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Present, Sloang International Airport

Eall had finally found a spot and the two Immortals headed for the terminal, Eall stopped to check the four flights she had written down. Giving Rowena the paper that had the American flights on it she sent her down the A terminal. Half way down the B terminal her cell phone rang. Kit O’Brady saying he was looking forward to staying at her place for the week.

“Kit, no, no you can’t.” she said rolling her eyes.

“Come on, I’m disembarking now, you never could say no to a game with me.” Kit said.

“Oh hell, where are you comming in from?”

“San Fransisco.” he chuckled “Ironic.”

“Alight look for Duncan,” she grinned. “I’ll meet up with you in the main terminal, with my group.” wanting to see the priceless expression on his face when he saw he was trapped with Amanda for a week.

“Anyone I know?” he asked amused.

“Yeah, its a suprise.” she grinned even wider spotting Connor and waving.

“Macleod!” Kit said shouting “ Sorry, so what’s that supposed to mean?”

“You’ll see!” she hung up quickly seeing Amanda, and Fitz trailing far behind loaded down with his own carry-ons, plkus Amanda's.

“Darling!” Amanda said placing a kiss on both her cheeks. “Did I hear suprize?” Amanda looked back at Fitz. “You didn’t have to go and plan a suprize for me.”

“Oh, I didn’t, it sort of poped up.” she winked at Connor and relived Fitz of some of his burden.

“Here.” Connor said taking a few from Fitz.

“Thank you, I apprecate it.” he looked around “ Where’s Macleod?”

“Right here.” Connor said with a grin.

“Duncan, I ment Duncan.”

“Meeting up with my student.” Eall said.

Amanda took off toward the main terminal after hearing that they’d be meeting Duncan. Connor knew she was up to something, he looked over at Fitz who had noticed something.

“Come on,” Fitz said looking at her. “out with it my dear, what’s the suprrize?”

“You know how famously Kit and Amanda get along?”

“You didn’t!” Fitz said grinning. “oh this makes carrying all her luggage well worth it.”

“Oh we’d better hurry, we’re gonna miss the fun.” Eall said picking up the pace.

Rownea saw Eall waiting with the three she could ony guess were Amanda and Fitz, and on the other side was Connor. Duncan had introduced her to Joe and Kit, who she had to admit she was worried about the sneezing until Richie told her that was how Kit reacted to the buzz. Kit sneezed four more times and the last one she thought he was going to exlpode from the pressure building up.

“Oh no,” Amanda heard the sneezing “tell me that’s not-”

“It can’t be,” Kit looked at Eall then to Amanda “you wouldn’t do this to me.”

“You didn’t say he was gonna be here!” Amanda said turning on Eall with a horrified look.

Eall biting the inside of her lip to keep from laughing mangaed to straighten up for a few moments. “He called me last minuet, and I wasn’t about to let him come all this way and not enjoy the island.”

Connor and Fitz had kept the chuckling down to chortle and Methos was just silently laughing so hard that he was shaking. Richie had hid his face behind Rowena to let the smile grow even wider. Duncan was the only one who looked misrable.

“But you know how . . .” Amanda said trailing off. “You did this on purpose!”

“Well,” Eall said trying not to look too innocent “kinda I’m just so sorry that you two couldn’t work through your problems, but I’ll make sure that you get rooms on the opposite sides of the house if that will make things any better.”

“Good.” the both of them said at the simultaneously.

Eall chuckled and helped Fitz load the rest of Amanda’s lugguage, Methos watched Eall she was moving a little more stiffly and was keeping to herself. Making and excuse to Duncan and Rowena he decided to inform Eall that Rowena was riding with Duncan, Joe, and Richie.

Eall looked for Rowena and saw Methos waiting patiently, assumeing that he had known something was amiss she sighed and nodded. He quickly fell into step with her, asking her how things were going.

“Ask me that two weeks ago I would’ve said fine, but I’m not getting any sleep.”

“I could help you with that.” he grinned.

“Oh?” she arched her brow “Weren’t you the one that said I was too much for you?”

“I lied.” he grinned “What’s wrong that your not getting any sleep?” Methos looked at her with a serious expression.

“Dreams, my first few days of Immortality, my mothers death.” she said pushing the button for the elevator, avoiding eye contact with him.

“Subconcious telling you somthing.” he leaned aginst the wall.

“Its not just that, my scars are burning like their fresh, I woke up this morning screaming my mother’s name and mumbling in my native tounge."

“The ones on your back?” he asked.

“No the ones on my back, I got a glance in the mirror, their red and inflamed.”

“Something’s bothering them, and you what is it?”

“Insecurities about my ablity as a teacher, my non existant love life, my non- paying world saving job, the ulcer, the deathly contagous flesh eating disease.” she grinned.

“Flesh eating disease?” he looked over at her.

“The last two were to see if your were even listening.”

“Eall, your a wonderful teacher, the love life I could fix,” he paused looking at her “and the job you could stop doing.”

“Yeah, but I love it.”

“Take some of your own advice Old Woman, take a vaction.” he grinned.

“Only if you make me.” she grinned.

“Oh I’ll make you do more than that.” he hinted.

“Promises, promises, when are you ever gonna follow through?” she said stepping out of the elevator.

Duncan’s rented Car

Duncan, Joe, and Rowena were listening intently as Richie filled them in on what had been happening at the trials. Rowena was more than glad they caught Jim Akins after what he did to Lena.

“So, Rowena how’s life here in Paridise?” Joe asked after Richie finsihed.

“Good, I’m worried about Eall though.” she said.

“Why?” Duncan asked worried.

“She’s been acting strange, this morning was the first time she’s said anything about her past.”

“What about her past?” Joe asked.

