"Well now those seditives have warn off or your more observant than you have been in years, Stac. Ladies, and know I use that term loosely with all of us, I'd like to introduce you to the men you can say thank you to." Bridger moved to the door and waved Ortiz, Piccolo, and Lucas in. "Meguil Ortiz, Tony Piccolo, and Lucas Wolenczack, I'd like to intorduce you to Jasmine and Stacy Westphalen. Don't expect a thank you from them, I still haven't gotten one from the last time I had to do this."

"Bridge, I thanked you." Jasmine said with a sickeningly sweet smile.

"Hey," Stacy said her Brooklyn accent slipping out "I thanked you, remember I called my mother to come bail us out at Pearl."

"Thank you." Jasmine smiled at Ortiz and then Piccolo "We owe you."

"Yeah," Stacy grinned "That we do, if-"

"Stac, don't do it Tony will take you up on it." Gwen smiled. "If she says it she never means it."

"Maybe, Bridge, just maybe I mean it this time." Stacy shot a pleeding look at Gwen.

Two Weeks Later, New Cape Quest

Hudson had gathered his officers in the wardroom, they had all arrived sitting around the table with him. They had the right to know that he was leaving them, now that the news was circulating the fact that the UEO felt the necessary actions were to place research of the earth's oceans back on top of its list of priorities. Hudson had decided that if Nathan Bridger could retire and manage so could he. This would be the last meeting with his officers, he smiled as they all filled in Bridger choosing to stand in the back.

"I suppose that you all have heard by now that UEO is switching gears again, now that the Macs have been subdued the priorities have changed." He looked at each of the officers. "Which means seaQuest will be having a science crew back on her next tour. I have been thinking about what I will be doing in the future. Science and my personality crashes, I could be ordered to take a scienec crew, I could also transfer, but I have choosen to leave the seaQuest and the UEO."

"Sir?" Ford looked at Hudson "We all understand your reasons, but who will be heading the ship's next tour?"

Hudson smiled just breifly "I reccomended you, but I think the UEO had a more familiar face in mind for the first official science expeidition in ten years." Hudson was obviously hinting that Nathan Bridger would be back at the helm.

"Capatin Hudson," Lucas spoke up "I may not have served in a miliary aspect with you as the other memebers of the crew, sir, but it has been a honor to serve with someone like yourself. We may not have welcomed you presance at first, some of us were downright hostile towards you." He grinned knowing he was talking mostly about himself. "You've taught us a few things while you were in charge, each of us may have learned a diffrent lesson, but you've taught us those lessons well." Lucas gave a small smile.

"Why Mr. Wolenczack, you sound like your actually going to miss me." Hudson smriked.

"We may not have agreed with you methods, sir,"O'Neill looked his superior in the eye "But you were fair and just man, with all of us." O'Neill shot a look at Piccolo.

"Bridger, you have anything to add?" Hudson looked over at her.

"Sir, I haven't been under you command for as long as everyone else in here, but I must say it has been a rewarding experience to be here, I'm glad that I had the chance, brief as it may be to serve under your authority. Permission to speak freely?"

"Seeing as how you are going to even if I say no, go ahead." Hudson steeled himself over for anything.

"Rumors have circulted that your a hard ass that wouldn't know how to relax if his life depended on it." Bridger smirked causing the rest of the officer to snicker. " However, I'd like to say that these frelling rumors are a load of crap and that any officer caught perpetuating these rumors should be place on the outside of the DSV without and EVA suit, and I am in no way sucking up."

"Thank you Leuitenat Bridger for that candid comentatry on rumors of chararcter." Hudson chuckled. "Gentlemen and ladies," Hudosn looked at Henderson and Bridger "It has been my pleasure serving with all of you. We have had some hard times, lost a few good crew members, but despite that we have done one hell of a job. Now for the rest of the crew, everyone is dismissed."

The entire crew of the seaQuest was standing on the bridge. Uniforsm were pressed and covers off, Commander Ford calling everyone to attention. Hudson made his way to the middle of the bridge, all eyes were on him.

"At ease," he looked at all of them. "As you all know the UEO is making science a priority again, and seeing as how this boat will be a research vessel once again, I will be leaving the seaQuest, as well as the UEO, I'm putting myself out to pasture. I find that I am leaving a good crew in the hands of a good man," Hudson looked to back of the crew to see Nathan Bridger standing there in dress uniform. "Nathan Bridger. We have been to Hell and back fighting the Macs, we lost two of our crew, Leuitentat Brodie and Junior Grade Leiutenat Fredricks on this tour, but all in all we've done our jobs with pride and honor, it is with great honor that I salute you all for a job well done." Hudson snapped to attention. The crew returned his salute. "You all are dismissed!"

Bridger and the security team let out a traditionaly SEAL greeting as Hudson left the bridge. Everyone began to file out, back to thier bunks for their gear and to get off the DSV for two months. Lucas stopped to talk with Nathan Bridger, Gwen squeeze between them hugging her Uncle.

"What now?" he looked at her.

"Nothing, geeze you think I always want something." she winked.

"You two should get together, you methods are the same" Nathan looked at both of them "You both want something, out with it." he smiled.

"Who said we wanted anything?" Lucas smirked.

"I know when I'm being conned, now what is it." He gave them both a look.

"Two weeks at your place," Gwen smiled "Otherwise I spend most of my time off trying to get to mom."

"What do I get out of it?" Nathan looked at his neice.

"A killer cook and a one woman home security system." Gwen she looked at Lucas.

"That's a hell of an offer, Lucas?" Nathan looked at the young man.

"A Genius and coconspiriter in any plots you cook up?" Lucas raised a brow.

"Only if Lucas throws in a few chores, and I cook once and a while."

"I throw chores in and Gwen cooks." Lucas smiled "I've had your cooking, and she has to be better than you."

"Do you hear this, he's all ready insulting my hopsitality." Nathan looked at his neice.

"Can't say I blame him," Gwen winked at Lucas "its pretty bad."

"You two keep this up and I'll never let you come back." Nathan folded his arms. "All right, but your my slaves for two weeks, do a good job and I'll keep you both for the full two months."

"Deal." Gwen and Lucas said simultaneously.

<~~~~~Surface quickly!