"Only oneís I know." she said smiling.

"Iím glad to know you donít talk to strangers." he said grinning.

"Are you?" she said grinning.

He just gave her a big smile and again for the second time that day. She met him half-way. This time the kiss had a bit more passion in it. This time it was not Hercules that interrupted it was Xena that interrupted them.

"Well Eallercia its nice to see you make friends."

"Ha ha." she said to Xena.

"Iolaus?" Xena asked.

"Hello Xena." he said

"How did this happen?"

"I think weíd better get everyone together." Eallerica spoke up.

About twenty minuets later Iolaus, Hercules, Jason, Autolycus, Salmoneus, Joxer, Gabrielle and Xena were all seated at a large table at the inn. Xena saw her friends faces, but they were much younger. Gabrielle was ready with scroll and pen to get the story down. Hercules and Iolaus couldnít remember how it all had began. They recalled meeting Jason in the market square, but thatís as far back as their memories go. Autolycus, Salmoneus and Eallercia could recall before that.

"Autolycus you took the stones of Chronos?" Xena asked.

"Yes." the young King of Thieves responded.

"The priest placed a curse on you?" Gabrielle asked.

"What happened then?" Xena asked.

"I said to Herc and Iolaus Ď I wish I would have know you two when you were younger.í I didnít think it would happen."

"Thatís when Jason showed up." Eallercia said.

Xena looked up and saw Ephiny walk in, and she spotted Xena. They all heard the comment made by one man "that there were to many Amazons in here". Xena snorted in protest.

"Ephiny, this is Eallercia." Gabrielle said.

"And who are these boys?" she said looking around.

"Iím the King of Thieves." Autolycus said.

"Hey Ephiny." Iolaus said.

"Son of Zeus." Hercules said.

"King of Cornth." Jason said.

"Iím Joxer the Mighty." Joxer said.

"Salmoneus." he said giving a little wave.

"Iím not so sure I want to know how you all got so young."

Xena quickly explained, and Ephiny nodded at pauses. She sat silent after Xena had finished. Xena was about to suggest a plan of action, when the patron had spoke up earlier was now standing behind Xena.

"We donít like you kind in here!"

"What kind would that be?" Xena asked.

"Amazons." he said being joined by a few of his friends.

"Hmmm, four Amazons, the King of Thieves, Son of Zeus, and two of his friends,versus you, the thick headed mob" Iolaus said. "Iíd say thereís gonna be a fight."

The man grabbed Xena, which was his first mistake. She stood, faced him, smiled, then through gritted teeth spoke.

"Iíd suggest that if you donít like the company you leave."

"Look at the Amazon telling us to leave." one of the crowd spoke up.

"I think you boys have had too much already." Eallercia said.

"Why donít you go home heathern."

"Because, I came to see a friend." she said her temper growing short.

"No one calls my friend a heathern." Gabrielle said.

Iolaus, Jason, Hercules, Ephiny, and Autolycus stood up prepared for the fight to ensue.

"Amazons belong outside." a skinny member of the crowd said.

"You know this guy is really begining to ware on my patients." Iolaus said.

"You like tough women boy?" one asked him.

"Yeah, I do." Iolaus said.

The one that approached Xena now was about to strike her. She let out the famous war cry. It was mixed with Eallericaís own, as she jumped on to the table and flipped off hitting one of the patrons square in the face. Iolaus had a near miss to his face as one took a swing. Jason was fighting one with a sword, Hercules had taken one who was charging him. Gabrielle had a big male and was hitting him nonstop. The man finally fell at Ephinyís feet, Autolycus had out whited one of them while Salmoneus hit him over the head with a chair.

Xena saw an opportunity to take out a large number of the enemy by way of a iron chandelier she threw the chrakam cutting the rope that held it up, bouncing off a wall and catching it in her hand. Eallercia was in the midst of fighting one right underneath it, oblivious to the unraveling rope.

