Eallerica Chronicles


Part 1: Trouble Brews

Translated from Ancient Greek

The day joined with the night. Shealti and an Immortal named Methos have begun to see more of each other. Their previous challenges soon became pratices and now the two have grown closer. Most Immortals just challenge each other in the Game and that is where it ends. With these two it is friendship that keeps them in contact, no mutual agreement just a mug and conversation. Although this Methos is quite the fighter he doesn't seem threatened by Shealti.

Adam couldn't believe it. The shock on his face was more than the library assistant could stand. Her giggling brought him out of his daze. His hazel eyes met hers. Smiling charmingly at her, he asked where she had located the chronicle. Marie informed the Watcher that a comrade had left it behind, and that she knew that he translated something similar, and thought she would share it.

"Marie, you're sure she'll be back?" Adam asked the young girl.

"Oui, Monsieur Pierson, she'll be here." Marie said with a grin. "'ow does such a large research firm have so many people and none of them know each other?"

"We're very focused on our job." he said simply. "You said she'll be here at six this evening?"

"Oui, like clockwork the Mademoiselle comes in, sits down and doesn't move for several hours." Marie said peering over the frames of her glasses. "I take it you'll be back?"

"Yes, most definitely." he awensered her question.

Joe was wiping the bar down when MacLeod came in with Methos. The smile spread across his features. He knew that the conversation would get interesting this afternoon. The two Immortals talked furiously over something.

"Come on, Methos! It was an honest mistake. You can't tell me that even at your age you don't make a few of those."

"Very few. Luckily Marie thought that the chronicle was a fairy tale."

"Hi Joe. Hi Mac. Hi Adam. How are you Joe? I'm fine thanks for asking." Joe said, having the conversation with himself.

"Hey Joe," Duncan said with a smile.

"What's got the two of you fired up?" Joe asked, tossing the rag over his left shoulder.

"A new watcher. Careless, she left a chronicle at the library." Methos said, shaking his head. "You know, you would think a person translating the Eallerica Chronicles would be more careful. Half of Headquarters would love to do what she's doing, some of us would do anything to that work."

"Eallerica Chronicles?" Joe asked trying not to look like he knew anything.

"Spill it, Joe what do you know?" Duncan asked, his dark brown eyes meeting the blue eyes of the bartender, he knew Joe had something.

"Well, the last time I was in London I met the young girl that was translating them, Kathrine Connally. She's nice kid, genius, knows more dead languages than the Old Man here." Joe said, leaning on the bar.

"That name sounds familiar." Duncan thought aloud, his brow furrowed.

"She wouldn't happen to be here, would she?" Methos asked eagerly.

"If she is I don't know about it," Joe said smiling. "You're not gonna go to the library and see if it's her are you?" His brow rose a notch, knowing who she really was.

"It's the only way to find out, besides she's harmless." Adam said shrugging it off. "You said she was a kid." he said with a smile "How much trouble can a kid be?"

"When has a lone Watcher ever been harmless?" Duncan thought out loud.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Adam turned to face him.

"An unspoken Watcher rule is to protect yourself." Joe looked at Methos. "You know that, Adam."

"Every Watcher I've encountered has a gun: you, Joe, Horton. Just be careful, okay?" Duncan patted him on the shoulder. "Good luck." he said over his shoulder. Heading for the door.

"Where are you going?" Joe asked.

"Back to the barge no telling what Richie's doing," he said with a wave at the door.

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