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“Nice to meet you Rowena, next?” Devin said looking at Richie.

“Uh I’m Richie and like Ro I’m not really sure about a level since my guardien taught me.” Richie said with a grin.

“Not a problem, we can determin that out.Nelson, your next.” Devin said shooting a devilsh smile at Nelson who Rowena could only assume was a friend.

Richie and her listened as each person went around introducing themselves, a few making some jokes. Rowena hadn’t noticed her until then, but there was another female in the room she looked like a cross between Xena and Sonja Blade. She grinned think she could easly see the girl in Lucy Lawless’s place as the Warrior Princess. She soon found out that the girl’s name was Lissa, and that she had a black belt in kickboxing.

“Okay,”Devin said after the lasst person had finished “ Nelson or I will pair you off with someone, those of you at a higher level than the person your paired off with please be paient and kind to the other person. Lissa and Rowena please pair off since your the only two,” he paused searching for the non-offensive term “females in here. Richie your with me.” Devin said moving around.

Rowena smiled at Richie who wished her luck, she returned the favor before heading off to meet Lissa. The greeted each other and shook hands, Lissa showed her some streches which Rowena did along side her. It was just as Lissa was showing Rowena a kick that she noticed a professor, and the begining of a mild headache began. Richie had begun streching with Devin when he felt the buzz, then noticed Professor Crabtree sitting on one of the benches.

This was a stronger buzz than he had got that after noon in the Square or in his Math class the other day. There were two Immortals on campus, one of them was Crabtree, the other was a Pre-Immortal. Crabtree’s cold grey eyes settled on Rowena as a twisted grin came apon his face. Richie had put it together then and there, Rowena was the faint buzz he had picked up on, Crabtree had to have been the one that killed the student the other day.

“Richie?” Devin’s voice propmted him out of it.

“Yeah?” Richie asked.

“You and Rowena together?” Devin asked with a grin.

“No, but she is cute.” Richie said with a grin.

“Oh?” Devin grinned devilishly “ Look, you already have established terriory, I won’t tread there. What do you think about Lissa?”

“Very nice, she’s not my type.” Richie said with a grin. “Staked your claim as well.”

Richie watched Crabtree as he sat there, his cold gray eyes on Rowena, in places that Richie preferred that he not have them. Rowena was doing well under Lissa’s instruction, but there was something wrong, the cheerleaders in the bleacher were taunting her.

Rowena knew Kim and her qulik were there they’d been doing this sort of thing since freshman year of high school. They burst into giggles at the last taunt, Ro ignored them focucing harder on her kicks. Lissa looked over at them putting her hands on her hips.

“Hey, Ro plan on throwing a shoe again?” Kim said tossing her honey blonde hair over her shoulder.

“Hey,” Lissa said glaring at them her green eyes narrowed “Why don’t you back to talking about you jock boyfriends and filing your claws and leave her alone.”

“No one asked you Xena.” Kim said with a grin “ No one asked you what you thought about Ro the Horse.”

“No one asked you to harrass her either.” Richie spoke up.

“Who said we were harassing her, were giving the horse some encouragement,” she smiled “Right Ro?”

Rowena had had enough of Kim’s ‘encouragement’, she relaxed her stance and turned on her heel to face the cheerleaders. Folding her arms and smiling sweetly at them “I’ll tell you something Kim, if I wanted encouragement from you and your horde of hoochy mama’s I’d ask for it, sice I don’t care for you and your friends I’ll ask you to keep you comments to yourself, if you could move beyond the childish relm and get a life instead of ruining the rest of ours we’d all be a lot better.” Rowena said with a grin.

“Well, seems as through the horse has a sharp toung if you hit the right spot. Just rembember I’ll get you back.” Kim said rising and leaving.

“Hey Kim,” Devin said “ Why don’t you go screw Jim right now I’m sure he’s looking forward to it.” Devin placing his hands on hips and approaching Rowena. “You okay?”

“Yeah thanks, but I’m used to it.” Ro said smiling. “Lissa , could you show me that kick again?”

Lissa looked over at Devin and agreed, showing the younger girl the high kick again. Richie watched as Rowena executed it without difficulty. The meeting only lasted another half hour before eveyone headed back into the locker rooms. Rowena asked Richie if he need a ride back to his dorm, he said yes and headed into the locker room.

