Eallerica Chronicles

Part 2: Reintroductions

Marie waved the raven haired woman in the black ball cap over to her desk. The young girl nodded and smiled, taking the chronicle from the cheerful desk clerk. Methos was watching her, she seemed faimlilar as his mind sped through all the faces quickly. The buzz hit him like a ton of bricks. He rose from the chair and placed the paper back on its shelf. Making his way over to the shelf she was near he began browsing, occasionally looking at her. Not getting much from the present angle he moved to a table a few away from hers.

She dug through the black leather backpack for her notes and pulled out her laptop. Hooking her sunglasses on the front of her baggy sweater, she tucked a strand of semi-curly red hair behind her ear before opening the chronicle. Gently pulling at the hot pink sticky note, she felt the Immortal nearby. Their eyes on her, removing the black leather trenchcoat, folding it over the high back of the chair. Out of the corner of her violet eyes she saw the man's head turn. Grinning she took her seat, thinking perhaps a fellow bookworm was attracted to her.

Methos knew she had seen him. She was grinning as she typed furiously, her eyes never moving from the screen of the laptop. He had to move now, say something, do something instead of staring at her like some love sick-teenage boy. He rose quietly, and with each step the buzz became stronger. She was an Immortal, she was old, possibly older than him.

"Excuse me," he said stopping a foot from her. "You're a Watcher?" He nodded toward her tattoo.

"Ah, a fellow company man." Her Irish accent was very thick. "'ave a seat." She pushed the chair out with her booted foot.

"I'm Adam Pierson." He smiled, extending his hand.

"Kathrine Connally. Nice to meet you, Adam is it?" she asked, her brow rising.

"Yeah." He smiled. "I hear you're working on the Eallerica Chronicles."

"Something like that." she looked up at him with a half-grin on her face, knowing thus far he had lied. "You're on the Methos Chronicles, if my memory serves right."

"At least someone's keeping up on business," he said, picking up the book.

"Not many of us do any more." She smiled. "Is there some business to discuss?"

"You left a chronicle here yestreday, Marie found it." he said trying to hold his anger in. "Do you have any idea what headquarters would do if they found out?"

"Dosen't matter." She kept typing briefly, glancing up at him every so often. "Eallerica's Watchers have an interesting handwritten code that no one can decipher, except us. Comes in handy for the rare occasion that someone else get's hold of the Chronicle."

"You're kidding?" He asked, brow arched.

"Nope. Wish I was, but this," she turned the book around "Its what most of her Chronicles are written in, I've read some of them. She had a friendship with her Watcher, taught her this handwritten code. The only thing that an average person can translate is very basic details of her life in whatever language it was written in." She turned the book around so that she could continue typing.

"That's bloody clever," He said, watching her.

"Thanks, Old Man." She winked.

The color drained from his face. She called him Old Man, a term only reserved for him by the tight group of friends he had now. She was here to challenge him. It was gonna be all over the Headquarters by this afternoon. His only hope was for MacLeod to avenge him and take her head. He eased the gun from its hiding place, pointing it at her under the table. He soon found a knife at his groin and both of her hands were visable. His hazel eyes soon found the blade was coming from the toe of her boot.

"Come now, Methos. You surely remember your third marriage. It may have been short but come on. Don't tell me your memory is that bad."

"Shealti." He smiled charmingly at her. "Now I remember. Three months of being at each other's throats, but I have to admit there was the making up that tended to be the best part." He grinned.

"Ah, yes. The making up part was the best." She grinned mischievously. "You thought I was here to challenge you."

"To be honest, yes." He slid the gun back into its holster.

"I have a prosition for you," She said, not moving her boot.

"I'll pay more attention to you once you remove the problem," he said not trying to draw attention.

"You listen well. No matter. I'm to the point in my Chronicles where our relationship started. I'm pretty sure you don't want the rest of the Watchers to know you were once married to me."

"No." he said shifting back in the chair "I'm making sure that I'm never found."

"Like I said." she brought the knife a little closer "Let's leave this out of both chronicles."

"Bloody fabulous." He leaned in closer to her "You still have the upper hand over me. All right, I'll do it, under one condition."

"That is?" She raised a brow.

"Dinner and a drink, possibly a nightcap at a friend's place."

"Is that all or are you expecting to take advantage of me later?"

"I'd never take advantage of you." He smiled.

"It's a deal, but you have to pay for your own drinks."

"All right, but I get a goodbye kiss before the end of the night."

"All right." She grinned.

Methos now knew somthing few living people ever knew. Kathrine Connally, young genius with ancient languages and a mild mannered Watcher. Kathrine was actually Eallerica and Immortal, almost as old as he was. Eallerica and Kathrine were the same person, and to complicate matters even further she was also his third wife. An ancient Immortal named Shealti. He knew more about her than most Watchers or Immortals knew about the woman.

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