"Eallercia, move!" Xena shouted gesturing upwards.

"Ah come on, I was just warming up." she said before doing a succession of backflips.

The group had all ended up back at the table, the mob of angry patrons right where Xena wanted them. Just as the group was about to attack the chandelierís rope had reached the breaking point and snapped sending the heavy iron piece crashing on the shoulder of some of the mobís members.

"Score one for the good guys." Iolaus said.

"It will be until the local guard gets here." Xena said shooting him a look.

"May I suggest the back door." Salmoneus said.

"Never heard a better suggestion." Iolaus said.

The ten of them feld out the back door and right into a batallion of guards, who were on their way to the inn. There leading them was a member of the angry mob from the inn.

"Thatís them!" the man said pointing to the fairly large group.

"Split up!" Xena shouted.

Ten people split into two directions, one group consisting of Xena Autolycus, Joxer, Jason and Gabrielle, took off past the gaurds heading south. Eallercia, Iolaus, Hercules, Ephiny and Salmoneus headed north, Eallercia was right behind Salmoneus and truned just in time to see the gaurds.

"What now?" Salmoneus asked.

"Split!" Iolaus said ducking down an alley.

Hercules and Ephiny followed Iolaus and Salmoneus led the way for Ealercia and himself. Eallercia heard the gaurds some distance behind her shout to split up. She spoke to Salmoneus telling him to turn down the next alley. He did she looked in front of her to see a dead end.

"Now what?" he asked.

"Give me a moment," she said looking up. "we're going to move up."

"Oh no!" he said.

She climbed a stack of larges barrels to the roof top "Fine you stay and get caught."

At that suggestion Salmoneus began the climb as he reached the rooftop, the guards arrived and began looking for the two of them. Eallercia and Salmoneus had hidden on the other side of the roof.

"They had to have gone down here."

"Thereís no sign of them."

Iolaus and Hercules had hidden themselves in some barrels, while Ephiny had ducked into a small garden a little way a head the small band of gaurds chaseing them had stopped in front of the barrels and began their own debate.

"They are here somewhere!"

"Rembember this alley leads to the center of town."

"That might be where the two women and the boys are."

"Mius, stay here and look around."

Eallercia peeked down the alley just as the four guards had left one of their party behind. She told Salmonues to stay put untill she had signaled for him. She snuck up behind the gaurd and tapped him on the shoulder.

"You boys looking for me?" she said smiling.

"Your under arrest." he said

"I think not." she said looking at him.

The gaurd made his move to arrest her when she gave him a blow to the abdomen, then kicked him back against the wall. The blow to his head caused him to fall unconcious to the ground.

"Salmoneus!" she shouted in a horse whisper.

"Iím comming, did you find Ephiny or Hercules?"

"No I didnít find Iolaus either."

"Hey!" Iolaus said from inside the barrel.

"Did you just here something?" Salmoneus asked.

"Were in here!" Hercules shouted.

"The barrels." Eallercia stated.

Eallercia lifted the lid of the barrel to find Iolaus looking up at her smiling.She helped him out of it. They both pulled the lid off the next one to find Hercules who pulled himself out.

"Whereís Ephiny?" Iolaus asked.

"I thought you guys would know." Salmoneus said.

Hercules looked down the alley to see Ephiny poke her head from out behind a group of bushes. He noded towards her, Eallercia looked down and saw her. Ephiny came out and spoke up.

"So how long before he wakes up?"

"Not shure, but lets get going." "How?" Salmoneus asked.

"Can I recomend these." Ephiny said pointing to some dresses.

Eallercia gathered the dresses and tossed them at each one of them. Meanwhile Xena and Jason were hiding from a large group of guards. Autolycus, Gabrielle, and Joxer were hiding in a empty home that Autolycus had managed to pick the lock on. The guards made the annoucement that the search was to be expaned city wide.

"Whatís going on?" Joxer asked.

"They're expanding the search." Autolycus said.