Rowena finishing first bid Lissa a goodbye and headed out into the hall to wait for Richie. She then noticed the professor from the bleachers when Richie emerged adjusting his coat. The Professor headed thier way. Richie also noticed and told Rowena to go and wait on him in the lobby, he needed to talk to Professor Crabtree about an assignment. As soon as the saw Rowena clear the area they both pulled out thier swords.

“Adin Crabtree, and you are Richie Ryan, Macleod’s former student.” Adin said circling around Richie.

“What do you want with her?” Richie asked his blue eyes glaring at Adin.

“What do you care? She’s a Pre, stupid girl doesn’t even know what she could become.”

“Could?” Richie said not taking his eyes off Adin. “ Planning on defeating me?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I’m not planning, I know I will.” Adain said the twisted grin resurfacing on his face. “Then your little girlfriend will be mine, her life, her power, her Quickening, mine with just a slash of the blade.” Adin said moving in for a blow.

Richie saw it comming and blocked it, preparing on just defening himself saving his energy for later, if there was a later. Adin striking a downward blow of his blade Richie coundtered and met him half way. Adin seeing he was getting no where fast decided to do a low sweep with his legs planning to know the Young Immortal off his feet. Richie saw the man going down and anticapting the move jumped into the air and rolled over Adin’s back landing on his feet behind Adin, who quickly spun around trying to strike a blow to Richie’s abdomen he stoped half way when he heard footsetps behind him. Both of the Immortal Men quickly hid their swords and tried to look as casual as possable.

“This isn’t over boy!” Adin hissed.

“Far from it, and I suggest you leave her alone.” Richie said pointing at Adin.

“Not likely.” Adin grinned before pushing past him.

Richie qucikly headed towards the lobby, Rowena tried to hid the fact that she had run from her spot against the wall. She smiled when he approached grinning, she noticed the hole in his shirt and the cut healing. She thought it best not to point it out, they chatted all the way to her car and she dropped him off at his dorm, he invited her in she smiled and agreed only for a moment. Richie unlocked the door to find Vincent and his girlfriend in the middle of making out. Richie continued on to the kitchen followed by Rownea who just grinned and shook her head.

“Wow, a kitchen, wish I had one of those.” Rowena said with a grin.

“Your dorm doesn’t have a kitchen?” he asked.

“Nope, Lena, my roommate, has a hotplate and a coffee maker but that’s as close as we get.” She said. “I hope I’m not being too much trouble.”

“You, trouble?” Richie asked. “Not a chance.”

“Look, I’d like to stay a bit longer, but Lena’s proably worried already so I’m gonna go.” She said keys in hand.

“Okay, look your welcome to stop by whenever, Vincent seems to invite guests at all hours.” he grinned.

“I noticed, thanks.” she siad heading towards the door.

Rowena’s Dorm

Lena had been worried about Rowena, she was normaly here by the time she got here. No messages, not a note, her bed was still made from this morning, computer was cold as was the television. Lena was begining to worry when she heard some one ruslting something in the bathroom, carefully approaching she found a guy about her age, athletic build dressed in black, brown hair, green eyes, still tan from the summer. She turned and headed for the door then she heard footsteps behind her, he’d seen her, clsong the distance between them he put the gun to her chest. The grin wideing as he squeezed the trigger, the silencer doing its job.

Jim knew that it was just a matter of time before the other girl came and he’d kill her too, Kim asked him to get revenge on one of the girls living in this room. He figured if he got both of them it would be simple he then heard the key in the lock and quickly stepped behind the door.

Rowena stood there, her gut telling her to run like hell, but there was Lena on the floor, bleeding, her eyes fixed in the stare of death, their room had been trashed except for the beds. She knew there was not much to take from them, art supplies, a computer which had been left there, a television, still pearched on the dresser. Then kneeling down next to Lena she looked around no trace of who did this horrable thing, out of the corner of her eye she saw him behind the door, Jim Castle, Kim’s boyfriend, grinning at her.

