an placed her head in her lap. Duncan Rubbed her back in a comforting gesture as she cried more.

The Square

Eall had managed to get the things Rowena had asked for, Richie playing lookout down the hallway, Methos agreed to wait with them. It wasn’t long before Dunca walked up with Rowena who even in the light of streetlamps looked like she had still been crying. Richie looked concerned and looked at Eall.

“What if they didn’t take it well?” he asked out loud.

“Hey there.” Duncan said as he walked up.

“How’d it go?” Richie asked.

“It was difficult,” she smiled “But they’re okay. Duncan said something about I need a teacher and that I could choose anyone but Richie.”

“Ah, yes,” Methos began “Its been a while for me, but I’ll try it again.” he smiled.

“Hey, I’m willing to teach you, but I’m hard on my students.” Eall said with a grin.

“Richie who do you think I should choose?” she asked him.

“Definatly not Duncan,” he grinned “He’s a pain in the ass.”

“Yeah and look how you turned out.” Duncan said grinning at Rowena.

“Uh oh,” Eall said “leave before they draw swords.”

“Seriously?” Richie asked.

“Yeah.” Rowena said.

“They’re all really good fighters. I've learned alot from each of them, but you should choose.”

“Duncan,” she began “I appreciate all you have done for me, Methos, althought I don’t know you well enough, I appreciate your help, but I’m going to choose you Eallerica.”

“Wow,” Eall said a bit shocked. “thank you, boys,” she looked at Methos and Duncan “let’s let the children have a moment alone. Whenever your ready Rowena.”

“Okay thanks.” she said “I guess I have one more goodbye to say.”

“Yeah, you tend to do that alot when your Immortal.” he said grinning.

“Thak you,” she said smiling “ for being the one person to have some confidence in me, other than my patrents.”

“Your welcome.” he said looking into her green eyes “Hey when Winter break comes up I’ll come see you.”

“Okay, and where would that be?” she asked.

“No one told you?” he asked.

“Nope.” she smiled.

“Trust me you’ll like it.”

Rowena thanked him again , hugging him this time, kissing both Methos and Duncan on the cheek for their help she waved to them and climbed into the car with Eall and they took off.