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Oh my life

Is changing everyday

Rowena found it irnoic that the lyrics to this song ment more to her now than they had in years past. Her life was changing everyday, challenged by other Immortals, frineds with others and now going to the University of Avalon picking up where she had left off in a sense she somewhat understood Richie situation now.

And Oh my dreams

Dreams, could and Immortal have those? Not exactly a white picked fence and a couple of kids. Marriage was an option, Connor, Methos, Eall, and of course Gina and Robert had been married, and happy, well some of them.

Its never quite as it seems

Life never was, mortal or Immortal, this after a few months of being on her own at least partly. Richie and herself exchanging e-mails, thier friendship wasnít quite what it seemed.

Never quite as it seemed

College had never seemed hard, but it was challengeing not just for her. Richie agreed with her he was in her thoughts more often than before.

I know Iíve felt like this before

The first time she had met Will, he had the same effect on her, but that was eight grade, she knew that nothing could compare with what she felt now with Richie.

But now Iím feeling it even more

Boy was that true, she was feeling more than she did then, whole new area to deal with, she had been attacted to Richie from day one. She neednít lie about that, Richie made her laugh, forget about thier differances, Will couldnít do that, ever.

Becuase it came from you

Richie had gotten her a ring one of many she wore, but this ment more, it was a souvinere of the day at the beech, the breif kiss, she smiled down at the ring.

And then I open up and see

Maybe it was her that had been putting off guys, she never really opened up to them before, but Richie, it had just seemed to be the natural thing to do.

The person falling here is me

What if it was all lopsided, it was just her with these feelings, but he had to know, she had sent off the right signals, hadnít she?

A diffrent way to be

No, he knew, she could tell, anytime Duncan, Joe, or Methos had made a remark about him spending time with her he turned red and quipped back at them.

I want more(impossable to ignore)

She realized it then, she couldnít ignore these feelings any more, she had to do something. Richie had to know if he didnít already.

And theyíll come true(impossable not to do)

She could only hope that it would, it would be harder not to tell him. Let him think she didnít care, if he had a girlfriend she knew the jellousy would casue her to do things she knew would hurt him.

And now I tell you openly

She sat down at the PC, pulling up the internet progaram and writing the e-mail explaining what she ha been going through over the past hour. She finished clicking on the send button.

You have my heart so donít hurt me

It was up to him, she sat there looking down at the key board, he would let her know, good or bad, heíd becareful of her feelings, he always had been.

Your what I couldnít find

That had been true, he had been what she couldnít find all through high shcool, if she only knew that heíd been in Paris.

A totally amazing mind

She was suprizesd at him, he had a view on life similar to hers, but so very diffrent. She admired that, he showed her the other side of life. The e-mail notification had sounded, seeing the senderís ever familiar e-mail address, Richie.

So understanding and so kind

He shared her feelings, but the distance provided a problem for them, but he presented a solution. They would see each other at the breaks of a college schedual provided. The smile on her face ever wider.

Your everything to me

He had been since the day they had met neither of them willing to admit it until of then.