"Well, Iíd have to say this has been the most exciting birthday Iíve had." Gabrielle said pacing back and forth.

There was a knock on the door and Gabrielle opened it hoping it would be Xena and Jason but it was Ephiny and Eallercia in dresses, behind the two of them was three of the most unattracive women she had ever seen.

"Silita, dear cousin, would you be so kind as to let us in." Eallercia spoke, trying to decive the guards that had just passed by.

Gabrielle stepped aside to let them in to find that the three women were Salmoneus, Hercules and Iolaus. She closed the door behind her and turned to find them immedaitly removing the clothing, revealing their own clothes.

"Whereís Xena and Jason?" Ephiny asked.

"Still outside, they havenít had a chance to get past the gaurds yet." Gabrielle said.

"I appologise Gabrielle, I didnít give this to you sooner." Eallercia reaching into her scabbard.

"I canít accept your sword." she said smiling modestly.

"Not my sword, this," she said handing her a ring with a Keltic symbol pressed into it. "Its a sign of my clan, if your ever in trouble, or in Eire, people will know you are welcome in my home."

"Thank you, its beautiful, I donít know what to say." Gabrielle said accepting the ring.

Suddenly the door flew open and Xena and Jason enetered and the door closed as quickly as it had oppened. Xena looked around to find everyone was there.

"Good, everyoneís here." she said.

"What now?" Ephiny said.

"Iím going to try a bit of magick." Eallercia said.

"What?" Iolaus asked.

"Eallerciaís a Elemental." Xena said looking at him.

"Whatís that?" Jason asked.

"She has a bit more power that a god." Gabrielle said looking at Jason.

"And you didnít mention this?" Autolycus said.

"I said Iíd figure something out." Eallercia said. "Chronosís power and my own are a bit diffrent. Crossing them could be dangerous."

"How dagerous?" Salmoneus asked arching his eyebrows.

"Well, my powers could fly back at me, I could make you younger or older than you were, or I could really fail and you could end up see Tauterus or the Allesion Feilds."

"Well count me out," Iolaus said "Iíll just grow up again."

"Your going to be changed just like I am." Hercules said.

"I take it your voulnteering?" Jason asked, looking at Hercules.

"Yeah I am." Hercules said folding his arms across his chest.

Eallercia moved over to one side and asked that everyone be ready duck. She cupped her hands closed her eyes and a small ball blue of light emerged then it moved in front of Hercules.

"Whatever you do donít move, it will expolde in front of you."

"Your shure about this?" Hercules asked.

"Romanís think your the only ones with troublesome gods and goddesses?"

"Will it work?" Hercules asked.

"Aye. It should, Chronosís power isnít that great." she said.

The ball of light grew and then expanded and finnaly exploded sending a waves of light over Herculesís form. He grew, returning to his grown size and finally the light faded. There before the Young Iolaus, Jason, Autolycus, Salmoneus, and Joxer was the fully grown Hercules.

"It worked." Jason said sounding suprized.

"Of course it worked." Joxer said.

"Next." Eallercia said as Hercules stepped out of the way.

Jason stepped in front of her and she repeated the process for Jason, the same effect, the older Jason stood before them. This was repeated with Autolycus, Salmoneus, and Joxer all with the same effect. Iolaus was last but before he stepped in front of her he kissed her on the cheek. She smiled and took the same stance and Iolaus stood in the same place where the five men before him had stood. Eallerica repeated the same thing she had five times before. When the light had faded, there was Iolaus in his grown form.

"Wow, its good to be old me again." Iolaus said.

There were three flashes of light and there, across the room was Aries, Discord and Strife. Aries stood with his arms folded across his chest, Strife was behind him on his left and Discord behind him to the right.

"Well, well, well little bro, I see you found your way out of this one, but thereís one thing I want to know. Exactly where did you dig up the Kelt?"

"He didnít dig me up, I came -" Eallercia said before being cut off by Aphrodite.