Jim wasn’t expecting what came from the girl, a kick up and she had knocked the gun out of his hand sending it flying on to the wooden floor sliding arcoss. He qucikly gave her a right hook and crambled after it. She fell over Lena and was getting up when he aimed again this time not taking a chance he pulled the trigger.

Rowena felt the bullet hit her in the chest, she felt it pass through and she fell backwards ending up on the poslished wooden floor next to her friend. She began to slip away the lights dimming the sounds fadeing.

“Guess you won’t mess with Kim again will you?” he chuckled before kicking her in the side.

Rowena didn’t expect her life to end this quickly, not like this she couldn’t go like this. She hadn’t gotten married, had any kids, she was supposed to die of old age.

Richie’s Dorm

It had been four hours since Rowena had left, noting it had been six o’clock he turned on the local news. The sound catching his ears.

“There has been another homicide on the campus of Ball State tonight, authorities don’t know if its linked to the others. A double homiced of two girls, their familes have been contaced and notified, Students Lena King and -”

“Oh god no, don’t say it.” Richie mumbled.

“Rowena Adams were killed in what appears to be a bothced robbery, police suspect that the two girls walked in on the theif and were shot. No suspect has been found.”

“Oh god no, the son of a bitch had beter not have laied a hand on her!” Richie roared grabbing his jacket.

Rowena’s Dorm

Richie saw the cop cars outside the dorm bulding, along with the paramedics, and sevral televsion news trucks, the reporters all beign kept at a distance. Crime tape keeping back all of the observers, pushing past all this he made his way to the front door where a uniformed officer caught him.

“Sir your gonna have to get back behind the line.”

“You don’t understand I’m a good friend of one of the girls.” Richie said.

“Sir, the best thing you can do is to go home, get-”

“I just have to see her, please?” Richie begged.

“The sargent’s gonna have my ass, listen, what’s your name?”


“Listen Richie, I need to know which of the girls you were good friends with?”

“Rowena Adams.” Richie said hoping to speed up the process.

“Alright, Harris, we got someone who can i. d. Adams.”

“Who? Can’t be her parents there not comming in untill tomrrow.” Harris said walking up.

Richie saw the tattoo on the officer’s wrist, the Watcher’s symbol, she looked at Richie a bit taken a back that she was meeting him. She was short, dark brown hair hazel eyes examining him, she was dressed in a gray tee shirt, a pair of blue jeans and a set of black boots. She led him over to the large white sheet that covered two bodies. She knelt down and lifted the sheet back and he saw Rowena laying lifeless.

“This is her.” Richie said trying to contol his anger.

“Look,” she said rising “if there’s something here that is unusual, you want to clue me in?” she lifted her brow to indicate her point.

“Yeah, you might want to check out Adin Crabtree, and a girl named Kim, a cheerleader.”

“Adin?” she asked suprized to hear the name. “Well that would explain the unusual circumstances of death. What about Kim a last name might be helpful.”

“Sorry, I can’t help you there. Also check out her boyfriend Jim he might have had something to do with it.”

“Listen I’m gonna need you to comedown to the station and fill out some paper work to say that you postivly can identafy the body.”

“I don’t care how you get who ever did this I just want to know who.” Richie said feeling his anger rise up again.

“I’ll let you know.” she siad handing him a card.

Police Station

Richie had been siting there for an hour when he finally caught sight of long red hair heading for the mouge. Duncan and Methos had come to pick him up after the phone call they got twenty minuets ago. Richie turned to Duncan to ask if the red head was who he thought it was, but Duncan nodded and told him it was best that they waited in the Square. As they all climbed into the T-Bird Methos began to ask questions that had lacked an explination as far as he was concerned.

“Why are we still here?” Methos asked.

“Eall said something about prolonged business, besides I’m not gonna leave with out her, I did that once and I’m still paying for it.” Duncan said pulling away from the curb.

“Adin had to have done it.” Richie said staring ahead.

"Wait, Adin Crabtree?” Methos asked.

“Yes.” Richie said turning to look at him.

“Adin is a friend of mine, the little fight between you two was a joke.” Methos said with a grin.

“Not funny Old Man.” Richie said.

“Look Adin’s not the one on campus that killed those others.” Methos said. “He’s harmless, like the boyscout here.” Methos said gesturing to Duncan.