The * indicates a translation into English

“No need to be, I’m up and almost back to good health.” Eall said in English.

“No need to be, I’m up and almost back to good health.” Methos continued to translate.

“Methos?” Eall said in English.

“Yes?” he looked over at her.

“You can stop now, I think they understand English.” she grinned.

“Sorry I just got carried away.” he ginned and sat down next to her.

The ten of them discussed what had went on in the house the past few hours and Eall explained about what had happened in the library. She kept her plan on how to lure the student out of hideing shareing it with all of them.

“Are you out of your mind?” Duncan asked. “That’s just crazy!”

“Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been called that.” Eall said looking him in the eye. “Besides its the best I could come up with.”

“What about challenging him face to face?” Duncan’s attitude about the plan eveident in his posture.

“I said no, besides I know this guy, I’ve delt with his mentor too often, this guy will not be alone I’m talking more Immortals than I can handel.”

“It sounds like it will work.” Fitz said from his seat.

“Stay out of this.” Duncan said pointing at him.

“Hey, we’ve all got a say in it.” Amanda said “ Duncan your making a fuss about this.” she said.

“She’s right.” Methos said mastering the sprawl on the large couch.

“No one can play dead like I can.” Eall said with a grin.

It was dark on the estate, the large feild that served as a yard they all waited in their places, Joe remianing at the house keeping tabs on everyone’s locations. Eall stood out in the open looking as defenseless as she could. Duncan was about to give up on this guy showing when there was a movement in the bush nearest her she saw it. Turning toward it she watched as the six foot tall five inch student emerged from the bush with six other Immortals.

“I told you it would work.” he grinned.

“Chalk one up to Brian.” on of the others said as they circled Eall.

“Abat som tat.” she said turning to look at each of them.

“I’m sorry what was that?”

“Abat som tat.” she said glaring at Brian.

“Sorry we don’t speak jibberish.” he grinned removing a sword.

“Good.” Methos said emerging from the bush “She doesn’t speak idiot.”

“Oh man this just gets better,” a third one said “the Old Bitch and the Old Bastard.”

“Hey!” Richie said comming out. “Didn’t your teachers tell you to respect your elders?”

“Oooh, Ryan, next thing you know Macloud will pop out.” the second one said.

“Take your pick.” Connor said.

“Elder or junior?” Duncan asked.

“Aww Brian you said this was easy pickings.”

“It is.” Rowena said putting the sword to the fourth ones back. “Just that it was for us."

The fith and sixth one were about to leave when Kit and Amanda stepped into their path.

“Come on boys you can’t leave now the fun’s just starting.”

“Seems your plan didn’t go as planned, Brian.” Eallerica’s voice found his ears.

“But you . . and the . . .then the . . .” Brian sputtered out.

“Studdering just doesn’t become you.” she pulled out her blade. “Let’s make this a fair fight shall we?”

Brian seeing an opertunity to strike took it and was blocked at the last second, trying again he found his foil blocked by a broadsword. Eall stood her ground as his attempts became wilder and more furious. The others that came with Brian were working hard defending themselves as they tried to get away. Richie kept and eye on Rowena a she mirrored him with out even looking. Loosing her footing with the Immortal she was fighting she fell back Richie was just about to run to her side when she gave the Immortal a kick to the abdomen and flipped over onto her hands and once more on her feet as the other came charging. The Immortal he was fighting was retreating and he soon helped Rowena who was loosing ground quickly.

Eall had reserved her energy for later on and that time was now as she saw Brian begining to tire out. She struck hard and fast with a quick blow to his sword arm and managed to hit so hard it knocked the blade out of his hand. He bull rushed her not giving in, she fell to the ground under him, his heavy weight pinning her to the ground. Brian grinned thinking her had her there and then reaching for his foil he glanced away for a second to locate it and recived a knee to the groin falling over to the left he found his blade. Eall put the toe of her boot under the blade and gave it an upward toss cathing it in her free hand. With a downward arc she felt the mist rising.

“Let them go.” Eall said feeling the mist beging to circle.

“Too late.” Richie said nodding over at Rowena.

She watched as Rowena repeated the same action and her opponest fell, everyone else cleared away from both women as Eall was the first to recive the first strike of the quickening. Each strike comming quicker and quciker, till she felt her knees give out, leaning on her sword to stand she made it, a little shaky but she stood. Her violet eyes moved over to Rowena who was just a the crescendo of her own Quickening.

Before Rowena could hit the ground Richie had caught her “Thanks.” she mouthed.

“Welcome, that was a rough one even for new Immortal.”

“It wasn’t too bad.” she whispered. “When does the spinning stop?” she put a hand to her forehead.

“Soon.” he smiled at her “Come on its a long walk back to the house.”