"I called her here, sheís an old friend of mine."

"I thought we had an agreement," Discord said to Aries "no interfearnce."

"Yeah, no interfeance." Strife said.

"Shut up Strife!" came the resounding awenser from all present.

"I didnít interfere," Aphrodite said grinning "Just like the two of you didnít cause that mob uproar." looking from Strife to Discord.

Both Discord and Strife disappeared before Aries could punish them, he smiled and then looked at Aphrodite and spoke.

"We had a deal, You didnít interfere and I wouldnít interfere."

"Aries, I didnít interfere, I asked a favor."

"You interfered!" he shouted.

"She didnít interfere," Cupid said appearing next to his mother "I did."

"Just face it Aries, you lost." Xena said grinning.

"This isnít over, little bro, and thatís goes for you Xena." he said acenting the first syllable of her name "You," he said pointing at the Kelt, "are now on my list."

She mocked him making by a face "Iím sorry you were saying something?"

"Donít toy with me mortal!" he said throwing a ball of energy at her.

She grabbed it and held it, "Does this belong to you?"

"By the way, she not a mortal," Hercules said. "sheís an elemental."

"Father will hear about this!" Aries said disapperaing.

"Thank you Aphrodite." Hercules said.

"No problem little bro, any time I can help, Eall, you and me my place around noon tomrrow, its been sometime since we had had a girl to girl talk."

"Iíll see you then." she said grinning.

"Mother has neglected to introduce me to her lovely friends." Cupid said kissing Eallerciaís hand.

"I take it youíll be there tommrrow?" she asked.

More ------->

"Oh yes, most definatly." He said winking at her before vanishing.

"Thatís untill he finds out how old I am." she said grinning.

"Hey, how old are you?" Iolaus asked.

"If I told you you wouldnít belive me."

The next morning everyone was saying thier good-byes and wishing each other well. Eallercia turned to Xena and hugged her, Gabrielle, and Ephiny. She came to Hercules and shook his hand.

"I wish I would have know you when you were younger, you seem to have changed a bit, but the goodness of your deeds has not."

"By the way how old are you?" he asked.

Standing on her tip toes she whispered in his ear, a bit of shock passed over his face and then he smiled.

"Well then I guess, I wonít ask that question twice."

She proceded down the line to Joxer "You have to be careful who you attack in the future."

"Not a problem, IĎll watch who I jump out at." he said smiling as she shook his hand.

"Eallercia, Iíve got this great thing in mind, can you sing?" Salmoneus asked.

"Yes, and no before you continue on, I like Rome donít get me wrong, but I long for Eire."

"Can you blame me for trying?"

She smiled at him and moved to Autolycus "You lose something?" she asked him.

"What?" He asked patting himself down "My picks are missing!" he said.

"King of Theives, eh?" she said handing over a pouch of picks.

"When?" he asked.

"Just before I changed you back, the iron would interfere." she said shaking his hand.

"Eallercia, it was nice knowing you." Iolaus said.

"I agree, it was nice to meet you as well, and if I may say, that was one of your best moves." she said winking, "Its a shame I didnít know you when you were younger, we could have had some adventures."

"I Ďve had my fair share with these two." he said gesturing to Jason and Hercules.

"Iím glad to have met you, Eallercia, your welcome in Cornth any time you want to come."

"Thank you, and that goes double for all of you when your in Eire, come and see me."

"How will we find you?" Iolaus asked.

Mounting her horse she smiled as the wind blew her red hair into her face, "Just mention my name, everyone knows me."

"Everyone?" Hercules asked.

"Aye, now if youíll excuse me Iíve got a godess to see."


Author's Note:This is before Iolaus died and became Dehag, and long before Hercules met Morgan, Xena and Gabrielle died, but sometime after the two of them help fight of Ceasar. This was the vary first fic I ever wrote with the intention of putting it up on the web. So you can see that I have improved my skills.

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