“She woke up this morning screaming her mother’s name.” she looked at Duncan “ You know anything that might have brought this on?”

“No, not that I can think of she never mentioned her mother to me.” Duncan said looking at her in the rearview mirror.

“Trust me,” Richie said “if she does tell her story its nothing compared to mine.”

“Eall doesn’t talk about her past for a good reason,” Joe said looking over his shoulder at Richie “and the feeling I get is she doesn’t want anyone to feel sorry for her.”

“That sounds like Eall.” Duncan said following Amanda’s car up the long driveway. “You know one of you could have rode with Amanda instead of making Kit ride with her.”

“Yeah Mac,” Richie grinned “but it would have been as much fun, did you see her face?”

“I’ve never seen Amanda so pissed off.” Joe said grinning.

Duncan shot both Joe and Richie a look, causing both of them to quickly wipe th smiles off thier faces.They had pulled to a stop and all were greeted by Edgar, who nodded and smiled at Amanda who was instructing him on what to be careful with.

“Amanda, I rembember everything form the last time, I’ll make sure of it.” Edgar said reassuring her.

“Edgar how’s Eall?” Duncan asked him while pulling him aside.

“Not good Duncan, she’s troubled by her past, you know how little she sleeps and Rowena’s worried as I am that she’s going to breakdown.”

“Has she said anything to you about her past?” Duncan asked.

“I don’t need to ask her, I’m her Watcher rembember?” he smiled.

“I know, but she looks tired.”

“Personally I think that it had something to do with a challenge she was issued a week ago.” Edgar said looking at both of them.

“Why?” Connor asked joining the conversation.

“To be honest with the both of you, this Immortal who challenged her, is a student of one of the toughest Immortals she had to deal with.”

“Who?” Duncan asked.

“I don’t know if either of you know but Eall was a slave shortly after her first death, her first master was an Immortal, she thought she had killed him but she didn’t,” Edgar looked over thier shoulders at the black VW bug comming up the drive. “if you want to know more I tell you later tonight. I think she should tell you all this, but she’s not really in the mood of late to talk about her beginings.”

Connor and Duncan exchanged looks and nodded heading off to get settled in. Connor knew Eall’s pride in being independant, and staying that way, but this seemed to be one of those times when she needed her friends the most. This former student could be the one casuing all this to resurface, purposily casuing her to retreat and draw away to get her to break down so that she would be an easy Quikening. He had seen several Immortals do this to their opponents using their own fears and emotions aginst them. He also need to talk to Methos, see if he had gotten to her, they had been close even married for a short time.

Methos was sorting over everything they had talked about on the way from the airport and he knew this was more than just your average memories resurfacing. Only confirmed by what Connor had told him after dinner, this challenger was using her against herself it was just a matter of time before she collapsed. He’d seen this happen to her once before, right after her second husband and the Immortal who had paid the ultamate price for what he did. He made a point to get Kit to play a game of poker with her Richie, Rowena, Joe and Fitz so he could find out what Edgar had to say.

Approaching the study where the game was going on her heard laughter and carefully chose his words.

“Methos, come on join us.” came Rowena’s invite.

“No thanks, Edgar said something about Duncan and Connor playing chess so I thought I join them. Thought I just see what was going on in here.” he smiled and turned to leave.

“Your sure?” Joe asked.

“Absolutely, besides Edgar owes me a rematch.” he grinned.

“Have fun.” Eall said tossing a couple of cards on the pile.

He smiled and headed over to the kitchen walking in the three of them were joking and laughing. Methos appologised for being late and sat down on a stool next to Duncan.

“Like I said eairlier,” Edgar shot a look at Duncan and Conner “ I think she should tell you this, but she needs some help.” he looked at Methos.

“I know about her past, these two Highlanders don’t so we’ll fill in the blanks.” Methos said grabbing a beer.

“You said something about he being a slave to an Immortal.” Duncan prodded.

“Yes, he also bought her mother, she didn’t know what she was.”

“No her mother knew,” Methos interjected “she didn’t care Kealti loved Eall unconditionally, Immortal or not.”

“At the time Kealti had made no attepts to escape, while Eall made many, but no matter how far she had gotten her Master always found her.”

“The buzz led him straight to her.” Duncan said realizing how she was found.

“The last time Eall tried to escape her mother went with her,” Edgar said after a drink of Scotch “but yet again their master found them, this time as an example to Eall he killed her mother.”

“My god, why not kill Eall, he knew how to.” Connor pointed out.

“To easy,” Methos said “I’d seen him challenge her once before, he liked to prolong her suffering.”

“How?” Duncan looked over at him. “How did you see him?”

“We were married at the time, not long but we were.” Methos said looking Duncan in the eye.

“That’s not in the records.” Edgar said loking at Methos.

“We found each other at Watcher headquarters in Paris and made an agreement that it would be omitted from both chronicles.”

“Why? I mean what would have happened?” Edgar asked.

“We were both trying to hide, and it seemed the best thing to do.” Methos said fidgiting with a pretzle.

“Eall being her firery self didn’t take to well with this turn of events, so she killed him or at least thought she did.” Edgar said continueing. “neither one of them had crossed paths untill the incident with Paul Rovex, her second husband, or should I say third?” he looked at Methos.

“Second.” he said looking at the Watcher “one of us walked away, like an idiot.”

“I take it the idiot was you?” Duncan said looking at Methos.

“Yes, I was young, stupid and foolish.” he said with a grin “ It was worth all the time we spent together.” he smiled.

A shattering scream came from across the house, all four men were on their feet heading for the study to find Eall on the floor unconcious. Everyone crowed around her fanning her.

“What happend?” Methos asked.

“Nothing,” Kit said looking down at her “she complained about being hot and then grabbed at her back.”

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