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Gwendolyn Bridger returns to her first assignment ... will she survive it?

A young woman returns to her fisrt assignemnt, smarter and wiser. The enmey she escaped once is out to get her again. Will she be able to make it?

Dive into A Bridger returns!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters of seaQuest, I'd really like to, but it's just not going to happen. Anyway I'm making no money off of this fic. All cannon characters belong to Universal, Amblin, and etc. I own only two characters Gwen Bridger and her mother, Helen Bridger Smith.

Spoliers: Set right after Spindrift, BTW as far as I'm concered Fredricks also passed on in this episode.

Thanks: To all the Questies(Questors) out there, my betas and the people who read the fics. Big thanks to Pat, and the UEO Organization Mainframe Site for all the detailed info.

Ratings: R for language.

Stuff you might want to know(a.k.a. Notes): Gwen has been in trouble with her superiors before, she is a S.E.A.L. so she is very adept and covert operations. She was stationed on board the seaQuest 4600, but she was just fresh out of the academy. Gwen has had a checkered past, she did spend time in M.A.X.( a high level U.E.O. prison). Her relation with her mother is close at times and at other times she barely speaks to her. Helen is a U.E.O. scientist that works within what's left of the world's rain forest, this may account for the lack of a relationship with her daughter. BTW SPIRES are people who have telepathic ablilities or ESP.