Rowena walked with the support of Richie, Amanda said something about them growing up so fast to Eall who just nodded. Duncan couldn’t belive that the two women were getting along so well. They all made their way back to the house, Rowena made her way to her room assuring Richie she just needed some time alone.

Rowena’s eyes filled with tears as she closed the door, she had never wanted to kill the other man. She hoped she never had to do it again, her earily childhood memories flooded back to the first set of parents she had. They fought and screamed at each other, and then the one night her ‘father’ at the time shot her ‘mother’ she saw the whole thing over a silly thing as not beringing home the right kind of beer. Her crying had gotten a bit louder catching Richie’s attention before he had gotten too far down the hallway.

“Ro, you okay?” he said from the other side of the door.

“I’m okay.” she said sniffing.

The door opened and Richie looked around the door at her “You wanna talk?” he asked.

“No, just leave me be.” she said turning around on the bed.

“Ro, look I know I haven’t got any business asking, but was it about your past?”

Rowena just nodded yes tring to hold the tears in as Richie moved closer. He sat down next to her tucking a lock of her dark hair behind her ear.

“Talking to some one always seemed to help me.” he said tring to look her in the eye.

“My parents,” she nodded to the photograph on her nightside table “they weren’t the first to adopt me.” she looked over at him “ The couple that first took me in were not the greatest of caregivers or people.” she said as the tears welled up “They used to fight physically, screaming and yelling about every little thing under the sun.” she hugged the pilow tighter “One night, things got out of hand, this guy pulled a gun on her and he just shot her.” she looked over at him “Just like she was a common criminal, I made a vow then that I would never kill someone else. I broke it Richie I killed someone.”

“Ro, you couldn’t know that you were gonna be an Immortal, or that you were gonna kill that man tonight. You did what you needed to live, you think I enjoy doing that?” he had her attention “As long as you don’t look for other Immortals then you won’t be killing anyone, fight only when you have to its the way I stay alive.”

The knock at the door caught both of thier attentions, both pairs of eyes went to the door as it opened they both moved apart. Eallerica grinned as she saw the both of them blush.

“Hello, I just came to see if you were alright after your first Quickening.” she looked at Rowena.

“I’m fine.” she smiled. “ Was that it?”

“No, since everyone is leaving in the day after tomrrow, we all decided to go out and just wanted to know if you two would like to come with us tomrrow night?”

“That would be great, one good day to just relax.” Richie said with a grin “What about you Ro?”

“Sure, sounds good as long as I don’t have to get too dressed up.”

“Nope, if I have to dress up so do you grasshopper.” Eall said with a smile “Amanda insisted that it would be semi-formal.”

“Alright, good god what kind of hold does she have on Duncan anyway?” Ro looked at Richie.

“Got me.” he shrugged. “I’ve know both of them about five years and I still can’t figure it out.”

Rowena had managed to talk Eall into letting Richie barrow one of her Harley’s and that they both would wear their helmets, Joe Duncan and Amanda decided to ride in his rented car. Fitz and Kit had decided to drive with Edgar, and Eall and Methos would arrive together. It was fifteen minuets before six and Amanda had managed to talk them into meeting outside the resturant.

The group had waited as best they could getting antsy as the time neared. Amanda decided to let the all go in as they walked in she explained that she had arranged for this to a private gathering and that it would just be the group. The eleven of them ate until they were sure they couldn’t manage anymore.

Then they had a live band and before long they were heading back to the house. Richie and Rowena had decided to linger enjoying the band just a little too long.

They had made it back just as everyone was getting up, Rowena had enough sense to look guilty and Richie just appologied to Eall that he had kept her out too long. Duncan had just grinned and shook his head. Annoucing that it was time to go they all filed out to the cars, leaving the same way the had arrived. In the main terminal eveyone said their goodbyes, Richie saving one goodbye for last.

“Well, its back to the grind.” he siad looking at Rowena.

“Yeah, I’m about finished according to the wise one.” she smiled. “Then I’m back to being a college freshman again.”

“Hey, look at this way you know what you in for this time.”

Richie leaned forward debating on wheather to kiss her on the cheek or the lips and then thinking the cheek would be best. Rowena hugged him and got his e-mail address and promised to write.

Methos was saying goodbye to Eall nas Duncan and Joe looked on from the gate.

“Take your own advice.” Methos said with one last plea.

“You know I never do.” she smiled.

“Come to Seacover see all of us.” he smiled.

“Why?” she rased a brow “I’ve seen too much of you all now.”

“Final bording for flight 610 to Seacover last call.” the P.A. system annouced.

“I’ve got to go.” he said pulling her into a hug.

“Good.” she smiled at him.

Methos was cutting it short as the attendant was closing the door as her rushed down the corridor. He knew she never would take her own advice, but then again he never could either.